1. Pepe12

    High Sierra Installation

    Hello I’m new into this so recently I created a bootable USB (Hackintosh High Sierra ) but when I try to install it on my computer it gets stuck in language and (it’s so extremely slow) and sometimes I can pass the “language “ and when it’s installing it gets stuck at 16 minutes remaining.
  2. igormuniz22

    Help Making My Hmac

    my current configuration and this one: Core i74770k MSI Z97m G3 16gb ram ddr3 1600mhz Corsair Rx 480 8gb 2 ssd 240gb 1 hd 1tb I'm having a hard time doing this installation if anyone has any tutorials or something they can do I appreciate it
  3. marousis

    HP 4340s Mojave Error trying to install from USB

    Hi everyone, After multiple tries i turn to you for help. I have tried any solution available, but it seems I get the same error. I tried the FakeSMC (all of them, one by one & all together), changing the config.plist file to Inject all kexts, even tried to change the SMBios to the closest one...
  4. taylorleach

    High Sierra is installed but won't boot without USB

    i5-8400 z370 itx/ac I went through and made my USB with unibeast and got High Sierra installed on my internal SSD. It will not boot without the USB stick as it will just load the apple logo and just reboot. Strange things are happening as well including my boot selector in the bios screen is...
  5. Rdanler

    [Solved] ERROR fixed.. Couldn't copy apfs.efi... unibeast 8.3.0

    This is fixed using #19 in link below
  6. kevdechef

    I need help with the installation

    I need help, what is the problem? IMG_20180222_213808 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM IMG_20180222_213756 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM Gigabyte z370n wifi Intel i3 8100
  7. LAtechniker

    Sierra Install getting Stuck at Apple Logo

    Hi all. Upgrading from Yosemite to Sierra didn't work so I gave up after trying every single command and created a bootable USB as described here to wipe my SSD and install Sierra from scratch...
  8. WileE39

    Installations hangs after 1 minute

    Ok hi smart people! First ever pc build, lifelong Mac user. I did everything verbatim from this glorious site, problem starts 1 minute in to the actual installation. It comes back with a message that Mac OS X cannot be installed on this machine , and to hold down D at startup to run a program...
  9. mikevr29

    [SOLVED] App wont install in Sierra Hackintosh but it will install in "regular" Sierra

    OK, here is the deal. I have an Alesis Mixer that i use for recordings, with my OLD Mac Mini it works FINE... Mac Mini is on Sierra, by the way to get the software mixer working I have to disable SIP, which I have also done in my Hackintosh build. The Alesis Mixer is detected -in my Hackintosh...
  10. Piero2411

    Driver Gigabyte z170xp-sli

    Hi i have to install mac osx on a pc but i don't know what can i do for install the driver audio video exct... I USE A GRAPHICS CARD ON MOTHERBOARD. I DON'T USE OTHER GPU Motherboard is a Gigabyte z170xp-sli Thanks for the help
  11. johnbgood

    Help for finish my installation

    Hi friends ! I posted a little month ago to help me make my hackintosh I have advanced a lot but I was forced to install windows 10 to satisfy a sales order. 1 month to work under windows, despite the efforts provided by microsoft makes you regret osx, suddenly it is more calm for me I would...
  12. AppleCK

    Sierra install problem circle with slash

    I tried to install mac os sierra but all i get is an circle with an / in it (see picture) if i want to install it I followed the legit guide and set al the setting even when i remove my gpu it still doesn't want to boot! My hardware: i7 4790k - not overclocked atm gigabyte z87-hd3 16gb ram 1600...
  13. somthingdfferent

    Mavericks installation ruined by Paragon HFS+, any ideas on how to repair?

    Problem: hackintosh wouldnt boot past apple logo. So we put clover on a usb tried to repair the mac ssd and this error popped up (see attachments or this link) Any ideas? original post from ******
  14. QuackyChan

    Can't find /mach_kernel usb instal failure

    So I tried installing Yosemite. Using the latest unibeast and multibeast, got to language select and instal was aborted for some reason. Rebooted and now it won't load period, just black screen and "can't find /mach_kernel. My system specs are: mobo: Asrock z77 extreme4 CPU: i5 4690k stock...
  15. emanuelaemarco

    Lenovo Y50-70 help guide for correct installation Yosemite

    Hi, I need help installing Yosemite Lenovo Y50-70 UHD, I would need someone very patient to help me step by step. I tried using the new version of Clover UEFI, but I found many problems, I activated in the bios vga intel 4600 UHD but with the screen resolution is too high and when I install osx...
  16. Lazlo1

    To Multibeast or not to Multibeast?!

    Hello, I'm very inexperienced with all this, so please bare with me if this really basic/stupid question! I have checked and double checked various guides, but can't seem to work it out. Basically, I've managed to get Mountain Lion working with Unibeast on my Customac, but there is no sound or...