keyboard and mouse

  1. Mero-CR

    Keyboard + Mouse deactivated

    Hello Guys, this is the first time i have installed Hackintosh, i have installed Catalania. everything was working perfect untill i upgaded to Big sur. after the upgrade, it rebooted and im now stuck on the Login Screen with a deactivated mouse and keyboard. im a noob in Mac OS i have never...
  2. markiitwo

    macOS Big Sur 11.1 OpenCore keyboard & mouse not working

    Hi everyone! That's not my first hackintosh build, and I had no issues with OpenCore by now, so here's the problem: Installer starts from USB drive, it loads with no errors (basically, I couldn't find any of them in logs), and at installation screen I can't get keyboard and mouse working. I've...
  3. xpredatorz

    Post installation Hackintosh Catalina

    Hello All ! I'am new here and need some help. I had a hackintosh Mojave which worked very fine. I made a fresh install Catalina but many problems needed to be fix : I tried for 3 days to resolve them but no chance. First pb is that MacOs showing 7 mb at display, audio not working, keyboard...
  4. Xpose

    Please Help: Keyboard stops working randomly Mojave

    Hi all, first of all this problem is driving me nuts. I can't get over it and honestly is very annoing. The keyboard is not working properly. Randomly when I type a text fields, for instance the spacebar, the keyboard start typing like : "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\..." without any end. KB...
  5. pinyonet

    Mouse/Keyboard lost

    After charge the first bar with the Apple logo, after boot, there is coming a animation message with the apple mouse saying that I need to connect it, someone with the same issue or know how to fix it? My keyboard and mouse are off when happen this. Thanks
  6. devildogwillbur

    GT72-2QE Haswell Running Mojave... No keyboard/mouse or wifi

    A few years back i tried installing High Sierra. I have always been a windows pc fan. BUT i am a graphic designer, and I am now using an Ipad, so slowly moving towards Mac os by hackintoshing it I have no idea what I am doing with Kext or mac for that matter.. so the more info you can provide...
  7. wowoowowo

    [Solved] When computer sleeps I cannot wake it up

    Hello, whenever my hackintosh starts sleeping I cannot wake it up via power button, keyboard or mouse
  8. N8261D

    USB Keyboard Mouse not working at boot

    I have tried using @trs96 guide for the Optiplex 7010 with HD 4000 Graphics and I have High Sierra installed on my Hackintosh and Graphics are working. The only problem I am having, is that 9/10 that I boot into the system, I cannot use my USB keyboard and mouse. I know they are getting power...
  9. krishnapal

    Mouse and keyboard not working

    mouse and keyboard not working if this DSDT is placed in efi/clover/acpi/patched
  10. SkyLinx

    BCM20702A0 and bluetooth support in BIOS/Clover

    Hi! I have a bluetooth Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Mouse which are working fine in High Sierra once the system has booted into the OS. However, these devices are not working in the BIOS or in the Clover menu; for now I have set the Clover timeout to 5 seconds so that at least it boots by...
  11. Astoli

    El Capitan USB not working

    Hello everyone ... I am a Mavericks owner on an old PC and now tired of the Mavericks graphics I decided to move to El Capitan. I can not go to Sierra because the CPU does not have SSE4.1. Once installed El Capitan on a partition of the hard disk I am going to start it through Clover and once...
  12. VinzCastle

    Stuck on login

    Hello everybody, I have a problem to log in in my hackintosh due to a malfunction of the keyboard and mouse. They light up, but don't work. In BIOS, i already disable XCHI to have the full working of USB 2.0, but at the same way, no one of the ALL USB can't do working properly the keyboard and...
  13. delicious

    NVIDIA 1080 4K display Black screen on wake from Sleep (iMac 17,1)

    EDIT: I no longer have the black screen problem, only the unresponsive keyboard. Hi, I'm using a brand new Asus Z170 pro gaming Wifi, i7 6700K and NVIDIA GTX 1080 with iMac 17,1 definition. I use it with an LG 4K monitor over Displayport. I can sleep no problem but on wake I see a backlit...
  14. GreyWullf

    Keyboard & Mouse Compatibility

    Good day and thank you for reading my post. I am preparing to build a Custom Mac Pro using an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Motherboard with an Intel i7-7700K CPU. Its definitely overkill for my use but might as well given the pricing. My questions relate to the use of the keyboard & mouse during...
  15. checcocaputo

    Strange issue with Magic Mouse 2 and Keyboard

    Hello, since the first time i bought the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2, I have this problem! When I connect the mouse and keyboard to my hackintosh the battery is low, so the devices don't work: but when I connect the same device to my iPhone (in this case the Apple Keyboard) the device...
  16. rajk09

    I cant Use ps2 mouse and keyboard while installing sierra on my pc

    I am installing sierra on my pc but i cant use ps2 mouse and keyboard bootloader is clover and its simply boots i just select -v and its good to go for me...can u plz help me about
  17. Texangeek

    Wireless Keyboard Won't Connect to New Build Machine

    This may be somewhat of a stupid question so please forgive my ignorance. I have put together a new machine that uses an ASRock H170M itx/ac motherboard and have managed to get the machine to the point where you can enter the BIOS (F2). I cannot however get my wireless keyboard (Logitech K350)...
  18. buhdeuce67

    I just need these questions answered

    Hi, I have a few questions that I think may solve my problems. First of all, is it better to have a macOS only system or to have a dual-booting system? I would prefer to have a dual-booting system, but I would really like macOS if I had to have a single-boot system. Second thing, how do I solve...
  19. romsfreak

    [solved] Trackpad recognized as Mouse

    Hi, I've installed Sierra 10.12.3 successfully and everything works fine, incept of trackpad and keyboard. In the trackpad preference panel doesn't show it and so I think it is recognised as mouse (and I can't scroll or everything else). Also in the keyboard preference panel I can't edit...
  20. lgwells1

    HP Z600 Sierra USB Ports Not Recognized

    Recently upgraded my Z600 from El Capitan to Sierra. Everything is great except for USB ports, it does not see that I have a mouse/keyboard plugged in. The keyboard functions as in intended, the mouse is not working correctly. I am using a Razer DeathAdder Chroma, and if I click on anything...