intel hd 4400

  1. ericfunk

    gigabyte brix gb-bxi3h-4010 - graphics and wifi support

    I recently bought the suggested system for a Customac Nano. The brick is up and running now with Yosemite 10.10.2, but with graphics and wifi issues. Are there specific steps or a guide for this system, that I can follow? The intel hd 4400 is recognised but shows up as having 5 megs og ram. I...
  2. arqueox

    update Yosemite 10.10.2 problems. any ideas?

  3. tomlmurray

    Intel HD4400 Not Recognised and only 4mb of ram.

    Hi, As a newbie to the Hackingtosh world I wanted to install MAC alongside my current Windows 8.1. I have successfully managed to achieve this and can dual boot between them both. However Mac Yosemite is virtually unusable because the graphics card is not recognised instead it is calling it...
  4. rafaelcalisboa

    Intel HD 4400 without QE/CI, and hardware acceleration

    (First of all, I am Brazilian and my english is very bad, if something does not make sense is because I'm stupid) Hello, I have a Dell I14 - 3442 with an Intel 4210U processor, and Intel HD Graphics 4400, my problem is I can not get graphics acceleration, I'm using Chameleon, sought enough as...
  5. phaberest

    10.9 on Sony Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321L2EB

    Hi people! In the last two days I tried to get things done on my Vaio Duo 13 and I think I'm at a good point already. Hardware Configuration: CPU: Intel i5-4200u (Haswell) IGFX: Intel HD Graphics 4400 1024MB (got QE/CI working thanks to Clover injection) RAM: 4GB soldered HDD: PCI SAMSUNG...
  6. haraldosx

    Intel HD 4400 and Mountain Lion.

    Hi. I've got a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus with an i5 4200u processor. I run OSX 10.8.5 in VMWare 10. Is there any way to get the intel HD 4400 graphics working? Thanks in advance.