hang at boot

  1. Andreaghisa

    MacOS High Sierra stops loading on boot

    I've been running High Sierra on an ASUS K550VX for 18 months without problems. I had problems with Logitech Control Center yesterday 'cause it doesn't recognise my Logitech Marble Trackball (my laptop does, in fact i am able to use it but not to use shortcuts). I've uninstalled it and prompted...
  2. scullen

    Mojave install hangs at AppleACPICPU

    Need some help please. I have followed on of the guides here to create an install USB for Mojave and the install stalls before if starts. I can boot into the clover screen and then from there select the install partition to boot and in verbose mode it gets stuck on the line; kextd stall[0]...
  3. scullen

    Colver locks up before install

    Need some help please as haven't done this in a while and have come unstuck while trying to install Mojave. I built the install USB and clover boots up ok but when I try to install Mojave it hangs. I have attached a screenshot of the verbose output and it keeps getting stuck at "RTC: Only...
  4. aileron

    Store a backup copy of config.plist in EFI partition?

    Hi all, I'm just following this guide to get my gtx 1050ti up & running: Whenever I modify config.plist in clover configurator, the system won't boot any more. Thus, I have a general...
  5. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] No Boot Post Installation After MultiBeast and Clover Configurator

    Greetings! While I succesfully installed El Capitan, configuring it fails. After following Stork's HERO build guide, and setting FakeCPUID/IntelGFX/ig-platform-id, installing the three kexts & ssdt.aml, the system hangs on reboot. The last two lines are: IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:87...
  6. kedvall123

    Assistance with Asus q400a Yosemite Install

    Hello, I am having trouble installing Yosemite on my Asus q400a. I have read the Laptop Compatibility Guide and according to that I seem to be okay other than WiFi not working which is fine. Previously I had successfully installed Lion or Mountain Lion (can't remember which) using Hackintosh so...
  7. KahZ

    Help Finishing Mountain Lion Install Gigabyte B75M-D3P, Intel G530, nVidia GT640

    Help With Audio On Mountain Lion Install Gigabyte B75M-D3P, Intel G530, nVidia GT640 Hey all, I've been doing quite well with the guides that I've found here and I want to thank everyone who has participated here for making this such an easy update (as compared to my last SL Hack). And here...