Clover HDMI audio for NVIDIA & AMD cards. Easy way.

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I used this method with a MSI AMD R9 280 (non X). Worked perfect, I just took the Kext and installed it using Kext Utility. Rebooted and instant HDMI Audio, worked perfect.

Another bonus was that it also enabled Audio out over DisplayPort on both of the cards Mini Display Ports.
This worked great because I am using a 27" Apple Cinema Display and now I can use the Displayport audio to the monitor for audio instead of the USB Audio it has built in. The USB audio tended to be little more washed out sounding than I would like.
Installed with KextBeast, rebooted system and...HDMI finally works. Yosemite 10.10.1 + GTX 760.
I tried this kext on 10.10.1 with an EVGA GTX 980, and HDMI audio still isn't working. Any ideas?
I tried this kext on 10.10.1 with an EVGA GTX 980, and HDMI audio still isn't working. Any ideas?

I am curious about this as well. I finally got my system set up for multi-booting yesterday with Clover 2K r3079, and fixed audio with the cloverALC patch. The only thing not working correctly is my monitor audio over DP. I can get display audio to work by plugging in the separate audio cable into the motherboard, but it produces a low whine from the monitor. I'll be using my Sennheisers for the time being.

I'm on 10.10.1 with a GTX 970 SC. I don't want to mess with my current audio setup, but I'm curious if it doesn't work due to the newer architecture of the cards.
Thank YOU!!!
NVidia GTX 760 Yosemite
After try a lot of guide and other, nothing work

Try your method with GTX660 + HDMI + SamsungTV E7000

All work !

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Big Thank's

Hi, i have an Asus Maximus vii hero, gtx660 + HDMI + SamsungTV, and i already have audio, but i don`t have output controls in Yosemite
how can i have output control for hdmi audio?, or something to control de audio system in yosemite:!:
I'm trying to get this to work in Clover with Yosemite on my GTX 970, but no luck yet. It worked fine with my Chimera build.

Is there anything I need to check off in Clover Configurator?
I can confirm that this works on my Sandy Bridge system with Radeon 6870. Awesome! Audio out was broken with migration to Clover, now fixed using HDMI. Thanks for posting this. Very helpful!!
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