sleep / wake

  1. Rikchell

    Notebook don't sleep, reboots with black screen

    Hello, Im using high sierra, cant go to sleep mode, the computer start activity immediatly after enter to sleep mode, feels like reboots, but with black screen. I have to hold power button to force restart to use. if someone could please help. A notebook wihtout sleep is like a desktop can't...
  2. tumbleyaw

    Dell G7 7588 sleep problem

    Hi, Everything is working, except this laptop refuses to sleep, gets woken up every couple of minutes, so losing all battery over a 5 hour span. Can someone please take a look at the attached problem reporting files and tell me if everything has been set up correctly? Many thanks!
  3. leovargas

    Black screen after boot on Mojave

    Hello! I have installed Mojave recently and I need to wait the computer sleeps totally, before go to login screen. When the progress bar goes around 75% the screen makes a flash and enter on the black screen. The computer is responding, caps lock works. I need to wait about 15 minutes on black...
  4. amsivi

    Sleep issues with mac Mojave update 10.14.3

    Hi, I Have updated my mac from Mojave 10.14.2 to 10.14.3 and the computer no longer sleeps. It basically starts the process to sleep and just after turning off it immediately turns on again with full fan cooling. I have attached the contig file My build is: Motherboard: GA-Z170X-UD5 (rev. 1.0)...
  5. deeveedee

    Macpro 5,1 cold-boots on wake from sleep

    I have a Socket 1156 Biostar TH55HD motherboard with Xeon X3480 running High Sierra 10.13.6 (system details below). Everything works perfectly except my system cold-boots on wake from sleep. The system sleeps and I can "wake" the system by clicking the USB mouse, but instead of resuming and...
  6. Um3r

    Sleep/Wake Help (Kaby Lake HD620)

    So far I have gotten the brightness controls to work using the guide for AppleBacklightFixup.kext and SSDT-PNLF.aml by Rehabman. But I need help with lid wake (Clamshell sleep) [Not working][Lid Sleep.png] I close the lid and the laptop goes to sleep but display wont wake on lid open. On...
  7. PacMan

    [Help] Sleep issues Mojave - Dell Inspiron - HD5500

    Hi, I have two main issues with sleep on my computer that I'm not been able to fix. I watched many posts but the solutions didn't help me at all. In the first case the laptop doesn't even enter to sleep, but the display turns off and I can't wake the computer up so I'm forced to hard reboot...
  8. Glum

    Need help with low/unchangeable brightness after wake (All-in-One PC)

    Hello Hackintoshers :wave:, I've installed Mojave on my HP Pavilion 23-q120 AIO DESKTOP PC with vanilla method. Most of everything seems to be working fine including the brightness control using SSDT-PNLF.aml from RehabMan's backlight guide but the issue I'm facing is after waking my PC from...
  9. deeveedee

    Solved > HackPro 5,1 running High Sierra doesn't wake from sleep

    EDIT: I'm marking this solved, because the original intent of this thread was to diagnose the system's inability to wake from sleep (which is solved in Post #10 of this thread). The current problem (cold-boot on wake from sleep) is started as a new thread here: Macpro5,1 cold-boots on wake from...
  10. Miszel

    Laptop freeze after sleep [Y50]

    Hello I've installed Mojave on my external USB3 SSD using RehabMan tutorial , everything works perfectly - sound , wifi , multi monitors , no graphic glitches etc.. But after sleep I can't login, it just freeze on login screen with loading cursor and after some time reboots. I've disabled...
  11. JackLeeu

    [Unsolvable] Black screen when waking from sleep on Mojave 10.14.3, Lenovo G50-80, Broadwell HD 5500

    Hi, I have a problem with my Hackintosh on Lenovo G50-80: When I move the mouse or press the key of the laptop to wake it up from sleep, it will just show a black screen with light. What's wrong with my laptop? At present, both battery status and brightness are working. This is what I did to...
  12. kraaans

    Sleep problems with Asrock Z170 Extreme 4 i7-6700k Mojave

    So, successful Mojave install after several attempts on my ssd, cloned to NVME to get HFS. Problems getting sleep to work. Goes to sleep fine, when wakes up, crashes after several seconds and then reboots. I see 100 different topics on this forum, have searched youtube etc., videos, tried ~30...
  13. Seyer023

    Help Sleep Not Working!!!

    Hello, i am Seyer023 this is my first post. Thank you for taking the time to read into my problem. So here is my issue. I made my custom PC build about a year ago. I got it working great and I was happy. I use FCPX quite often because I am slowly turning it into a side job. Well FCPX a while...
  14. kirainmoe

    Solved > Still can't solve the problem of instant wake

    Hello, after days of investigation I have solved the sleep stuck problem by changing the Clover configs. But I'm running into another problem: when I sleep, the computer sleeps for several seconds and then it wakes. I'm using a Coffee Lake laptop and running macOS Mojave 10.14.2. I searched...
  15. rcandsay

    Rebooting After Waking from sleep

    Hey all, been doing some Hackintosh builds off and on for years and never really had a problem... until now. A few days ago I successfully got my z370 TUF w/ 8700k GTX 1070 setup just fine on High Sierra. Was able to workout all minor issues with googling solutions. For the life of me I cannot...
  16. kirainmoe

    Can't get sleep/hibernate working on 10.14.2 (CoffeeLake)

    Hi there, I have installed macOS Mojave 10.14.2 on my CoffeeLake laptop, everything seems to work well except sleep/hibernate. When I try to sleep, in 10 secs (or so) I can wake it up by clicking; and after that time if I try to wake it up, I may meet with a black screen or no responding. And...
  17. macdude1

    Solved > No Bluetooth after sleep - BCM94352HMB

    Hello, I have changed my Wifi adapter to BCM94352HMB and got bluetooth and Wifi working. But after wake from sleep, bluetooth seemed to be turned off. I can't turn on Bluetooth. I had to restart the lap to enable bluetooth again. Kindly help.
  18. MobBarley

    [SOLVED] VEGA Freeze after Wake / Display hotplugging / Displayport not waking up

    Hey there, since upgrading to 14.2 and after implementing an ssdt for my USB my sleep / wake stopped working properly. Sometimes it works as intended, but after longer (and sometimes even short) sleep periods the display connected via Displayport won't display anything. It turns on and gets...
  19. KristFlex

    Freeze after wake from sleep (wifi related)

    As said, my laptop freezes 2-5 minutes after wake when wifi is connected to a network. Cannot find the cause. Wifi module is a native BCM943602CS with an appropriate adapter. Debug files are included. Appreciate any help. Thank you!
  20. wangbo223

    [Solved] Brand new build Mojave shutdown/sleep restarts

    Thank everyone for your great post in tonymacx86. I've basically followed this post and now have a Mojave running on the new Hackintosh. My build is i7-8700k 32GB DDR4 Ram Gigabyte...