1. JoaquinSanchiz

    [Help] - Stable raid0 system broken - "No symbol" boot error

    Hello! Recently I had some trouble with the video on my computer that I couldn't fix so I decided to give it to a profesional computer store in order to fix it. After they solved it (it was only a bad connexion due to dirt) I started to get freezer booting verbose mode at "Legacy shim 2"...
  2. magno.editor

    Recognize Raid 0 in bootloader

    I have a raid 0 mounted on the mount lion when I'm going to install the sierra as a new system, it's just the "boot entries" screen. When I turn off raid 0 there I can do the normal installation, any tips for the bootloader to recognize the raid? Thanks!
  3. leezee

    Custom Watercooled Asus x99-A Usb3.1 / 5820k / GTX 980ti - El Capitan 10.11.6

    I've been building Hackintoshes for like 7 years. But I've always hated the struggle with x99 since my last one 2 years ago so I gave up and I started this Custom water-cooled build as a winter project this past Feb.2016. Bending tubes, installing rads and water blocks. You can watch my whole...
  4. carmelovazzana

    SSD RAID TRIM problem.

    [HELP] SSD RAID TRIM problem. Hi everyone, as you can see from my configuration i've installed 2x Sandisk x300 512GB SSD's, the old one i use for OSX is already configured to support trim, but the new RAID is still un-configured, how should i proceed? Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  5. bluedreams

    SSD Raid Yosemite + SSD Install Windows 7 using Cover

    Hi there I have three SSD's - all 250 GB. I already have a fully functioning Yosemite install on one SSD. This was done using Clover. I am trying to now achieve the following two things... 1. I am trying to RAID 0 two SSD's into one faster SSD of 500 GB, on which I'd like to copy the current...
  6. ItsMyNaturalColour

    Can't Get GTX 960 to boot on my RAID0 Hackintosh:(

    Hey everyone, got a frustrating one here. I finally managed to get set up with RAID 0 SSDs on my Hackintosh (2 x Samsung 850 Pro 128GB) and I got everything working swimmingly with integrated graphics (4600 on 4770, Gigabyte Z97m-D3H). I'm on 10.10.3 so I proceeded to download the Nvidia web...
  7. Corrados

    RAID0 - I can't do it with two WD 3TB RED HDD >HELP<

    I have OSX Maverics on SSD drive. I try build RAID0 with two internal SATA connected WD 3TB RED drives, but I cant do it. First I format them to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with ZERO OUT DATA option. Before that, when I mark my WD 3TB RED drives in Disk Utility, I cant see RAID option for them...
  8. iMatter

    Need a RocketRaid for Yosemite

    Hey dudes. First time caller, long time listener. So, building a Hackintosh and I could not get raid 0 to work for me (4 120GB-SSD's) following this video ( ) I did everything correctly (I think) and booting was hell as it freezes after 5-10...
  9. samsunix

    raid 0 - boot problem...

    Hi! I just installed Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on my small pc-rig I have. First I did was open disk tool and make software raid 0 array from my four ssd drives like so: Then I continued installation normally. Only problem I have so far is that I cant boot my hackintosh without that damn...
  10. mrksnk

    Multibeast 6.0.0 not updating bootloader

    [SOLVED] Multibeast 6.0.0 not updating bootloader Hi all not sure if I am completely missing the point but I after the upgrade to Mavericks I can only boot via Unibeast on USB. Everything is working fine but I can't seem to upgrade the existing version of Chimera. Copied the old...
  11. Cgarsil

    Setting up raid0 on mac os x/Win7 Dual boot

    I want to build a hackintosh but i am unsure of how to set up raid0, i will have 3 ssd one for mac osx, one for Windows7 and supposedly one for the raid0 but when i look at guides and videos it shows that you have to use 2 ssd in order to set up the raid0 for mac osx. So my question is can i...
  12. esix

    Intel 7 Series MB and Raid0 Trim

    Hello, I'm planing to upgrade my hardware to the new 7 series (z77 or x79) and I'm wondering if TRIM works on RAID0 in Mountain Lion. My curent setup is on a old platform (x58, with a pci-e asm 106x card) and I'm using a single ssd. Trim works like a charm, Mountain Lion is pretty fast, and so...
  13. boniac

    Help with hardware RAID controller for 2 x 256Gb Samsung 840 and 2 x 4Tb Seagate Barracud 7200 RPM

    Hello all ye forum users of! Right now I am doing research about my a setup of harddrives for my video editing suite. Specifications of the computer: Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro4-M Processor: Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.5 Ghz Memory: 32GB Corsair Vegeance 1600 Mhz Graphics: EVGA...