1. manu3333

    Problems with Nvidia (glitch, bug, etc.)

    (sorry for my bad English). Hi guys, I have a problem with my hackintosh. The problem is that I have installed NvidiaWebDrivers but I have ever a lag, bug and glitch. This is my configuration. Can you help me? I have also installed Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixup
  2. npSooO

    Glitchy screen at login with High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hi ! I've just updated my OS from Sierra to High Sierra 10.13.6 and I have problems with my graphic cards. They work perfectly but when I start, one of my two monitors (never the same) is totally glitchy and unusable. I need to log out at least 1 time (sometimes 3 or 4 times) and then log back...
  3. qash20888

    Fix flickering/glitchy screen on Intel UHD 630 Graphics without config.plist

    So after a week of trying I have been able to install MacOS High Sierra on my new components. The parts list is as follows: MB: MSI Z370A-Pro CPU: Intel Core i3-8350K RAM: 16 GB Ripjaws 2133 MHz SSD: Silicon Power 256 GB GPU: None After the installation, there was no wifi as my card did not...
  4. sean2kx

    Intel Graphics z95, glitching, spotify wont display etc

    Hey, this is whats going on, Everything works except my graphics. When I move the mouse its black, or when i go on Youtube the boxes are black. Google Chrome doesn't work right either.
  5. AaronDarklightAudio

    [Solved] Sierra 10.12.6 GeForce 1050: graphics very glitchy

    Build: -Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170x ATX Gaming 5 (rev 1.1)(compatible with 6th and 7th gen. intel processors) -CPU: 7th Gen. Intel Core i7 4.2GHz 7700k -RAM: Ballistix 2x8GB DDR4 -Drive: 850 Evo SSD 500GB -PSU: Corsair CS650M -GPU: EVGA GeForce ATX 1050 SC Gaming 2GB -WiFi Card: Fenvi Desktop...
  6. migigenDK

    Quadro detected and working but backgrounds glitchy

    Hey y'all Recently I sold my gpu, and have temporarily gone back to my old gpu a Nvidia Quadro 2000. Got it installed and changed the efi a bit to get it to post and be reconiced in the system. Happy days (sort of) while it works, the are many glitches in the background that also appears in...
  7. matt1484

    Sierra 10.12.3 - Intel HD530 glitchy (even after trying standard fixes)

    So this is my first computer build (as well as hackintosh) and I can't get the Intel HD530 graphics to not be glitchy. I have tried many different methods as well as combinations of said methods (listed below) for my build and most attempts just lead to a kernel panic/no change in graphics...
  8. kurokuma

    AMD RX480 Graphics issue

    This happens to me even in the home page of the OS and I cannot find a way to fix it. I have used the 0x67DF1002 id for RX 480 and it detects the card with full 8gb memory.
  9. ulisis

    Nvidia Web Driver is but things are still glitchy

    (Sorry about the title typo) Hi, I followed this "guide" of sorts to get Sierra up and running on my system but I still have a problem with my graphics. I downloaded and installed the correct Web Driver for my OS X version (16C67) and the Nvidia Driver Manager in Sys-prefs says it's active...
  10. nivekc711

    Dual Monitor black on startup, & fuzzy graphics

    When I start up with both of my monitors on it goes to the bootloader perfectly fine, but when I start up the iOS the screen stays black until I turn off the main (right) monitor and turn it back on. Also when I load up my login screen is mostly fuzzy, this fuzzy graphics also happens sometimes...
  11. Aerovian

    GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate

    [Solved] GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate Hello all, After installing Yosemite 10.10.4, I'm running into an issue with the graphics performance on my machine. Mobo: Z97M CPU: i7 4790 Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 I am running my monitor through HDMI from my graphics card, and I am...
  12. amrinpek

    [HELP]Can't continue after finished installation

    This is what did it appears. I am using XFX HD7750. While booting to installer (created by Unibeast), it works just fine. No problem like in the picture. That occurs after finished installation and boot into installed drive. The background was super glitchy but the mouse still movable. Using...
  13. MasterJens

    Glitchy Mac and some more problems. Help me!

    Hi! My name is Jens and yesterday I've hackintosh'd my PC. (running Mavericks) Some problems appeared and are still showing up, and it's pretty annoying. First of all, my whole mac glitches. I've found a video, but there was no solution, but I will post it here...
  14. pcarrigan2

    Glitchy video, can only boot in safe mode.. Please help !

    Hey guys, so I finally got my new build up n running with mountain line but I have a few problems. I can only boot in safe mode. Videos do not work and any website that has some sort of video on it is super glitchy. Also, I did the whole post installation with multi beast and I didn't get and...
  15. ronf89

    Glitchy/Choppy Animations: Notification Center, Expose, Dashboard, etc

    Hey all, I've got my system 90% there—audio and everything seems to be working perfectly. The only hang up I'm experiencing is for some of my favorite new features of Mountain Lion, and that is Notification Center and anything else that has a sort of "animation" to it. I've seen a few other...