legacy boot

  1. OleHackintosh98

    mac OS Catalina on i7-870 & Asus P7P55D

    Hey guys, I am very new to the Hackintosh world... Is it possible to run Catalina on my system? ASUS P7P55D i7-870 GTX 660 8 GB RAM 240GB Intenso I created a Bootstick via UniBeast (legacy mode, no Nvidia drivers)) and when I try to boot "Install Catalina" I get stuck on the Apple Logo :(
  2. waipeinan

    [Solved] BOOT0af error after third restart. X58 legacy

    Things were looking much better on this attempt on my X58 legacy bios board until the installer got to the 3rd (I think) restart at which point the clover options had changed, offering first.... boot FileVault prebooter from preboot. boot macos install prebooter from preboot. boot macOS from...
  3. Myron-1998-18

    can't reach installer

    Yesterday everything was working fine when I forgot something and had to do the hole thing again. But then all of a sudden it didn't work anymore. I can only reach clover and klick on external which is the usb. then the screen turns black and then the pc turns itself off. I tried verbose, safe...
  4. margusta

    El Capitan lockup/freeze when going to sleep with 82567V-2 nic

    Hi, I have succesfully installed OSX 10.11.6 with Clover legacy boot from BIOS and running smoothly now. I do have a problem, where, when putting the machine to sleep, the system tries to do just that, but apparently fails and freezes due to Intel 82567V-2 network controller and...
  5. AndriZZ

    Prohibited/stop sign after dual boot legacy

    So Sierra was running fine, decided to put windows on the same hdd too. Didn't know I'd need the Sierra boot usb after windows install so I had it wiped. Installed clover legacy boot on usb so I can access it, but it doesn't let me in. Goes up to 2/3 on the loading bar then stop sign appears...
  6. Fernando330

    Blank Screen after Selecting: "Install from USB"

    Hello! I am trying to install El Capitan on my new rig, and I have created my bootable USB through clover and selected the Legacy Boot Mode option. Once I plugged it in and selected the install from USB, my screen goes black and nothing happens. Where do I go from here? This is my first...
  7. ThatRedstoneGuy

    Hackintosh on Dell Latitude E6520 - Legacy boot - CLOVER

    Hello! So I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and I am attempting to load it up Hackintosh style. I am using the CLOVER bootloader. I can get to the boot screen and I can try to boot up Mac OS X El Capitan with verbose boot. After that I see the log printing up, but it just seems to fail after I boot...
  8. Calrec

    Ga ex58 ud3r rev 1.0 - Clover Legacy - best practice?

    Hello all, i have trouble with the post install fixes with this mainboard. Its the latest F11 bios. Anybody here got this mainboard working with clover in legacy mode and would like to share the config.plist? Also im wondering if the dsdt file is still needed with clover? I have downloaded the...
  9. chris_staite

    [SUCESS] El Capitan on BIOS-based GA-EX58A-UD3R

    I was struggling to get a working boot after installing El Capitan on my previously working machine. I could boot from the USB but after installing Clover Legacy-Root or Clover Legacy the HFS option to boot from the El Capitan drive disappeared. I think this has something to do with the boot1h...
  10. henfish

    Help Setting up Windows and Mac OS X in Clover

    So I have been spending a ton of time trying to dual boot Mac OS X Yosemite and Windows 10 Preview. At first, I tried using unibeast and multibeast without any success. I could not boot up once. After a coupe days, I decided to try clover to install Mac OS X and it works great! I then installed...