1. kajkac

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9343 Sierra

    This is a guide for the Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015 Model), it is a work in progress but the information contained should get you to a working install of macOS. My aim with this configuration is to keep it as simple as possible, nothing unnecessary is installed and everything is kept clean and as...
  2. ionutn

    Will my pc work with Mac OS X?

    I want to install OS X El Capitan on my pc. My specs : Motherboard : FUJITSU D3041-A1 CPU : Intel Xeon E5450 @3.00Ghz RAM : 8 GB DDR3 @ 1066Mhz Graphics : MSI Radeon HD5670 Cyclone 1GB DDR5 Storage : Western Digital 500GB...
  3. Renflexx

    Can't boot my pc from my usb and also my CD/DVD reader has stopped working

    Ok so, im really nervous and furious with the new Sierra Bootcamp partition, i wanted to create a partition for windows 10 (which i already have, even without having the windows system inside of it), i tried to install it by DVD, my DVD reader appears to be broken, it recognizes but after a...
  4. Christophkrasivaya

    Finally installed Mac OS X Sierra - No WiFi/ Sound

    I have a MSI GE 62 002 Apache GTX 965m 2gb i7-4790HQ 3.6GHz 8gb RAM MSI Motherboard Killer E2200 Ethernet Controller Intel 3160 DB wireless AC 240 GB Kingston SSD Chipset : Intel HM86 used clover bootloader Can anyone help me fix the WiFi and sound? I've already tried installing VoodooHDA...
  5. JonaR

    Is my PC Hackintosh compatible?

    Here are my Specs: Intel Core i7-4970 CPS @ 3.60GHz 8,00GB DDR3 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760 Mainboard MSI CSM-B85M-E45 (MS-7817) 2.0 If you Need more Information pls ask. I Need to know if El Captain or Sierra will work on this PC Thank you :)
  6. gabryele

    Clover multiboot hd option

    I have three HD withother operating system, Clover show me only the name "legacy hd1", "legacy hd2"... is possible that Clover is not able to read the simply label of a hard disk? To identify the HD I must remember the number? :thumbdown
  7. Spencer7220

    Can't download the installer

    I can't download the installer for macOS Sierra on my genuine Mac, so I can't really create a Unibeast bootable drive to use on other computers. I get the error shown below when I try to download it from the Mac App Store. Is there any way to get around this or download it from Apple another way?
  8. GokuUtku

    Can I install MacOS X 10.11 or 10.12 on my laptop?

    Hello, This is my first thread and I've been trying to install MacOS X (10.10 - 10.12) for almost a year and I honestly still don't know where to start. So I have a Packard Bell EasyNote TE69HW Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz, 2 Cores Uhm... I don't know if that's enough information or not...
  9. baronreaper

    Building my first hackintosh

    Hi Guys, I need advice on what i need to download/buy to get my pc to boot into mac os. I have been using windows forever but recently i had to use a macbook pro for around 2 weeks and i love the way it feels. Problem is, i do not have the money to splash on a new macbook or mac as living in...
  10. tnhl1989

    X220 / X220T Sierra Build Fully Functioning

    This is a great build so far. I have this running on two devices right now. Tablet stylus is even working which is awesome. Everything as posted on thanks to mcdonnelltech below THINKPAD X220 MACOS SIERRA PUBLIC BETA 10.12 INSTALLATION GUIDE is fully functioning correctly. Besides Trackpad...
  11. AryM10

    [solved] Help to Fix DSDT errors

    Hi, I never used a DSDT before. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.6 Well, I extracted a DSDT with Clover bootloader and converted a ''dsl'' with iasl binarie. I opened with MaciASL and when I tried compile show me this three errors: Thank you for your support! (sorry for my poor english, isn't my...
  12. MitulGolakiya

    Which Graphics card should I buy ?

    Hello, I want to use El Capitan 10.11.6 (and maybe mac os sierra later) on my windows machine & I have the following configuration: Intel i3 4150 or 4130 Gigabyte H81M-DS2 Kingston 120GB SSD My motherboard doesn't have DVI or HDMI port. so I read somewhere that I need a graphics card to make...
  13. leom4rtins

    This configuration of notebbok and compatible ?

    Dear friends station configurations below my notebook station able to be done hackintosh? - Intel Core i7 3740QM - Nvidia GeForce GTX 675MX - 4GB - Memory 32GB DDR3 - Corsair PC3-12800H (800Mhz) - Motherboard CLEVO P15xEMx - Chipset Intel - SSD 540 - HyperX (Kingstone) - 1 Tera hd Help me...
  14. valvator

    Flat iCons osx
  15. iZooMs

    I tried everything (I know) and I can't install El Capitan.

    I did everything just as guide says, I installed fundamental kexts, y tried tons and tons of boot args, updated the bios, unplug all drives except one of them (to install the OS ofc), changed settings at BIOS, etc, etc, etc. My components are: Gygabyte Geforce GTX 550 Ti Intel 1155 CORE i5 3550...
  16. bladzik

    Asus X555LJ Audio codec

    Hello guys, In attachment there is a txt with informations about my audio codec, to be honest im not sure which kext should i use and if thats necessary edit some dsdt/ssdt. Thanks for help, Peter.
  17. HunterS

    Can I modify after setting up?

    Hello guys, So I've purchased a MacBook Pro about three weeks ago and I am interested in making my first Hackintosh. One question I have, since I've never done anything with the Mac OS, is that if I set it all up and build it and get the OS running. Can I, say, add more RAM, or another SSD/HD...
  18. m.gabriel

    Help: Installing OS X (Pascal) and Ubuntu alongside Windows

    So, here's the deal, my job is video editing, and I use something called Final Cut Pro at work, I was told it's only on Macs but a friend told me about Hackintoshing so I came here. My dilemma is that I already run Windows 10 Pro on my PC and every tutorial pretty much says start from scratch, I...