1. apetty24

    RTL 8169 not recognized - El Capitan

    I've been having trouble setting up the ethernet on my hackintosh build. I built it out of an old desktop and installed a PCI ethernet card. I've tried various drivers and kexts but in system profiler it says that there doesn't seem to be any PCI cards installed. When I run DPCI it shows that...
  2. gitboy

    Realtek audio card not working

    Hi, I'm relatively new in the Hackintosh world, and I can feel lucky because most of the parts of my pc works, except for the audio, in fact I can't connect headphones to the jack because it doesn't work. I can't find my Realtek Audio Card name because I don't see it, also with a research of...
  3. fiuskiz

    RTL 8101E on 10.8.5

    Hello! I have a HP G42-240br with Mountain Lion 10..8.5 installed, but the network card does not work with any kext tested RTL81xx, RTL1000s, RGN2.0.6For10.7 nothing. Wanted a help to solve this problem. If you need some let me know which print you will arrange. the Kext Utility to show me the...
  4. Clovel

    Kext Patching Attempt : RTL8190 (TRENDNET TEW-643PI N 300MB)

    Hello ! I have this WiFi card, the TEW 643 PI N from Trendnet, and would like to make it work on my Hackintosh. I looked for kexts or patches without success. So I was wondering if it could be possible to patch an existing kext myself for this chipset to work. I have the Realtek chip...