1. soso38

    HD 3000 problem

    Hi! I ve got a problem with my Hackintosh. I ve successfully installed High Sierra on a All In One computer but im not able to have my graphic card fully fonctionnal (no acceleration). My processor is an Intel i5 2410m; Intel HD3000; 8gb ram; 1080p screen integrated. If anyone could help me...
  2. ZakKurasov

    MSI-B250 dual monitor with internal graphics

    I have just installed macOS High Sierra, everything works with, but second monitor connected via HDMI didn't found. How can I add HDMI support to my hackintosh?
  3. loulou21310

    Acer Aspire V3-574TG-58LC

    Hello, Excuse me for my bad english (I'm French) :) First, I'd like to know if my Acer Aspire V3-574TG-58LC is compatible (i5-5200u, 4Gb of RAM, GT940M 4Gb VRAM, Sandisk 120Gb...) ? I've tried to install High Sierra one year ago but successless. I've tried with, without Mac, with Unibeast...
  4. JohnA138

    Hi, would this build work for a Hackintosh to run either Sierra or High Sierra?

    Motherboard: Asus H110M-A Socket1151. CPU: Intel Core i5-7500. RAM: Crucial DDR4 16GB 2400MHz Ballistix Sport LT C16 GPU: Gigabyte N105TG1 GAMING-4GD GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gaming. PSU: Antec VP-600P. SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 128GB. HDD: WD 1TB Green. Case: Coolermaster N400. Monitor: BenQ GL2460. Does it...
  5. Nattias123

    High Sierra Installer; Sudden Black Screen after 60% Load Apple Logo

    Hello Everyone; I just bought a bunch of parts for my desktop and upgraded to coffee lake. I've been loving it so far on Windows; I just switched over from my old beast of a Mac Pro 2009 in hope that I can Convert over to Hackintosh. Setting up the USB Drive was a nightmare; once successful each...
  6. easb

    Future of the hackintosh?

    Guys, I have a concern about the future of the hackintosh after having heard the news that apple may leave intel. What do you think? Greetings to all
  7. JustAniMac

    [High Sierra] Stuck at Apple Logo using ROG Rampage v Edition 10

    Hi, I have created my USB installer using the UniBeast v8.x.x provided by TonyMacx86. Everything went 100%. Although when I tried to boot into the USB Launcher that worked, when I hit "Boot from install USB" it opens the installer and it either gets stuck at the Apple logo or it will display...
  8. JustAMoose

    Having Trouble Getting HD Graphics to Work

    I've been working on this for hours. My system is currently running High Sierra with Intel HD 4000 graphics. I cannot for the life of me get the system to recognize more than 4 mb of VRAM. Can someone walk me through this? P.S. I think I've formatted my profile/signature correctly but if not...
  9. Draque

    Reboot on Sleep - 8700K / NZXT N7 Motherboard / 1080Ti

    I posted this originally on another thread and @RehabMan suggested I post it on here. I've been trying to get my build to go to sleep for weeks. I don't have a baseline to share anymore but I've pretty much done everything I can think of. The problem is the it basically goes to sleep and...
  10. RyanKluff

    Intel UHD 630 Graphics problem with 10.13.4 Update

    Intel UHD 630 graphics problem, Before this update (on 10.13.3) I was able to have my graphics work perfectly and let me scale to 4k on my dell Dell P2715Q monitor just fine with the intelgraphcisfixup, lilu and coredisplayfixup kexts. Now after the update, Im back to the same problem I had...
  11. citydog123

    Is my PC Hackintoshable?

    Specs: Intel Core i5-2400 CPU Intel HD Graphics 2000 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 2ABF Foxconn Motherboard If it isn’t compatible, will buying an Nvidia GeForce GT 710 make it compatible? I am very new to this so please be patient if I am slow at understanding your comments. Thanks in advance for any...
  12. makkieduo

    [closed] Intel High Definition Audio not working with yosemite installation

    Hi, I have a macbook running yosemite OS but the Audio chip is not recognised, hence, the audio control isn't working. I have attempted Clover and Voodoo but these didn't work also, is there an audio driver that works well with yosemite, say a .dmg file. I would appreciate contribution from...
  13. Sourabh290292

    Need help to Buy New Motherboard

    hi i M planning to buy motherboard and Cpu I7 8700k.. So which of the following motherboards shall i prefer to buy for installling High Sierra Gigabyte B360H D3h Gigabyte H370M D3h Gigabyte Z370m D3h For Graphics What Should is Use.I have these following options Nvidia 710 Nvidia GT 1030