1. XInflict

    Microphone from USB Headset Crackling Input

    So I have a generic USB Headset that outputs audio very well, but when it comes to the input from the mic, after 5 seconds using the mic, it starts to crackle and only stops after 40 seconds using the device. What could it be? On windows it does not happen. Other info is that my headset have a...
  2. SmartphoneFan

    Microphone always listening High Sierra

    Hi, i have this problem: the microphone is always on, and I can hear it from the speaker everywhere (if I'm on Safari, Launchpad, ecc..). But, if have to answer a call, or make video calls with FaceTime, the microphone not work. i installed VoodooHDA 2.8.8.pkg There is a fix? thanks
  3. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to disable internal microphone completely in Hackintosh?

    Hi I've used Mirone AppleHDA patcher 1.8 and now just wanna disable microphone via Clover/kext/cnofig.plist somehow. There should be a permanent way to disable it without losing sound of headphone/speaker.
  4. TheTurtl3

    [Solved] Runtime area error - Rode NT USB Microphone

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums - I was always able to figure things out myself but now I'm stuck with a small annoying problem. Basically I have a perfectly working htosh but every time I boot from clover with my RODE NT-USB Microphone plugged in, I get an Error (shown in...
  5. Wyderczak

    Mic is too quiet (high sierra)

    Hello, last time I created hackintosh and everything was fine except my mic. It's too quiet and due that I'm unable to speak on ex. Discord. Does somebody can help me? Specs: I7 6700 3.4 Ghz DDR3 2x8GB 1600Mhz ASRock B150M PRO4S/D3
  6. Owod

    [solved] ALC255 no microphone with layout 27

    Laptop: Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-59UW System: 10.12.6 I didnt know my audio codec name so i get it by AppleHDAPatcher app - Realtek ALC255. I tried to use VoodooHDA before, but sound is so quiet sound, that's why i decide to use AppleALC+Lilu (last versions). Problem: i start to change layouts...
  7. joaogma

    Low Mic Volume (H270N-WIFI)

    Hi! I have everything working regarding Audio for my Realtek 1220 chip, all the ports work great, including the front, but my Mic input (pink, from the motherboard) have low volume comparing to Windows (I set +20dB in Windows, +30dB via MIDI settings on Mac), and I don't know If something is...
  8. z553993920

    Microphone in earpods dosen't work.

    The speaker works perfectly, but the mic dosen't. I've installed ALC887/888b kext in Mutibeast, and the Sound appears like above.What's more, I insert my earpod in the green port. Thanks in advance!

    Speakers working microphone not?

    Hello guys, i have following problem: I have installed alc888 and the Sound is working but my microphone is not give sound to my OS X but I can hearing my voice in headphones but the Input Level going high. Can anyone help me? Sorry for my bad English
  10. nevon

    No Microphone ALC887

    Hello everyone, I have successfully installed macOS Sierra on my desktop machine. Everything works good except my microphone. I have tried the rear and front but no one worked. My build: CPU: i7 3770k MB: ASUS P8H77-M GPU: Gainward nVidia GTX 760 SSD: Kingston 256GB I'm using UEFI Boot mode...
  11. nir.s

    Audio input not working on Sierra

    Hi, I recently got Sierra working on my new Hackintosh. I installed the ALC1150 and 100 series audio drivers through MultiBeast. The Audio out works but I have no input (I make a lot of Skype / Hangout calls). A weird observation - When I play some video, and I look in the Settings -> Sound...
  12. Blackeye42

    ALC 892 - microphone issues

    I have recently installed Sierra in my desktop pc. My audio codec is ALC892. The following issue is a little wierd. When I start a Skype call the front mic stops working after while (system preferences -> sound -> input -> input level bar is not moving). I have to unplug it and plug it in order...
  13. Oliv1208

    Microphone Issues

    Hi @RehabMan, Thanks to your perfect tutorial, i managed to make a perfect HackBook on my EliteBook 8470p. I have an issue with the mic, it seems to work but doesn't record what i say . I've tried to use QuickTime or online recorder to test, and it records like some noise. Do you have a...
  14. Perkka

    Microphone boost trough kext patches

    Is there any way to turn on microphone boost trough clover kext patches instead of manually doing it. It would be nice to be able to update the os without the need to patch the appleHDA only for a higher microphone volume.
  15. remip

    Mic Audio input OOB

    Hi ! There is a mic device that work oob for an audio input. I will use siri for Sierra, but i haven't microphone actually. Thanks !
  16. GamerVI

    microfone not working why ?

    Hello , I have on my laptop GE70 2PE Apache pro Hackintosh El Capitan , sound works but that does not work my microfone why not working ?. ich have the alc892. sorry my english is not best. :/
  17. colinzeal

    Mac like Microphone

    Hi All Now that Sierra is nearly upon us, I'd like to buy a microphone to make use of Siri. However, nearly every microphone that I see are those used by YouTubers and look like the ones Elvis used: I'm looking for something small, discreet and looks like it's been designed by Apple. I...
  18. jcrcarmo

    [SOLVED] Built-in microphone on Logitech C920 webcam not working - El Capitan 10.11.5

    Hello everyone and greetings from Brazil! I've installed Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 on my desktop and it's working great! Now, the only problem I'm having is that the built-in microphone on my Logitech C920 web camera is not recognized by the system. The only thing that shows up on System...
  19. kosakgroove

    [Help] HDMI audio and Microphone, HD4400, After sleep

    Hello friends, I come to ask for help, hoping that someone will help me a little, My first Hackintosh in the signature is 98% complete, I fixed several problems with the Bluetooth and USB in the DSDT and have fixed some problems fan and things that did not work after suspension. We are close to...
  20. kosakgroove

    [Help] Realtek ALC 233 Very low Mic level

    Hi guys! I got sound working in the first laptop in signature thanks to Mirone and his patched AppleHDA for ALC233. Then a nifty user helped me enable the internal microphone in my AppleHDA, because not even Mirone managed to after two tries. Now it works, but it is at a very low volume. This is...