synaptics touchpad

  1. sortedcord

    How to Fix Trackpad Buttons not working on HP 15 Notebook [Skylake] [Mojave]

    Until now, I had been using applesmarttouchpad kext and it had been working fine with my laptop however, the gestures were not working right. So I installed VoodooPS2Controller instead and then pointer and the gestures work fine, but, the biggest issue is that the trackpad buttons are not...
  2. silicongraphics

    Synaptics TM2438 trackpad not working at all in Mojave

    Hello everyone, can anyone help me get a synaptics TM2438 trackpad working in mojave? I'm a bit of a noob and cant seem to get it to work whatsoever, not even in just mouse emulation mode or anything. I've tried a whole bunch of different things ive found elsewhere on google, to no avail. So far...
  3. wildanbaraja

    DSDT for Touchpad Synaptics PS2

    Hi all, i need some help, can you take a look at my dsdt.aml, is there anything wrong? right now my problem is with the trackpad, it's not sensitive and not smooth, happening to with mouse when scrolling (i use SmoothScroll app to smoothen mouse scroll). laptop x220 spec : CPU : Intel core i5...
  4. SmartphoneFan

    OS X 10.10.5 Synaptic as Trackpad?

    Good morning/evening to all. i would like to use my touchpad Synaptic as a Trackpad. The Touchpad works well as a normal mouse (drag, select, right tap, left tap, double tap and scroll up/down gesture) but i haven't all the gesture and if i go to System preferences > Trackpad it say "No Trackpad...
  5. ben130

    Lenovo Yoga 910 I2c Trackpad help

    Hey guys, So now after receiving help from rehabman and others, I was able to get full graphics acceleration on i7-7500u intel hd 620 graphics. I got audio working with multibeast, and now I am trying to get the trackpad to work. If anyone has gotten the i2c to work for lenovo's, please help me...
  6. Artemiris

    Clover Bootloader and Trackpad Issue (Windows)

    Hi there, I have this annoying issue related to running the Clover Bootloader together with my Windows installation. Whenever I boot Windows from Clover, my trackpad won't function with Synaptics/Windows Precision drivers (as in, the trackpad will be dead entirely until I install non-precision...
  7. adonmez234

    Synaptics PS/2 Trackpad - try this if VooDooPS2 does not work

    *** [UPDATE] Turns out the trackpad was ALPS. Thanks RehabMan. But it works with the fix I describe here. *** Hi all. I had great trouble with getting my Synaptics PS/2 trackpad working on El Capitan 10.11.6. Rehabman's VooDoo PS2 kext's did not work on my laptop. I could not use it to point...
  8. macdude1

    Trackpad gets freezing often

    Hello, I am having Synaptics touchpad with the latest VoodooPS2Controller.kext installed. Touch pad often gets freezed and I have to use my mouse to restart the system to get it working. Please help me resolve the problem. ' Thank you
  9. Blackcat

    No upgrade possible on Lenovo G560 i3 ?

    Hi, I tried several times to upgrade SL (10.6.8) but it was denied in the Apple Store. Now I thought a direct upgrade to 10.9 would be possible but failed again. My thoughts: Maybe because my SL is running on 32 Bit? (With 64 Bit the keyboard/mouse is not working.) Is Apple just checking...