1. bory27

    [GUIDE] Easy & Working Atheros based WiFi Catalina 10.15.7 installation

    I've just successfully installed latest 10.15.7 in my machine. The machine was at High Sierra for some years. At first WiFi isn't working. So I tried some guides from TonyMacx86 & InsanelyMac Forums. For 3 days tweaking, at last success. Now I've learnt that 1 problem is 10.15.7 's SIP (system...
  2. LuigiBros02

    TP-Link WN881ND V1 OpenCore Help

    Hi everyone, I need some help setting up my TP-Link WN881ND V1(AR9287) on my High Sierra install with OpenCore. Back when I was using Clover, it was as simple as patching IO80211Family and installing it into S/L/E, however this does not work on OpenCore for some reason. I've tried dd.kkraun's...
  3. Proxyyyy

    TL-WN823N not working well

    Hello guys, I have a Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2018 i5 8th with Mojave 10.14. I bought a wifi dongle (TL-WN823N) and installed the drivers. The problem is that the wifi is very slow. How can I solve the issue? Thanks
  4. ebster24

    TP-Link Archer T6E not working Sierra

    I brought a T6e because i saw it worked out the box sadly it doesn't for me. My hackintosh is a Hp Sff 8000 with core 2 quad and Gt710 on Sierra 10.12.5. First build but everything else works perfectly just no wifi. I have tried a bunch of different kexts such as fake pciid etc My orginial...
  5. joeyred8

    High Sierra Wifi: TP-Link TL-WN881ND

    Has anyone got this wireless card working on High Sierra? Currently have internet working through ethernet but want to get the card working for WIFI. PC Spec: Motherboard -MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Processor - Intel Core i5 3.5Ghz Graphics Card - Galax GEFORCE GXT 980 HOF RAM - 16GB 1600 MHz...
  6. rishabh7

    TP-Link TL-WN781ND v3 on High Sierra

    Hi, I just bought a new Wifi card, TP-Link TL-WN781ND (version 3), for my hackintosh, however I'm not able to find any Kexts for the Version3 of this card. I tried installing the kexts for V2, by using kextsutility however, that didn't seem to work, the OS network options doesn't even have...
  7. Chaitanya1896


    HELLO, I have tplink usb wifi adapter WN822N v5 which has realtek 8192EU Chip and works on my hackintosh flawless, I Also have TP Link wn881n WIFI PCI E card which has Realtek 8192EE chip, Even though both the chips are based on the same chip, USB One has drivers but None for the pci, After a...
  8. abdellah01201

    wifi not working and DSDT with 65 EROR

    HELLO my laptop : Hp probook 650 g2 intel core i5 6200U intel HD 520 **************** I instaled osx sierra 10.12.6 (16G1212) all working without Wifi :( I use now tp link 725N ****** And if I open MaciASL a have 65 Errors 0 warrnings , 0 optimisations can you help to patch this errors pls
  9. mrcodzombies123

    network driver

    Hey, I just got Mac OS 10.12.6 hackintosh. I was wondering if you could please help me get wifi driver working I have two adapters -Asus USB-ac55R -Tp-link TL-WN722N (V1, tried v2 drive) this is my first hackintosh and i'm unsure if i can get either of them working thanks :)
  10. fbardia

    TL-WDN4800 not working on os x sierra

    I have a tplink N900 (TL-WDN4800). It used to work perfect in OS X El Capitan and even in the first release of OS X Sierra. Now it wont recognize it. Even with the unibeast instalation (it used to appear). Could it be related to clover version? Any help please will be much appreciated. Thank...
  11. spiruni

    Build Compatability

    Hello everyone!!! My name is spiruni and a newbie around here!!! So i want to build my gaming rig but i already got a pc that i build on my own a couple years ago. Now you see i dont want to have two pc with windows and also i would like to start coding adn editing (from time to time) on...
  12. cuppscakes

    SOLVED / Archer T6E and Sierra

    Hello, So I've managed to successfully build my Hackintosh running Sierra (10.12.4) with the following hardware: i7-5820K Sabertooth X99 motherboard GTX 980 Ti At this point, only two things are left to get working: iMessage (works, just not with my Apple ID) and Continuity/Handoff/AirDrop...
  13. christianch

    Tp-link wn821n

    Hey everyone. I have been searching a lot to make TP-link WN821N v3 working on OSX but no success. I'ts a USB Wlan. I will apreciate any help. :D Here's a link to the official page: ( Thanks.
  14. Jaskov

    Tp-link tl-wn751nd

    :idea: Edit: I finally managed to get the card working on El Captan 10.11.0 using the following kexts: Google "TL-WN751ND Kext Yosemite Edition 2.0" and the first link will direct you to the download website. I had to reapply the three kexts after 10.11.3 combo upgrade. I used Kext Wizard...
  15. JoaquinSanchiz

    TP LINK TL WN881ND Working with El Capitán?

    Anyone knows if this wifi card is working at the moment ?
  16. oscarmagarini

    Freeze and reboot with TL-WN725N

    Hello everyone, :D i've installed yosemite (via clover) on my Asus thanks to RehabMan and now i'm trying to use my USB Wifi Dongle with it but when i use internet too much or i download huge file, the system freeze for a little bit and then it crashes and reboot. I installed EDIMAX driver that...
  17. juan

    Does the TP-Link WDN4800 WiFi Card CustoMac Mini require a power supply

    Motherboard: GA-H87N-Wifi Case: Apex MI-008 Wifi: TP-Link WDN4800 All I have left to plug anything power supply chords is the power header pins for "COM" header, "SYS_FAN" header, "F_USB30" header. The power supply that came with the MI-008 only has two MOLEX and one I four slot floppy...
  18. chukyka

    TP Link wn7200nd isn't recognized

    Hello guys, today I installed for the first time mavericks on my new hackintosh, all works fine, except the USB wifi, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find anything about this usb, does anybody know if the card works on mavericks? Thanks in advanced!
  19. hyourinseta

    Cannot Use My TPLINK TL-WN321G on 10.8.2

    [SOLVED] Cannot Use My TPLINK TL-WN321G on 10.8.2 I have OSX 10.8.2 on ASUS A45VD but my internal wifi cannot be used (AR9485). There is no kext for it. But i bought USB Wireless adapter. It is TPLINK TL-WN321G. It is detected at System Information, but it does not show BSD Name (i.e en2). It...
  20. de_inn

    TP-LINK TL-WN781ND - avoid

    Thought i'd chime in, after all the incredible help i've got just by reading around here. This is about the TP-Link TL-WN781ND wifi adapter, available in two revisions. If you get the Rev 2 card, then you're in for a disappointment at this time. It has been built around a different chip and...