1. cbrugna

    Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partiton 4.

    Hello, I recently built a hackintosh and wanted to run Windows 10(dev preview) so i tried and realized I had to start from scratch. So I did and I installed Yosemite without Chimera, and then partitionedmy SSD into two equal parts (119.52gb), named Yosemite and WINDOWS, both in the GPT format...
  2. ravikhannan

    After Successfull installation Laptop won't boot Automatically

    I sucessfully installed OS X 10.8.4 in my Hp pavilion dv6 6164tx , Everything is worked but each time i boot into unibeast drive to enter into my hackintosh, it does not boot automatically it shows the following error: boot0:GPT boot0:GPT boot0:GPT boot0:error
  3. theoretician

    ga-z77x-ud5h multi boot booting linux and windows - my findings so far

    This post is to document my findings/experience which may help others (or most likely remind me, as I cannot imagine anyone else interested and it assumes knowledge of linux) in trying to get my hackintosh to handle multiple operating systems and a large hard drive. My setup: ga-z77x-ud5h...
  4. pabloesco

    boot thread

    Hello, RehabMan. 1.My boot now: BIOS American Megatrends S500CA.202 Using MBR Chimera 3 Instalation was made: using patch MBR into Unibeat USB to be able to boot. What i need to do to be able for my bios to boot GPT My bios works with EFI. I have some settings like: me manually i have to...
  5. Person123

    Zenbook UX31A Questions & Issues

    Hi all, I have an Asus Zenbook UX31A touchscreen laptop, and I've been trying to put OS X Mavericks on it. Specs are as follows: Intel Core i5-3317u @ 1.70GHz. Intel HD 4000 Graphics 4Gb RAM Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless/bluetooth combo 128Gb ADATA SSD Elantech touchpad BIOS Version...
  6. L

    Boot0: GPT Boot0: test Boot0: done etc. error when booting from USB

    please delete my account
  7. iNEOline

    Install Windows 8.1 and Mountain Lion DUAL Boot (different HDD).

    Hi, I would like to ask how can I Install Windows 8.1 without destroy my current Mountain Lion installation (and the bootloader). Right now my config. is: HDD 1Tb: Windows 7 HDD 500Gb: Mountain Lion And I want to replace the Windows 7 installation with Windows 8.1 Thanks so much.
  8. PvHaxFTW

    Attempted to Dual boot didn't work anyway but got : Get boot0 GPT errors

    So basically, I'm a complete rookie when it comes to things like this. I have had a perfect version of Mavericks running and wished to boot in Windows. So I googled around and partitioned my drive. Now I have a copy of windows on a CD. I placed the CD in an external CD to USB box which connects...
  9. piter2619

    can't boot without unibeast usb stick

    Hello all, i've successfully installed Mavericks via unibeast installation, then ran multibeast and bootloader at all!!! All information concerning my sandy bridge laptop is written on my profile; here's what I've done so far: 0) gpt (guid) partitioned my hdd throught disk...
  10. indranil

    Trying to install Mavericks on SSD with Windows already on

    Hi, Hardware config: MSI MPower Z87 Motherboard Intel i5 4670k 3.4GHz (with Corsair H100i liquid cooling) 16 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333Mhz (I have an XMP option of running it at 1867Mhz, but haven't turned it on) Zotac NVidia GTX780 3GB Graphics card Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB SSD WD 2TB Black HDD...
  11. dilog

    Windows 7 cannot bot on dual boot with 10.6.3 - GUID problem?

    Hi For unknown reason Windows 7 cannot boot on a dual booting laptop (Acer aspire 5610 upgraded cpu) with Mac Os 10.6.3. the usual REPAIR method didnt work apparently because of the booting method (guid). Is there another approach to solve the problem?
  12. rwy

    How does Chimera find boot selections?

    I've been running fine on a hackintosh with dual boot windows and MacOS (Mountain Lion) for a couple months, until yesterday Chimera stopped offering my MacOS disk as a boot option. The disk appears fine - when I boot off the install drive it is mounted and all the files are there, I have run...
  13. Knicat

    Multibooting W7 and SL on non hybrid GPT single disk. ISSUE with bootloaders.

    Hi community. Ive been trying to set this system working for a while and im very happy to say a have reached a significant point. My system specs are: i5 2500k ASUS P8p67-m pro 2x4gb gskill 1600 ram. Nvidia Gforce GTS 250 several harddrives but the one holding both OS is a 160 gb Samsung...
  14. BohemianDude

    Why Windows NTFS GPT RAID 5 is in ML seen as MBR disk with 2.2 Tb?

    I know the issue with limit 2.2 Tb but ML should not have problem to see GPT disks over this limit but why it shows in disk utility as MBR. I don't want to format this 15Tb RAID with MAC my main use for it is in Windows 8 but still I want to have access from Mac. What I missing? How I can make...
  15. snowkid2themax

    Syncing GPT with MBR?

    Short Story: After resizing partitions on my I've ended up with a GPT table that is out of sync with the MBR. Is there any way to sync the GPT with the MBR and not the other way around (like gptsync)? I've looked into gdisk and the f recovery command, but it seems to suggest deleting...
  16. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Hi, I have a Win7 MBR Hard Drive and want to clone that partition to a new GPT disk so I can dual boot OSX and Windows7. I have done: - partitioning in OSX Installing - install temporal Win7 - clone the partition using gparted from old disk to new disk, overwriting the temporal windows 7...
  17. AvataroftheSun

    Multi-Booting Windows, OS X, and Linux on RAID 0

    Hello, I'm having some trouble getting a setup to work properly. Currently using this motherboard: and this RAID card: What I want to do here is get a multi-boot...
  18. Juggernaut1987

    OSX 10.8.2 SSD / WIN8 SSD Problem

    Hi guys, I was running a setup with 10.8.2 on one SSD and Win8 on the other SSD perfectly by using the F12 boot select feature of my motherboard. To boot OSX I booted UEFI and to do Win8 I selected the device on P1. For some reason I couldnt get my motherboard to do a UEFI based install using...
  19. Mr_Pie_Guy1234

    Windows 7 Installation Problems

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a specific area for questions on separate operating systems. I'm really stumped here. During the windows install, while trying to format the windows partition then install, Windows thinks that the partition that I want to install it in is...