1. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.7.1 > 0.7.2 differences

    As always, I recommend to read the message from vit9696 with the summary of the work done during the month of July. 0.7.2 version brings OpenCore with fewer changes than we have seen in previous versions. Still, there have been more than 20 builds with some major modifications, especially in...
  2. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.7.0 > 0.7.1 differences

    Please read the message from vit9696 with the best summary you can read about what's new in OpenCore 0.7.1. This time we may think that we are facing a minor OpenCore update because we have to learn and modify an affordable number of features. Nothing comparable to June's update. However this...
  3. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.9 > 0.7.0 differences

    I encourage all less advanced users to read these instructions in detail so that their hackintosh gets better and better with the improvements of OpenCore. Some users are only interested in config.plist changes to get the new version up and running in no time. This is the wrong approach because...
  4. AndrewShostak

    Which smbios should I use?

    Hi everyone, I am using iMac18,1 smbios, but I think that is not the best solution. Which smbios you can suggest to me? my specifications: Laptop: Acer Swift 3 SF314-52 CPU: Intel core i3-7130U @ 2.70 GHz (Kaby Lake) GPU: Intel HD 620 RAM: 8.00 GB DDR4 SSD: 128 GB Sorry for my English :)
  5. andreicr

    SMBIOS changes not taking effect

    I set up my Hackintosh (Catalina, Clover) yesterday, and I am trying to change its SMBIOS settings, to show a different model. I used the Clover Configurator and followed the instructions online, but even after restarting, it still shows 2013 model. Is there anything I can do to make the change...
  6. miliuco

    [HOW TO] Opencore 0.6.7 > 0.6.8 differences

    Please read carefully the message from vit9696, it is always an excellent source of information about the evolution of OpenCore and hackintosh in general. This time changes and improvements are a lot. OpenCanopy has been revamped with changes in any aspect related to the picker graphical...
  7. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.6 > 0.6.7 differences

    As always, it is advisable to read vit9696 and Khronokernel messages, although this time they are short texts which is a shame because I always learn a lot from them. Changes from OC 0.6.6 to 0.6.7 are easy for the end user. But improvements and modifications in the code are many...
  8. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.5 > 0.6.6 differences

    LauncherOption instead of Bootstrap.efi In OC 0.6.6 there is a major change from previous versions. Until now OC was an EFI driver and it needed a loader. Bootstrap.efi or BOOTx64.efi performed this function. But now OC is an app and it no longer needs a loader. This improves compatibility with...
  9. Rlub

    Editing config.plist after installation.

    Hello, I have succesfully hackintoshed my Dell Vostro 3490 laptop, I haven´t mounted the EFI onto the HDD partition yet because I need to do some improvements, for example I was trying to make Headphones work but I am not able to modify the config.plist from the USB. I have tried using...
  10. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.3 > 0.6.4 differences

    OpenCore developers publish with each new version a Differences.pdf document detailing the differences between new and previous version. It is advisable to consult this document. What I'm going to do here is to summarize those differences, the ones that affect most of us who have a hackintosh...
  11. DonGegx79x86

    Rx 590 Boot Issue - Catalina

    Hello. I’m having a lot of issues running my rx 590 in Catalina, from Benchmarks it seems working properly, but SOMETIMES I get stuck into login screen, with black screen and I can move only mouse. I think there’s a problem with the config plist, if needed I can attach here Rx 590 i7 3820...
  12. miliuco

    [GUIDE] OpenCore 0.6.3: new memory properties section

    In Opencore (OC) 0.6.3, still in beta phase, a change has been made to SampleCustom.plist file, a new Memory section has been added within PlatformInfo, it describes a series of RAM memory parameters such as as defined in the SMBIOS specification. Note: article useful only for those cases where...
  13. ConanMcLeod

    Please help with iMessage and FaceTime !!

    Hello! I installed on my hackintosh (Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme4) OS X 10.15.5 Catalina. Everything works fine, but iMessage and iCloud do not work. I tried to use different instructions from different sites, took a valid serial number, the interface of the network card - en0, did...
  14. A.Tony

    How do i find out which Config.plist my system is using?

    When i created my hackintosh several months ago i did two efi folder for whatever reason. I see two folders when i mount my drive on Cloverconfigurator. Now i dont know which config.plist the right one is unfortunately, is there a safe way to check that?
  15. exquirentibus

    sanity checking config.plist for accumulated detritus?

    I recently had an issue where a config.plist patch, apparently incorrect or no longer valid, had existed for Years on my config.plist as shown in this thread on the correct patch for SATA Hot-plug. Many others had the exact same problem, which had a number of side effects. I'm curious if there...
  16. fill0r4

    Unable to boot without the USB

    Hi everyone! I've finally installed macOS on my system by UniBeast 10.0 and all work fine (audio, wifi, ethernet etc) there's only 1 issue: I can't boot without the usb installer. Searched on the internet for a fix and I founded out that I need to copy my EFI Folder from the usb to the SSD, so I...
  17. nvt94

    Can you help me create config to install

    my computer has: 1/Mainboard GIGABYTE B365M AORUS ELITE 2/Intel Core i5 9600k 3/Ram Gskill RIPJAWS 8G bus 2800 4/SSD kingston 240 A400 M.2 2280 sata3 5/Cooler master ELITE v3 600w 6/ Card graphics: none I followed the instructions from the website...
  18. gayanll

    Config.plist location...?

    So i installed High Sierra with Clover in Legacy. But now my resolution is wrong and i want to edit it in clover configuartor, which i need to load my .plist file. Im totally new to macOS and i cannot find where it is located. Can some one pls help me.
  19. chrisherman

    HP x360 cd1009na Catalina installation problems

    Hi there, coming from this thread ("HP x360 14-ba145ns Catalina installation problems") and followed advice so far, but finally stuck at the boot screen. it's my first osx86 since years and not familiar w/ clover and config.plist wizardry, so would totally welcome help. not really sure what to...
  20. Invi

    Need help for config.plist

    Hello, I just joined the Hackintosh-Community and I need help to created a bootable usb for my desktop pc My pc keeps freezing at „Virtual IO“ My hardware is Asus Strix B360-f Asus Rog RX580 8GB 16GB DDR4 3200Mz Intel Core i5 9600k 9th gen thanks in advance!