Bluetooth USB Adapter with HID proxy mode

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Looking for solution too. Have tried to flash Apple Firmware using BlueSuite, but didn't have success. BlueSuite said that my CSR8510 A10 has no need in software updating. Rolled back drivers and it working as before, but my problem with Clover OS select still stuck :<
I have a Belkin F8T016NG and never actually could make it work. Any F8T016NG owners care to share any tips?

I came across this thread while looking for a solution to use a Bluetooth keyboard (namely the compact ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard from Lenovo) in any situation: to tinker with a hackintosh' BIOS and bootloader, with a Raspberry Pi, or to troubleshoot an IPMI-less server.

Is there a way to use a Bluetooth dongle with CSR's chipset for this kind of use? For instance, is there a way to lock the dongle in HID proxy mode?

How can I pair the keyboard to the dongle from one computer and then use the pair with any other device that supports HID keyboards?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Hi guys,
sorry for my english.
i have a hackintosh with 2 SSD. 1 OSX and 1 WINDOWS. I have a Apple wireless keyboard with bluetooth usb adapter (belkin) and i never had problem at all.
I used it to go through the bios, to choose the hhd in clover. I use it in windows and in osx, without unplugged the adapter or pair the keyboard again.
till now...
I had to reinstall windows and now i need to pair it every time if i switch to osx/windows. Plus i can't use it in clover / bios. I need always a usb keyboard to choose the operating system.
I really don't understand.
Can Windows change that? Do I need to do something in Clover Configurator?
I tried also to unplug the windows hhd, and also to delete the keyboard in windows and use it only in OSX.
any help will be appreciated
I read reviews on Amazon and in one of them a person said that the "GMYLE Bluetooth 4.0 Broadcom" adapter works in BIOS
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