1. mysticfact

    (Lenovo yoga s730-13iml) my touchpad is not working

    Hi everyone, My laptop is Lenovo yoga s730-13iml. CPU: i7-10510u Mem: LPDDR3 16G GPU: intel UHD 620 WiFi & Bluetooth: BCM94350ZAE (DW1820A) my touchpad is not working. I read this thread: And doing some thing (GPIO...
  2. tomaximoto

    HP Elitebook 840 G7 - last mile

    Hi, I managed to hack my HP Elitebook 840 G7 with Opencore 0.6.5 and Big Sur except for a few things, unfortunately those are as far as I know the most complicated once and I really need them... First things first, I wanted to map my USB-ports after installing as the shutdown isn't working...
  3. MiSalocin

    Lenovo Y540-15IRH update to Big Sur broke my TouchPad

    Hello! BigSur 11.1 - OpenCore 0.6.5 I'm new at mackintosh world and recently I've updated my 10.15.7 Hackintosh to Big Sur 11.1, updating OC using OpenCore Configurator and downloading the Update directly by the settings. After the update, my trackpad stopped working, I dunno what I can do to...
  4. M4rM0rKuch3N

    Medion P15649 Big Sur Hackintosh Trackpad not working

    Dear Community, I installed Big Sur successfully on my Medion P15649 Notebook through OpenCore with the Specs: CPU: i5-10210U GPU: Intel UHD 620 and discrete MX350 WIFI: Intel Ax201 Trackpad: I2C HID device I got most of the stuff working, except the Trackpad which i just cant get to work...
  5. RanjeetRocky

    [Help] which kext to use " Synaptics Pointing Device " (touchpad)

    i'm using laptop and this shows up in a device manager device type : Mice and other pointing devices manufacturer : Synaptics location : plugged into PS/2 mouse port
  6. dienton28

    Dell E6440 TouchPad an Bluetooth

    I have a little problem on my laptop, I recently installed again OS Mojave 10.14.1 but I cannot make usable de touchpad, I inject the kext on in and it doesn't works, and I reinstalled it because I lost the form to access again and change the disk, in the another installation it works the...
  7. matteolattanzi20

    I need help please

    Hi guys, I' want to make a dual boot windows 10/big sur ssd for my laptop that has an i5 7200U as cpu, 8gb of ram an ssd and a radeon 530, precedently I've maked an hackintosh on this laptop with catalina but unfortunately the wifi module, the audio and the touchpad doesn't work and by gpus...
  8. Reydelmambo17

    Lenovo ThinkPad T440p trackpad not working correctly

    Hi, a week ago I install an m.2 SSD in my ThinkPad and I reinstall it on the SSD through the Recovery in the Hard Disk. After that, I copied the EFI folder from the HDD EFI partition onto the SSD EFI partition. I used Clover first when I install Mojave on the Hard Disk, I upgraded to Catalina...
  9. dienton28

    Latitude E6440 TouchPad doesn't works Gestures

    Hi, Well, I have a problem on my laptop, recently I install OS X Mojave 10.14.1 on my laptop from my Hackintosh Desktop PC, but later when i have installed the system the touchpad doesn't work, i installed the kext VooDooPS2Controller.kext and it works, but the drag function and the gestures...
  10. thasanti

    Solved > VoodooI2CHID Touchpad Click opens window view

    Hey! After installing Catalina with OpenCore on my Razer Blade Stealth 2017 (i7 7500U), pretty much everything works. The touchpad, including gestures, also works, but when I click something on the dock it does not open it, but rather opens some kind of window overview (see attached images)...
  11. RAFFAY

    Solved > ELAN trackpad no gestures!!

    Guys I have an ELAN Trackpad on my Laptop. It used to work perfectly with OC on Catalina. But I did a fresh instal now and for some weird reason gestures are not working on it. The trackpad is only able to control the mouse pointer. Not even scrolling is working. Can anyon help me please?
  12. anythingbutwindows

    Can somebody help me patching someone else's DSDT's and SSDT's/ install VoodooI2C?

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad L340 laptop with Synaptics touchpad that supports Microsoft Precision driver. I've been trying to install the VoodooI2C drivers for a while but no luck. Most of my tries were to install the EFI files of people with the same laptop as mine. They claim the laptop doesn't...
  13. Peesheek

    I2C HID touchpad - can't get it to work

    Hello, I've got a problem with my I2C HID touchpad. It doesn't get recognised by the system and doesn't respond in any way. I followed the whole voodooI2C guide -> But still no luck, can anybody help me? The keyboard which is connected via PS2 works just...
  14. Soen

    Solved > 2 Fingers scroll not working

    Recently, I've installed macOS Catalina 10.15.3 to my HP ZBook 15u G5. (I5-7200u) First, I've installed the kext VoodooPS2Controller, but the touchpad didn't work : at startup, when touching the touchpad I got this Unexpected byte0 data (XX) from PS/2 controller So I've replaced it with...
  15. strangeralot

    Help with fine adjust in a Mojave (10.14.5) _ backlight control _ i2c trackpad/keyboard

    Hi community. I put a Mojave 10.14.5 in a Dell Inspiron 15 3000, i15-3583-D3X. After searching a lot in web for the "fine adjustment", I found two clover's folder who partially worked for me: One clover folder not function the touchpad, keyboard and percentage of battery. Other clover not...
  16. Alejandro2000


    Hi everyone and thanks before anything..... I have a problem after installing Mojave on my laptop... audio and touchpad are not working also battery status, im new in this world of hackintosh and i see so many post talking about patching but i dont really know where to start patching so if...
  17. madd22

    [Guide] Setup external keyboard with trackpad gestures on hackintosh/mac

    !!! Please, Read the whole guide even if its something irrelevant for you, before asking for help, it solves issues (really) Prerequisites: 1. Rapoo k2600 keyboard with touchpad, or any other equivalent keyboard that supports multi touch windows gestures (choose at your own risk). To be...
  18. RAFFAY

    macOS Mojave Synaptics Touchpad detected as a mouse

    I have just installed 10.14.6 on my HP Envy 15 as105tu. I'm tackling problems one by one. The first issue is that my Synaptics touched is detected as a mouse. As a result there is no tap-to-click feature available. Every time I had to perform a physical click which is very annoying. Scrolling...
  19. envieme

    ALPS v7 trackpad three finger troubleshooting on Mojave

    I am on Mojave 10.14.6 on my Toshiba Z30-A Intel i5 4300U with Intel 4400 HD graphics and ALPS v7 touchpad. I have installed the latest VoodooPS2controller kext and have my track pad recognized and working very well for the most part. That is one finger click, two finger tap right click, two...
  20. bennforever

    (acer swift5 sf514-51) not woking trackpad(touchpad), other way to get it? :(

    Hi, Thank you for reading my post first, my laptop specs: acer swift5 laptop intel i5-7200U intel HD Graphics 620 8gb ddr3 ram hp ex900 m.2 250gb Bios setting: Bios trackpad mode is "basic" (when I turn it into advanced, my keyboard doesn't work) What I've installed in my S/L/E is like...