1. NMAN124

    Internet recovery, ROM only?

    Do you need a legit Apple ROM/firmware to do internet recovery, just like you need legit Apple hardware to use Target Disk Mode? (trying to recover corrupted OS X ssd that was in my hackintosh, i thought maybe if i stuck it in a real mac, it might be able to use internet recovery, since i've...
  2. jonathanpaulpano

    Using cloned MLB and ROM values on 2 hackintoshes

    I cloned my MLB and ROM values on my macbook to my hackintosh desktop for a year now and I'm building my father a hackintosh tomorrow. I just want to ask if I can use the same MLB and ROM values on my macbook and hackintosh to a new hackintosh that I'm building tomorrow. So to simplify, can I...
  3. jonathanpaulpano

    Dual booting 2 OS X Versions

    Hi guys, I'm running 10.11.5 on my 500gb HDD and I have a spare HDD laying around in my cabinet. Is it possible to install 10.9.5 on the other using the same serial, MLB and ROM values on my working El Capitan? Is it going to have an effect on apple's database devices ( I...
  4. shakakoa

    MAC APP STORE ERROR - MLB and ROM keep resetting after restart.

    I have been trying to get my MAS to work the last 10 days and have tried all of the steps listed in this guide: But i keep inserting my MLB, ROM and S/N as per the guide in Clover Configurator and then save if back to the...
  5. jaymonkey

    How to Fix iMessage

    Guide: How to Fix iMessage Version 2.1 OSX & AppleID Configuration Initial Public Release: 25th February 2015 Re-Formatted: May 2017 More Info iMessage Status: GREEN (iMessage is working with self-generated MLB & ROM Values as per-guide) Check Apple's On-Line Services Status Welcome ... To...
  6. woktov

    Having Boot Problems

    So here is what happened: I installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard using iBoot. Then I followed all the steps up to MultiBeast and restarted the computer. Won't restart- That's the problem. So here is the details: Whenever I start it up it says "nvidia rom patcher failed". I then tried Linux to see...
  7. wildgrem

    error: nvidia rom patching failed - EVGA 560 ti

    Hi! I havnt been able to find a solution yet, I'm running an Intel i7 3770k Ivybridge 1155 on a Z77 X UD5H Mobo and my video card is an EVGA GTX 560 ti. Been able to boot up 10.8.2 without the graphics card installed but as soon as I install it, its no good. Quicktime also does not work...