spinning wheel

  1. alainw

    [Solved] Spinning wheel after Login in High Sierra

    Hello Everyone, here was my problem: desktop icons never appeared and desktok picture blurred,spinning wheel... After investigation, it was simply an external disk mount problem which was delaying the system. so depending on your configuration, you can try to unplug physical external connected...
  2. kforkamal

    [Solved] Folder opening slowdown.

    I have high Sierra installed in Samsung 860 EVO 500gb ssd, but i get slowdown when opening folders, every-time i double click on folder i get apple spinning wheel for 2 sec and the it opens. Can you guys tell me why it's causing delay? Thanks,
  3. hubb_99

    Where do I start looking? OSX Freezing, NIC stops passing traffic

    I've had this build for a few years and it was pretty solid in the beginning. Now the two main issues I'm having: Almost daily my onboard NIC will stop passing traffic. I resolve the issue with ifconfig en0 down/up and it's back to normal. I have also had issues with uploading files via web...
  4. melaby

    Stuck on Spinning Wheel... Help!

    Hey Guys I have tried to restore from a backup and tried Multibeast but now I'm stuck on the grey mac logo spinning wheel. I've attached a screen shot. I tried booting into safe mode with no luck...Help would be extremely appreciated! Cheers.
  5. astorbartholdi1

    PC Stuck on wheel.

    My problem lies with missing information on several issues. Literally, this is what the text says on –v. “the system files were modified”. Yet I changed nothing. I never do in terms of system. The pc was getting super slow to boot. But it behaved normally from the desktop. I did not install...
  6. gobblebox9

    Indefinite Spinning Wheel after Right Click

    Everything went perfect in my last installation and it's been up and running for several days now. Recently, however, when I right click on either the desktop, files, or really anything in the OS, I get the spinning wheel indefinitely as if the context menu is going to come up but it never...
  7. iamkimosabi

    10.10.3 Random Freezes, Spinning Wheel...?

    Hi guys, I have a issue that my hackintosh system freezes randomly when doing anything. I could be playing Shogun 2, making music in Pro Tools 11, or simply youtubing a video in full screen mode and the spinning wheel comes up and the systems doesnt allow me to do anything. I tried the...
  8. clbna

    Endless spinning wheel after succesfull Mountain Lion & Multibeast installation

    Hi, The title says it all, Can only boot into safe mode. Any idea ?
  9. boniac

    Problem with software RAID

    Hello, I've using RAID 0 since day 1 of my Hackintosh but recently I've been stumbling upon some problems recently. It started last week with having some problems reading stuff from the RAID. Everything was really slow and the spinning wheel of death occurred over and over again. Now I don't...
  10. tomh381

    Hackintosh Gets Stuck at Apple Logo

    Ok, so basically I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos which I have installed 10.7.3 on. But when I boot it up it goes to the apple logo and the spinning wheel but after a little time the spinning wheel freezes and nothing else happens. I have tried all the boot flags I know. Thanks Tom
  11. eyeblossom

    Help! I can't get Snow Leopard to install. Spinning Wheel and more.

    I have a computer that was already a Hackintosh but my hard drive died. I have followed all of the install instructions and tried many text entries at the screen with iboot. iboot loads OK, Snow Leopard shows up on the screen after L5, I hit enter and Gray Apple screen shows spinning wheel and...
  12. Radeon404

    [Help] Infinite spinning wheel at Step 5 of Mavericks Installation

    Hi everyone, My friend and I are new to the community :wave:. We are trying to install OS X Mavericks on a laptop for 4 days, but each try, Step 5 of the installation guide fail. In fact, the installation of OS X Mavericks works fine but when we restart the system, then choose the Mavericks...
  13. Snowburden

    Questions about stuck at Apple Logo and Spinning Wheel?

    So, I've been attempting to dual boot Mavericks with my Windows 8.1. I've got all the programs and such I need thru a Mac from a virtual-boot (not many things on the Internet saying you can do just that, but you can) on Windows. The USB Drive is ready and working. But my problem is the obvious...
  14. tonymeyer

    FINDER Not Working...!!! (HELP)

    Hello guys, I've installed Mavericks 10.9.1 on a HP Envy 15... i have a problem with the finder, when i login into mavericks it starts up fine, but... the finder wont work, i've tried to relaunch, kill process and relaunch.. but nothing works, only spinning wheel shows up... if i open another...
  15. satchriani

    Total Hackintosh Noob - Windows Building Veteran - Z77-DS3H STUCK AT SPINNING WHEEL

    SPECS: Gigabyte Z77-DS3H Intel i3 3225 Sandisk SDSSDX-120G-G25 Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ So basically I used unibeast to install the OS and I got that far. Right now I can boot to the OS on the SSD, but it sits at the gray screen/spinning wheel. I've looked up so many threads but...
  16. Juice6829

    After Installation Reboot, Apple Logo and Spinning Wheel hung up.

    With Unibeast I am able to access the installation screen and I've partitioned my drive and installed Mac OS 10.8.3. Following the installation the system reboots, and on the Chimera boot screen I am given the option to boot using my drive. When I do so, I get to the apple logo screen and...
  17. Sacki

    Stops at the spinning wheel and apple logo

    Hi! I´m trying to install Mountain lion on my computer(3570k, intel 4000, Gigabyte Z77-DS3H). After the installation is done and it stands "Installation Succesful" I restart the computer boot from my unibeast stick and shoose my new installation. The apple logo shows up and a spinning wheel...
  18. josh0530

    stuck apple logo spinning wheel

    This is my first Hackintosh, I did every thing right, but when I first installed Mountain Lion and reboot and boot it it gets stuck on apple logo and spinning wheel screen. motherboard: asrock h77m-itx cpu: intel ivy bridge core i7 3770k Videocard: intel graphics 4000 my -v pic
  19. djoutcry

    Mountain Lion Installation Help needed

    Hey guys! I appreciate all the work and support put into the hackintosh scene. I am new to Hackintosh's and would require and appreciate your help. I have followed the guide to the T. When the usb drive is plugged in, I get the menu and I choose my USB. I then get the apple logo with a...
  20. c1p0

    Boot stops at spinning wheel before disk selection

    Hey! I'm using Lion for a year now or so, never had any problems with it (multibeast). I tried to install Mountain Lion using Unibeast, succesfully built the usb stick, and tried to boot from it. After that, no matter what i'm trying to boot from (tried CD, original HD, usb stick), the boot...