sleep / wake

  1. dominikzorgie

    Sleep on Catalina – AsRock Z390 Phantom-Gaming ITX/ac

    Hey guys, does anybody confirm that sleep works well on Catalina 10.15.1+ for this MOBO. I tried different options, and get 3 diffrents results: 1. Successful sleep but black screen after wake up. 2. Got restart after press sleep button. 3. Successful sleep but when trying to wake up PC turn...
  2. hoangtocdo90

    Perfect skylake hackintosh except random sleep issue

    Hi guys, I have done a Hackintosh 2 years ago and try to fix the problem through 2 years. Now the dream come true everything works perfectly, I'm using this day by day as the main working PC, just remains one only annoying issue. Sleep functions work but always randomly wake-up when sleep. My...
  3. ryhart18

    Main screen blank after lock sleep

    Hi all, The main monitor receives a blank screen after waking up from lock sleep. For example when using the computer after locking the computer or allowing it to lock itself, the main monitor receives a blank screen. Both secondary displays work normal. If I login and access the display...
  4. jacky123456

    Sleep issues on 10.15.2

    Hi guys, i've been having sleep issues ever since Mojave. I've tried every guide, patched DSDT, updated every kext etc. Could you if possible, tell me how i can solve this issue. As soon as it goes to sleep it wakes within 5 seconds. Powernap is disabled, i've also tried disconnecting all USB...
  5. wrrrr

    Power Nap (or Sleep?) Issues on Catalina

    I recently encountered a problem with sleeping on Catalina. Background: - Boot Arg darkwake=1. - Power Nap turned on. - Wake for Network Access turned on. Symptoms: - If I turn Power Nap off, it will sleep and wake properly. - If I turn Power Nap on, it always *wake up* like 30 minutes later...
  6. jacky123456

    10.15.2 Bluetooth and Sleep issue

    Hi guys, i've been having sleep issues ever since Mojave. I've tried every guide, patched DSDT, updated every kext etc. Could you if possible, tell me how i can solve this issue. As soon as it goes to sleep it wakes within 5 seconds. Powernap is disabled, i've also tried disconnecting all USB...
  7. bwilliams2002

    Very low audio after sleep. -- Mojave.

    Hello, I recently restored my hackintosh because of a HHD failure, after getting everything working (so I thought) I let my computer sleep and realized the audio was very low. The audio works correctly if I don't put it to sleep. I copied the S/L/E, EFI, and S/L/ folders from the old drive, so...
  8. aimnesium

    Mojave Sleep Issues (Instant Wake up/Reboot)

    Hello there, I set up a Hackintosh and almost everything seems to work well except the sleep mode. When I click on "Sleep", the displays switch off and 10s later shortly before sleeping the fans of my Vega 64 get very loud for about 3 seconds. After that, everything is silent for 1-2 seconds and...
  9. oneghost

    Gigabyte z270n Gaming 5, Intel i7-7700T - few issues

    Hello. I have installed Catalina on Gigabyte z270n Gaming 5 with Intel i7-7700T. It's working pretty good, but still there are a few issues that I would like to resolve. If you have any suggestions on what I could try with any of these, please let me know. 1. Sleep/Wake issue. After waking from...
  10. oneghost

    Gigabyte Z270N Gaming 5 + i7-7700T - Sleep/Wake

    Hi. I would love to have a working sleep/wake functionality in my Hackintosh with Gigabyte Z270N Gaming 5 + i7-7700T - Intel HD630. From what I read it should be possible, although I was not able to achieve this so far. Every time I try to wake the system up, I get a kernel panic. Is there...
  11. MrMarnic

    Fans keep running in sleep mode

    Hello, on my hackintosh nearly everything is working. The only thing that bothers me is the not completely working sleep. When I put the hackintosh into sleep the screen goes black but the fans keep running. I hope you can help me.
  12. kali2000

    Laptop reboots when use HDMI

    @RehabMan Hi again... I'm update my old config.plist to patch my laptop with new methods... all work fine. Only I have a little problem with may HDMI connection, when use it my laptop reboots. Please see you my problem reporting files and tell me... Thanks in advance. PD. I've noticed that I...
  13. JaySmith123

    Hackintosh repeatedly turns on and off when logging out or putting to sleep

    It does not shut down though. It's almost as if it puts itself to sleep (even if I just log out) and then 2-3 seconds later, it turns itself back on and then turns itself back off a few more seconds later. I am running High Sierra. Specs: Intel Core i5-8600K Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 (rev...
  14. JannisKe

    Solved > HELP: XDCI HDAS → no or short sleep

    FIXED :D Removed the _PWR methods of XDCI & HDAS in my DSDT and changed the _DSM methods to XDSM via Clover. I don't know which one of them fixed it or if both together were needed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But regardless as soon as I activated Thunderbolt 3 in UEFI It worked:D. I know this thread is only...
  15. johnyg07

    HP Spectre - Laptop hangs after wake from sleep - no display

    Hi, I am facing problem with my HP spectre. I had Mojave then I upgraded to Catalina but there were several issues. So I restored the CCC backup of mojave. I upgraded the BIOS and had to redo the patching. Now I have everything working except the after wake from sleep - the screen is blank and...
  16. Ignis385

    Mojave 10.14.6 on GA-H170N + i3 7100 HD630

    Hy, this is me first Hackintosh project, so I'm doing lot of reading and learning. I have few problems with me system. First is that sleep is not working. It goes to sleep every time, but when I wake it from sleep it doesn't turn on monitor, it just restart it self and show kernel panic. Sleep...
  17. LionsHead

    Sleep/Wake issues Mac18,3 Mojave & Catalina

    Hey all! Another newbie here with sleep/wake issues. I've been working on this for a week and none of the fixes have worked. Time to post my own thread, I suppose. Here is the laydown: 1) Initial: got Mojave up and running more than a month ago w/clover - everything worked great! Even sleep...
  18. scottperezfox

    Solved > Sleep/Wake problems after macOS update

    Hi gang. I'm posting a help request after lots of research on the existing threads. Like many others, I'm having Sleep and Wake issues. Thanks in advance for helping a fellow Hackintosher. Same hardware since January 2019, but recently updated to macOS 10.14.6 after several weeks of ignoring...
  19. dmsmith90

    Solved > Asus z390-A won't boot with USB Installer / Shut down / sleep issues

    I'm hoping to get some help with my first hackintosh build. With the help of pastrychef and a EFI folder he provided, I was able to get Mojave installed but I keep running into a few consistent errors. My last few days have been: I find a thread that's similar, try the suggestions, it works for...
  20. retrome1

    Solved > Laptop hangs/lag after waking from sleep

    Hi guys, I really need your help. My Dell Laptop (3567) freezes, lags for a few seconds (5-10) after sleep, and then comes back to normal. It happens only when laptop sleeping more than 5 minutes. How to fix this issue? Any ideas?