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Aug 22, 2015
MSI H81M-E33
Intel Core i7 4770
Sapphire R9-270X
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My First Build:
MSI H81M-E33 - Intel Core i7 4770 - Sapphire R9-270X


MicroATX Computer Case with 400W

Motherboard MSI H81M-E33

Intel Core i7 4770 Processor

DDR3 Memory Kingston HyperX Fury 16 GB (2x8GB)

Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

Toshiba 500 GB HDD

Sceptre 40 inch 4k TV


I didn't actually build this computer for hackintosh purposes, I bought it a couple of years ago for gaming, upgraded the memory and the graphics card and started playing every game I liked, I know it's not top notch but still I managed to run GTA V and FIFA 17 on it so no complaints. Anyway, I everything is "already owned" because I didn't buy anything for Mac OS purposes, however I did choose Intel-friendly components because I've always considered it better than the rest and I'm glad I did.

Ever since I heard the word mackintosh and knew what it meant, I wanted to do it myself, I've always been geek so it caught my attention immediately, I had been trying and failing ever since the Snow Leopard days, back then the bootable device was a CD, not a USB as it is right now, I failed in previous laptops and desktops, I also failed in this same computer, however this time the process was surprisingly simple...

UEFI Settings:

1. I Pressed and held Delete at startup when the motherboard logo was on the screen.
2. I chose Optimize Defaults.
3. I saved and exit.



1. Obviously I used a Mac to download Sierra OS, I had to borrow it from an acquaintance because I don't have one.

2. I downloaded UniBeast and created a bootable USB drive, this part was painful because for some weird reason Unibeast always gave me an error message, saying "Unibeast quit unexpectedly" so I re-formatted the USB device and tried again, found myself in what seemed to be an eternal loop, I finally decided to try to boot from the USB drive despite the error message, fortunately it worked so if you have the same error I had, don't panic, the process was probably successful. I didn't include graphics drivers in UniBeast because it gave me another error, I went for the basics.

3. I booted from the USB thing and it gave me the menu, I tried to launch the installer and surprise, it went right away, like I said it was surprisingly simple!

Problem Solving

4. I installed Sierra OS and then went straight to MultiBeast, I chose UEFI Boot Mode and since I didn't have any sound I tried to install the sound drivers I thought were appropriate, at this point I need to give you an advice: Don't do what I did, never try to guess what driver is best for you, go back to Windows if you have to and if you have both OS systems as I do, find out what is the exact audio component or whatever device you have troubles with and then install the appropriate driver in MultiBeast, it would have saved me a lot of time if I had done it instead of installing like half of them without success.

5. I forgot to mention that both my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse worked right after the installation, I didn't have to do anything for them to work. However, while playing with MultiBeast, for some weird reason I decided to install an Ethernet driver and my internet, that so far had been working, disappeared. My advice here is: If it ain't broken, don't fix it! Sometimes you don't have to manually install a driver for everything just because most of the tutorials give you that impression.

6. I couldn't get my internet to work, I removed the Ethernet driver I stupidly installed, well I actually didn't know how to uninstall it so I just deleted the related kext file. What I did was to insert again the pain driver and boot from there, choosing the option to repair/reinstall my Mac. While in the process it said on the screen that it needed to verify my system or something like that, I thought Apple was going to blow my cover and almost had a heart attack but again, surprise, it was successful, my Sierra was repaired, my internet was back and my Sierra version was updated, it was not the same one I originally installed!

7. Still no sound, I was in YouTube, trying to listen to The Doors, but Jim Morrison's voice was gone. I went online, checked what audio device my motherboard has and installed the necessary Audio Driver, which ended up being Related ALC898.

8. And guess what??? Still no sound. I went to System Preferences >> Audio >> Output and chose "Internal Speakers". It was then when Jim Morrison came back with Break on Through (to the Other Side). My speakers are connected to the computer through a Bluetooth transmitter, that's what caused the confusion for me but after all it was not about the audio driver or bluetooth issues, it was just that I had to use the right Output device on System Preferences. My Advice: don't underestimate the power of common sense solutions!.

What Does Not Work?

So far, everything works, except for iMessage, I know there is a tutorial to make it work but I'm too tired to try it, I just finished all the process yesterday!
There is though one thing that does not work and it is the boot loader that I though was going to let me choose between Windows or Sierra when I power my computer on, it does show me the option to boot Sierra from... and boot Windows from... but if I choose Windows nothing happens, so what I have to do is to press F11 at motherboard logo and choose the HDD where I have Windows installed, then it boots with no problem, I'll try to fix it and update this post if so.


WiFi internal card

Thank You for Reading!

I'll try to see the moderators' tutorial later to see what else I can add to this post or what I missed but let's stop here for now, I'm just trying to share my mistakes in hopes of doing this process a bit easier for others.
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Jul 27, 2018
MSI h81m e33
i7 4770
GT 210
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could you please upload the EFI folder ? i have the same motherboard