video acceleration

  1. iX68

    need help, I got no video output even with arguments of IGPEnable=Yes while installing Catalina

    I have been trying to install macOS catalina for a week but I failed. Can someOne solve please? I got no video output even with arguments of IGPEnable=Yes I want to use MSI 310h pro mobo with i3 8100 integreated graphics. I made bootable USB from internet guides and installed clover bootloader...
  2. Mixaa

    Saphire RX580 Pulse poor FCPX performance [SOLVED]

    Hello! Im not newbie in hackintosh, but recently I bought new videocard Saphire RX580 Pulse 8gb. After installing it works perfect, no lags, sleep, wake, HDMI sound. Problems: 1. If I want to record video from my webcam in quicktime at normal quality, after 5 seconds my screen freezes...
  3. zainpro

    Intel® Iris Graphics 6100 video acceleration

    I installed High Sierra using multibeast and all is working good except for the video that is a bit shaky particularly when I play HD movies. I have the following CPU and graphics, which is exactly the same as the one of the MacBook Pro "Core i7" 3.1 13-Inch (Early 2015 Retina Display) CPU...
  4. JCMunsonII

    Video Hardware Encoding

    Greetings! I'm trying to get that last piece of the current puzzle solved and seem to have run into a dead end. Attached are files needed to help solve this problem. Problem: Video Hardware Encoding not functional. What I have tried: I have tried Shiki -shikigva values of 28, 32, and 60...
  5. nkdonut

    (Guide) Enabling partial hardware video acceleration with Intel HD 610

    This is a guide on how to enable hardware video acceleration (encoding and decoding) on macOS 10.13 High Sierra using the Intel HD 610. Prerequisites Intel HD 610 (I’m using this on the Intel Pentium G4560 processor) Dedicated graphics. I’m on an NVIDIA card but I expect an AMD to work as...
  6. thealika

    SUCCESS: ASUS Z270G + i7 7700K + NVMe + Intel HD630

    Hi everyone, I finally (after 2 weeks) got my Hackintosh to boot!!! And I'm sharing my experience in the form of a 7min easy to follow Video Tutorial with files attached. Before this video starts, you will need to do the following: 1. Make a Bootable USB with OSX Sierra 10.12.5 2. DOWNLOAD THE...
  7. balonchiks

    [Solved] Gigabyte H110M-S2H, 10.12.5 and Intel HD630 problems

    Hi all, I've installed Sierra 10.12.5 successfully on the following configuration: Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M-S2H CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7700 (Kaby Lake) Memory: 16Gb (2x8Gb) Video: Intel HD630 (integrated) Video 2: GeForce GT 9400 (fully working, no issues here) In general, everything works...
  8. bdd751

    [problems]playback Video 4K very slow or blocks after a second

    Hello everyone, I built a hackintosh imac 17,1 I7 6700 4.01GHZ GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE F4 or f20 32 GB of ram Geforce GTX 980TI 6143MO DELL UP2715K 2DP(I can use any resolution) Sierra 10.12.3 and 10.12.xx (same problem under EL capitan 10.11.X) WEbdriver nvidia up-to-date 367.15.10.35f01 trim...
  9. tonybinjch

    Elitebook 8460P Yosemite HD3000 VLC (and other GPU acceleration) issue

    Hi, I had issues when using VLC. Computer freezings etc. I fix it following this post: Looks to work... Let me know if you have other solution.