1. t0mmen

    How can i get audio on hackintosh z370-f

    Ive tried to follow this guide: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/lepus48s-asus-strix-z370-f-with-i7-8700k-rx-570-2x-4k-monitors.240736/ (he has almost same specs as me) I just have a newer cpu But the onboard audio doesnt seem to work, i get audio options like my monitor and my usb soundcard...
  2. GehKnuth

    My PC compatible?

    I wonder if my machine is compatible with any of the Yosemite Systems, Mountai Lion or Marverick? My computer has the following configuration: motherboard H81M-E33 Processor: Intel G3260 RAM: 4Gb Video card: GS 7100 or Onboard HD: 500 Gb Who can give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Kyler

    Hackintosh m-ITX.. What Wifi+bluetooth card do I switch to?

    I'm slightly confused about how to go about replacing the wifi card on my Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi m-ITX motherboard. First off, I'm looking at these two chips AzureWave Half Mini PCIE 1 and AzureWave Half Mini 2. I'm thinking the first will be better as it's cheaper yet still has better reviews with...
  4. 92Peter

    GA-Z97N-WIFI no Bluetooth

    Hi! I finally managed to install Yosemite on my new Hackintosh with onboard Graphics (Intel 4600). Everything works fine besides the onboard Bluetooth. But it should work right? I know that Wifi won't. Can somebody help me out what to do? Thanks for any help!
  5. LucasRussi

    Yosemite no bluetooth, can't connect magic mouse - GA-H87N-WIFI

    Today I installed Yosemite in my build and I don't seem to get bluetooth to appear in Network, under preferences. I was previously running Mavericks, in which I had my bluetooth and mouse working fine. I'm using the onboard bluetooth 4.0 that comes with the motherboard listed in the title of...
  6. danvacht

    Need Help with onboard graphics on GA-Z87M-D3H Motherboard...HELP

    Hi All, I have a motherboard GA-Z87M-D3H, i also updated to OSX 10.9.4. I want to get the graphics card to work but it isn't, it keeps getting recognised at a 5mb. i tried to replace Azul, tried the method with EFIStudio. none have worked. Please if you know of a method please help me. Also...
  7. Agil1ty

    HDMI audio disabled onboard audio. Q45 / asus gt610

    I've installed mavericks 10.9 on my dc7900 sff. Specs: Intel E8400 Mobo Q45/43 Intel chipset 4GB DDR2 Asus gt 610 (DVI/HDMI) Everything was working but video acceleration, including audio before adding a dedicated video card. So I bought a Asus gt 610. However, after enabling...
  8. Maccer90

    No hdmi audio on 8 series gigabyte hasswell motherboard with gtx 760

    Plz can someone give me help with this one, cuz i've tried every single thing but it does not work for me. Now i have set onboard audio to enabled in my BIOS and still it does not work either way, but i want to get audio from my graphics card because it is more easier for me that way. Please...
  9. moddage

    Intel HD graphics 4000 not working, HELP!

    Intel HD graphics 4000 not working, Tried Everything, (yes i searched) HELP! I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LK mobo,i7-3770k CPU with HD 4000. I'm Running Mavericks. Mavericks is updated, latest BIOS from ASUS patched for speedstep. Latest boot loader. This was a functional system with my...
  10. flame757

    Problems mitx hackintosh (hd 2500) ML

    Hello guys, First, this forum is amazing, when i built my first hackintosh (3770k, gtx 650) i had some problems and after taking a look here, i got it all stable. Everything is working for almost a full year. So, i was asked to get another hack done, this time a budget mini itx build...
  11. smg4life01

    Installing Mavericks with 7950 GPU

    Hi there everyone I'm wanting to make my PC a Hacintosh and just wanted to find some answers due to the fact is that I'm running an AMD 7xxx series video card and just wanting to find out if it is possible to do this without an problems with having onboard graphics or another graphics card to...
  12. Gnomit

    Mavericks Build freezes continuously

    Mavericks Build freezes continuously - solved Hey guys. I have build a new hackintosh, for installation I followed the hashwell guide by wildwillow and it worked perfektly without any problems or freezing. After booting mavericks, starting eg. safari and browsing arround, the system freezes...
  13. beiufin

    AsRock Z77 Pro4: Onboard and Discrete graphics clash.

    Hey I have a AsRock z77 Pro4 with a i5-3570k. I am running 10.9. My computer only boots when the BiOS is configure to Onboard graphics. Otherwise it has a kernel panic at the apple logo. I would like to be able to boot with my discrete card and do not plan on using HD4000 graphics any time...
  14. nChemicals

    Hackintosh Compatibility with GA-Z87X-UD5 TH

    I am new to the Hackintosh Community and would like to get some expert opinions on my build. I am specifically concerned about the compatibility of the GA-Z87X-UD5 TH with Mac OS X: Does the onboard WiFi and Bluetooth work with OS X? If not out-of-the-box is there a way to make it functional...
  15. INFMISR34

    HDMI Audio instead of Onboard

    my dilemma is this, I was lucky enough to be able to install OSX Mavericks without a hitch and everything working without modification all expect one thing which was audio, my board is a G41C-GS with onboard audio as VT1705 Audio Codec, I found a kext that also works perfectly, I can install it...
  16. ziNeLf

    OSX only boots onboard GPU - not nVidia GTX 560

    Hey there, thanks for this amazing site. I have installed Mountain Lion succesfully on my build. I have one slight problem. I had to use the onboard DVI on my motherboard to install OSX, by configuring the BIOS so it uses onboard on boot. I have dual monitor set up, one monitor is plugged...
  17. maddog

    Discrete & Onboard Graphics on multi monitor Help needed

    I hope someone can help? I have a GA-H67N-USB3-USB Intel Core i5 2500k ( HD3000 ) 8GB DDR3 Geforce 9800GT. Would like to enable both discrete and HD3000 to use on different monitors. So my 9800gt on my Dell monitor and the onboard HD3000 on my Samsung. I have looked about the...