[Guide] Dell XPS 15 9560 MacOS 10.14.1 (all models)

Feb 27, 2011
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Did the update and repaired kextcache and permissions using terminal. Went well!
Aug 14, 2019
XPS 9560 GTX 1050 4K 16GB


I'm kinda lost with this 2 steps ... i can't find any information about it.

1st time attempting - pardon my noob-ness
Aug 16, 2019
Dell XPS 9560
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thank you for the tutorial but I couldn't get it to work for me.

Everytime I start the installation I get the following error before the installation failes with the prohibited / stop sign:
"apfs_module_start:1393: load:, v945.250.134, apfs-945,250.134, 2019/03/11"

I already searched for possible solutions, tried different kexts and drivers from other tutorials and found solutions like "use an usb 2 port / usb 2 stick". I tried them all with different usb 2 / 3 sticks. No luck.

What I couldn't try is to use an usb 2 port because the 9560 has none?

I even tried to downgrade the bios from the current 1.16 version to 1.15. no luck either...

Has someone had similiar problems? Or a possible solution?

My Specs:
RAM: 16 GB
GPU's: Nvidia GTX 1050 / Intel HD 630
Display; 3820x2160p Touch

There are some other AppleUSBXHCI related interupts in Verbose Mode while loading the installation, so I attached a picture of that. Maybe that helps?


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May 13, 2019
Welcome to my XPS 15 9560 guide. This guide should work for most hardware configurations, but here is my configuration:​

  • CPU: i5-7300HQ @ 2.5GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 1050 / Intel HD 630
  • 1080p IPS display (See edit in pre-install for 4k display)
  • 1TB Samsung NVMe SSD
  • Broadcom BCM94352Z Dell DW1560 Wifi + BT card

What should works:
  • Audio
  • Brightness + volume controls
  • HDMI + Thunderbolt 3 (TB3 at least works as a display output, not sure about other functionality)
What doesn't work:
  • SD card reader
  • Fingerrprint reader
  • Some trackpad gestures
  • dGPU (Nvidia Optimus not supported on MacOS)

Let's get started!

EDIT 06/02: My files had issues, but another user referenced me to another set of files that should work, you can download the CLOVER folder below. Only download the older 1080p/4k zips as a last resort.


First make sure your BIOS settings are in good shape. There are guides all over on correct BIOS settings to use.

Next, you will need the latest Download of MacOS Mojave. I suggest waiting for the official release of Mojave for inexperienced users but this will work with beta Mojave as well.

You will also need a minimum 8gb flash drive formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on GPT format.

You can use this command to format your drive:

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/*YOUR DISK* GPT JHFS+ MojaveInstallUSB 0b
Next you will need to install the Installer to the drive. For the Mojave is:
sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/MojaveInstallUSB --nointeraction
Next, download and install the latest version of clover from SourceForge.
  • Make sure you choose to install it to the USB!
  • Install for UEFI booting only
  • Install Clover to the ESP

Now you will need to install your kexts on the USB drive. The ones necessary for booting are located in the EFI folder. Just drag my EFI folder into the EFI partition on the USB drive and you should be good.

Update: Just drag the CLOVER folder to replace the one that the clover installer made, it has all of the files in it.

Go ahead and place everything in the zip on the non-EFI USB partition, including the EFI folder. You will use this to make your laptop bootable without the drive.

Now you are ready to install! Boot into the drive using f12 while booting. Select the UEFI version of the USB if available.


Boot into the install at the clover panel.

At the installer screen, open up disk utility in the top right bar. This is where you will format your drive as APFS

WARNING: If you intend to dual/triple/whatever boot your system, I would create the partitions in Windows FIRST, and then just using Disk Utility to format the partition you want to install on. This is how I successfully Dual-booted with my existing Win10 install. If you don't have windows installed already or want to wipe it you can format and partition from DU.

Once you are formatted as APFS, go back to the installer screen and install to the drive.

After that is done, reboot and select "Boot *drive name* from USB" or whatever your equivalent is. Complete installation as normal.


Now that you are on the desktop, open the USB and drag the .zip files onto the Desktop.

Move Clover Configurator and KextBeast to your Applications folder.

Launch Clover installer and install Clover to your main drive.

Next, open Clover Configurator and use it to mount your main drive's & USB drive's EFI partitions. Drag your CLOVER folder from within the EFI folder on your USB installer to the EFI folder on your main drive.

At this point, your should have a fully-functioning hackintosh! If there is an issue with this guide or files I attached HMU and I'll do my best to fix them. Before commenting though, make sure you read the Common Problems with Mojave thread.

- If the Dell dock does not work, try changing the SMBIOS to Macbook 9,1.

- If your audio still isn't working, run the ALCPlugFix script in the folder in a terminal window. Hopefully this will resolve any issues.

- If your graphics aren't working properly, try changing your intelGFX deviceID to 0x59120000.

- For Wifi/BT issues, try disabling Power Nap,`System Preferences` -> `Energy Saver` disable all `Power Nap` options, and disabling `Wake for Wi-Fi network access` option and also try disabling Wake for Bluetooth, `System Preferences` -> `Bluetooth` -> `Advanced` disable all options.

If none of the above work, download my old zip folder and use that clover.config file instead and see if that works.
This all seems to work for me and I get into the installer fine, but then I run into an issue where MacOS doesn't find my NVMe SSD, and I'm wondering if it's because I have a weird SK Hynix drive? I can't seem to get MacOS to recognize it no matter what combination of plists, kexts, or anything I do. Is this something that is fixable or do I just have a bad SSD?
Jul 28, 2017
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Got it working. Track pad pinch to zoom is a little wonky, otherwise it runs flawlessly.
Sep 7, 2019
Hi, I’m trying to install Mojave 14.6 and I’m using the newest clover folder provided except I added -cdfon and debugx100 as bootflags for my 4K display. I have the XPS 15 9560 4K with the i7-7700hq (intel hd 630 graphics), 16 gb ram and a 1 terabyte Samsung pm961. I successfully got past the first installation stage and can boot into “install Mac OS Mojave from OSX (the newly renamed ssd)” through the usb stick to install Mojave however during the second installation from there, I get to 12 minutes remaining and then it says “estimating time remaining” and then freezes and hasn’t moved for 30 minutes. Does anybody know how to fix this?