sleep / wake

  1. johnyg07

    HP Spectre - Laptop hangs after wake from sleep - no display

    Hi, I am facing problem with my HP spectre. I had Mojave then I upgraded to Catalina but there were several issues. So I restored the CCC backup of mojave. I upgraded the BIOS and had to redo the patching. Now I have everything working except the after wake from sleep - the screen is blank and...
  2. Ignis385

    Mojave 10.14.6 on GA-H170N + i3 7100 HD630

    Hy, this is me first Hackintosh project, so I'm doing lot of reading and learning. I have few problems with me system. First is that sleep is not working. It goes to sleep every time, but when I wake it from sleep it doesn't turn on monitor, it just restart it self and show kernel panic. Sleep...
  3. LionsHead

    Sleep/Wake issues Mac18,3 Mojave & Catalina

    Hey all! Another newbie here with sleep/wake issues. I've been working on this for a week and none of the fixes have worked. Time to post my own thread, I suppose. Here is the laydown: 1) Initial: got Mojave up and running more than a month ago w/clover - everything worked great! Even sleep...
  4. scottperezfox

    Solved > Sleep/Wake problems after macOS update

    Hi gang. I'm posting a help request after lots of research on the existing threads. Like many others, I'm having Sleep and Wake issues. Thanks in advance for helping a fellow Hackintosher. Same hardware since January 2019, but recently updated to macOS 10.14.6 after several weeks of ignoring...
  5. dmsmith90

    Solved > Asus z390-A won't boot with USB Installer / Shut down / sleep issues

    I'm hoping to get some help with my first hackintosh build. With the help of pastrychef and a EFI folder he provided, I was able to get Mojave installed but I keep running into a few consistent errors. My last few days have been: I find a thread that's similar, try the suggestions, it works for...
  6. retrome1

    Solved > Laptop hangs/lag after waking from sleep

    Hi guys, I really need your help. My Dell Laptop (3567) freezes, lags for a few seconds (5-10) after sleep, and then comes back to normal. It happens only when laptop sleeping more than 5 minutes. How to fix this issue? Any ideas?
  7. timetrapped

    Black screen after wake from sleep (kernel panic?)

    Here's the build I'm working on: Gigabyte x299 Designare EX i9-9820x (Skylake refresh) Sapphire Pulse RTX 570 I've followed most of this guide from @kgp: I...
  8. TomHack18

    Black Screen When Waking up From Sleep and Booting

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh working for about four months. This past week I moved to college and took my hack with me. For the first few days it worked fine but then I started running into issues where the screen would remain black or say "no signal" when I tried to wakeup the computer from...
  9. riverLethe

    Help: deep sleep in Mojave - computer has difficulty waking from sleep

    Hi all, I am having some troubles. My hackintosh has working bluetooth and wifi and I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected. When my computer goes to sleep, if I try to wake it by using my bluetooth peripherals, it goes into some kind of deeper sleep. Sometimes it can take up to a...
  10. uge44

    Anyone with fully working Asus Z87

    I've been trying to get sleep to work since Mojave came out and I've tried all sorts of things including a full, fresh install but alas, with no success. So anyone with a fully working (including sleep, of course) Asus Z87, preferably running Mojave, but not essential, and preferably the...
  11. Sonic99

    Sleep results in Shutdown

    Hi!, I'm am having a "pretty bad" problem with my hack, when the system enters to Sleep Mode, sometimes it will cause a complete ShutDown (without kernel panic info after reboot) My Specs: Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 3 ASRock RX 580 8GB OC Intel Core - i3 4170 6 GB Ram (XMP Disabled) Kingston SSD...
  12. SuperBobby

    HP Probook 450 G5 (Intel Core i5-8250U, Kaby Lake )

    I followed that guide Everything works except -Wifi and bluetooth (need to replace the card) -Can not wake up with mouse/keyboard. Wake up using power button works. -Headphones jack not...
  13. rupps

    VoodooPS2 controller (trackpad only) sometimes does not wake up correctly after sleep

    Not really a Mojave issue as I have been experiencing this since High Sierra. I hoped it would be solved with 10.14.6 + VoodooPS2Controller 1.9.2 but unfortunately it still happens. Sometimes after waking from sleep, trackpad does not work. It tends to happen if the laptop has been sleeping for...
  14. rigtime2

    Wifi won't Turn On after Sleep

    Problem: Whenever I wake my hack from sleep, my wifi turns off and I cannot turn it back on without rebooting. Hardware: i9-9900k Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro Fenvi T9-19 Pulse Sapphire Rx 580 Background: I had a fully functional hackintosh that I decided to update from 10.14.0 to 10.14.5 I...
  15. fa3d

    I am about to give up fixing SLEEP/WAKE

    Hello! Its been days and days trying to fix this for myself but I am starting to think there is not a solution: I have High Sierra installed. My board has two graphic cards: RTX 2070 on top slot and GTX 1050 Ti below. I know the RTX2070 has no web driver yet and its not compatible with MacOS...
  16. poles

    Solved > Sleep leads to restart on GA H170-D3H

    I was using Mojave 10.14.2 on my old build for sometime. Recently I changed my SSD and did a clean installation of Mojave 10.14.6 . Everything works fine except...
  17. Axiz

    Lenovo u410 sleep mode 10.14.6

    Hi everyone, I have a Lenovo u410 computer and High Sierra installed. As a result, almost everything was sorted out, but it is not possible to start sleep mode: the laptop gradually falls asleep and immediately comes out of sleep mode. Also Wi-Fi after the "wake up" can not find any network...
  18. BallenWallen

    [Solved] New Mojave build, shutdown issues

    This is my first Hackintosh build. Gigabyte H370M DS3H mATX i5-8400 WD Blue 500 GB M.2-2280 SSD Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x8GB Radeon RX 580 Overall, it went pretty smoothly. Most everything is working great. But I am having what appears to be a common issue where shutdown leads to rebooting...
  19. jamesxxx1997

    [Help please] Laptop continue wake from sleep

    My specs: Thinkpad x1 yoga 2018 i7-8550u uhd620 Question : sometimes laptop cannot sleep , continue the sleep-wake cycle. Sometimes if this happen and I close the lid for a while , eventually the bluetooth will break , not usable anymore. Abnormal sleep In terminal I type : pmset -g The wake...
  20. tiju50

    Sleep mode and Continuity Camera/Airdrop issues on Mojave 10.14.5

    Hi, I'm new to hackintosh. I built a Windows desktop in 2016 and just made the jump recently in trying to make a dual boot Windows 10 / macOS Mojave, using a spare hdd to install macOS. After some trial and error, I finally got my hackintosh working pretty much all out of the box, using...