hp 8460p

  1. PlaidRadish

    HP 8460p Laptop/Clover

    Successfully completed HP EliteBook 8460p Yosemite build. I've seen several posters refer to using MultiBeast and Clover for HP laptops, but after using the Clover configurator, everything is functional, to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps, however, I am missing something. 1) Is it suggested...
  2. funnyguy1

    clover bootloader color distortion

    Hello, RehabMan, I took your advice and reinstalled everything with clover. My problem is after I did the hp probook installer and restarted it, the boot loader pops up perfectly and lets me select. Then when it is loading, like a quarter of the way through the screen distorts and nothing...
  3. funnyguy1

    Hp 8460p wifi help

    Hello, I have a compatible hp wifi card its the BCM943224HMS card. How do I get airport working? Do I use the hp probook installer? Can anyone conform this card? Also RehabMan if you are reading this, I finally got the unibeast boatloader working without having to plug in the flash drive. It...
  4. SLeTNty

    [HP 8460p] Mouse and Keyboard don't work during setup

    Dear all, I have installed Mavericks on HP 8460p using Unibeast. When setup USB, I choose "Laptop" and "Mavericks", did not choose "Legacy USB support" Everything is ok without hit boot flag; However, in the end, the installation asks me for keyboard and mouse to be connected. The keyboard and...
  5. jakebour

    HP 8460p + Probook Installer 6.1 + Docking Station = No Video Out

    I have been messing around with hackintosh on my 8460p. I had Mavericks running with a few issues and then found out about the pro book installer. Which is great. THis whole site is great. There are still a few issues after running the probook installer 6.1.11. The biggest issue is that...