1. madd22

    [Guide] Setup external keyboard with trackpad gestures on hackintosh/mac

    Ofcourse this wont work like forcetouch but is very close if you implement it right, trust me. Horizontal/Vertical Scrolling works like forcetouch !!! Please, Read the whole guide even if its something irrelevant for you, before asking for help, it solves issues (really) Prerequisites: 1...

    macOS Mojave Synaptics Touchpad detected as a mouse

    I have just installed 10.14.6 on my HP Envy 15 as105tu. I'm tackling problems one by one. The first issue is that my Synaptics touched is detected as a mouse. As a result there is no tap-to-click feature available. Every time I had to perform a physical click which is very annoying. Scrolling...
  3. envieme

    ALPS v7 trackpad three finger troubleshooting on Mojave

    I am on Mojave 10.14.6 on my Toshiba Z30-A Intel i5 4300U with Intel 4400 HD graphics and ALPS v7 touchpad. I have installed the latest VoodooPS2controller kext and have my track pad recognized and working very well for the most part. That is one finger click, two finger tap right click, two...
  4. bennforever

    (acer swift5 sf514-51) not woking trackpad(touchpad), other way to get it? :(

    Hi, Thank you for reading my post first, my laptop specs: acer swift5 laptop intel i5-7200U intel HD Graphics 620 8gb ddr3 ram hp ex900 m.2 250gb Bios setting: Bios trackpad mode is "basic" (when I turn it into advanced, my keyboard doesn't work) What I've installed in my S/L/E is like...
  5. ashish22

    Touchpad and keyboard not working in my dell vostro 3558 after install the mac.

    Dell vostro 3558 I3 6th generation Ram 8 gb 256 gb ssd 1 tb hdd Please help me to solve issue.touchpad not working.
  6. EnderFFX

    10.14.3 on Lenovo Yoga 730 15IKB FHD i5-8265 problems

    Hi, i am a complete newbie and so far I was quite lucky. I First tried Hackintosh on a 13" YOGA 730 and hit the jackpot by finding this thread and using the CLOVER from the Thread opener dragonflylee...
  7. 11212

    ELAN touchpad cursor moves like crazy and clicks randomly with VoodooPS2

    Hi, I have problem with latest VoodooPS2Controller.kext, it's impossible to do anything with the touchpad. Here is a video of what happens if I touch it or try to move the cursor: It clicks and moves randomly, sometimes left and / or right click stuck making impossible to click with an...
  8. witampanstwa

    Touchpad works perfectly or not at all (ELAN)

    Hello, I've successfully installed Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu and macOS Mojave on my laptop's 1TB HDD. The problem: I can normally use my touchpad in macOS. Then I shut down the machine, turn it on, boot Windows 10, and everything works perfect—just until I turn it off again, and boot to...
  9. kartagis

    Why is my touchpad locked every time I wake my laptop?

    I installed Mojave on a HP Probook 4540s using this guide. However, the touchpad is locked every time I close the lid then wake up the laptop, even though I unlock the touchpad previously. Why is that?
  10. osxfan23

    Synaptics Touchpad Tap to Click

    I successfully installed Mac OS Mojave on my Toshiba Satellite L50-B-23h. Everything excluding Audio and Battery is working fine(I will work on this soon) and I was wondering if it's possible to enable a tap to click kind of thing to the Synaptics Touchpad, when it's not identified as an...
  11. ydrean

    laptop Lenovo g400s - touchpad detected as mouse

    I installed VoodooPS2Controller.kext but my touchpad don't work as expected. Pref panel shows "No trackpad found". Basically its detected as mouse :( I tried a lot of options but none of them works.
  12. SugarLapse

    VoodooI2C Force Touch Trackpad Issues

    Hi all, I recently reinstalled macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on my Lenovo Yoga 720 13". I have installed macOS on this machine before, but it has been awhile and naturally, a lot of things have changed. Coming from my ThinkPad T450, I am extremely impressed with the progress of the VoodooI2C driver...
  13. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to set touchpad drag delay to zero in High Sierra?

    Hi Have used this for months without any problem but since i've installed 10.13.6 it no works any more. MacBook-Pro:~ me$ ioio DragExitDelayTime 0 ioio: setting property 'ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad:DragExitDelayTime' as number to 0 (0x0) @RehabMan, need your help my man..
  14. juka42095

    Xiaomi Gaming 2018

    Hi There, Can anyone write a kext for me to get the touchpad gestures working? And is my gtx1060 supportet by NvidiaWebDrivers? And is there a recommend M.2 PCI Wifi + Bluetooth card? Xiaomi Gaming Notebook (2018): CPU: Intel i7-8750H 4.1 GHz GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 mit 6GB DDR5 RAM: 16GB DDR4...
  15. koriwi

    [solved] Remap special dedicated "Print"-Key that disables touchpad in macOS

    Hi Guys. My second post, ever. Now 5 years later I have my work laptop (X1 Carbon 6th) almost perfectly working. I'm a big lurker and gathered all my information from the internet. Thanks internet people and special thanks to RehabMan! I'm a developer and not so bad in troubleshooting my own...
  16. Pigreco

    Lenovo Y50-70 problem touchpad/trackpad

    Hi to everyone, I have the problem after installation 10.10.5 with guide of Rehabman : i have used the commands in this guide but the touchpad work bad, in particular after a touch it moves randomly on...
  17. Josejoram

    [help] Touchpad ELAN1000 works but pointer keeps moving after I release it

    Hi everyone. After a long week testing, installing and patching stuff, I finally have a functional install of High Sierra on the ASUS x456UB. All of the supported hardware works. Last thing I got to work was the touchpad, an ELAN1000 (I2C). I patched the DSDT with the VoodooI2C patches, pasted...
  18. lnchkgrkhv

    Don't work laptop keyboard on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi, I've just installed macOS Sierra on my laptop Samsung NP300E5C-S0T. WiFi, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Audio works, but I can't make work keyboard and trackpad. Now I'm using USB keyboard and mouse, but it is uncomfortable. Laptop has ELAN keyboard and trackpad. I installed...
  19. Angly

    Can't get VoodooPS2Controller fully work on HP Omen X

    Hi! I've installed High Sierra (10.13.5) using latest Unibeast (8.3.2) on my HP Omen X laptop. Then I've tried to make keyboard and touchpad work using VoodooPS2Controller, but encountered serious issues I don't know how to fix. Touchpad started to work partially. I can move the cursor and...
  20. RAFFAY

    Hackintosh keeps rebooting

    I was trying to install touchpad driver compatible with ALPS. Not sure what I had done wrong (I had used KextBeast and installed to Library/Extensions) but my system keeps rebooting. I had attached screenshots from a slo mo video(as the output was going really fast so sorry for the bad quality)...