1. guillegomez

    No HDMI Audio After High Sierra Upgrade HD4600

    I did a direct upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra. Everything is working well except HDMI Sound. Before the Upgrade this was fine. I already tried the "New Automatic HDMI Audio Script" (cloverHDMI-130.command) but it did not worked for High Sierra. Any ideas? New Script Details...
  2. Kavendish

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H, Intel Core i5-4430, El Capitan clean install

    Hey everyone! Just successfully installed El Capitan on my desktop. This OS works even better on my hack than Mavericks! I simply followed the tonymacx86's guide. Everything works fine, except HDMI audio (which I don't use). When creating USB installer in UniBeast I've chosen UEFI Boot Mode...
  3. guillegomez

    [Solved] El Capitan - iTunes 12.3 Update

    Everything is running smooth except when I try to update iTunes 12.3. After the iTunes update, El Capitan not boot, stuck in the Apple logo. Could anyone help me with this issue? My Configuration: Motherboard: GA-H87-D3H Processor: i5-4570 Graphics: Intel HD 4600 Thanks...
  4. giuseppemessineo

    Multibeast Maverick on Gigabyte ga-h87-d3h + i7 4770 and trouble restart

    Hi everybody, I've built for the firts time my Hackintosh in April 2014 with this following characteristics: -Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H -CPU: Core i7-4770 -Memory: 8 GB of Crucial DDR3-1600 CL9 -System Storage: Crucial M500 HDSSD, 240 GB, 7/9.5mm -Data HD: Seagate ST1000DM003 HDD...
  5. pheenom

    [SUCCESS] i5 4690K - GTX770 2GB - GA-H87-D3H

    pheenom's Haswell Build Intel i5-4690k, 3,5GHz | NVIDIA GTX770 2GB | GA-H87-D3H Components Intel i5 4690k, 3,5 GHz, 1150 Sockel, boxed Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX770 Windforce 3X 2GB OC Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H, ATX...
  6. mrchow19910319

    WHOOayy. My second build: 2014, Gigabyte - H87-D3H build.

    Hey Guys. I am about the build a hackintosh in a month time, hopefully when I purchase everything, I can slowly start working on it. However theres a few doubts I wan to mention.Here is my build: GA-H87-D3H motherboard. Graphic unti: Gigabyte GTX-660 intel I7-4770 3.4Ghz...
  7. 4markmark

    What is the easiest ATX budget GA-Z87X-D3H vs GA-Z87-HD3 vs GA-H87-D3H?

    What is the easiest Hackintosh Build with the May 2014 buying guide? Which Gigabyte mothers boards listed in the ATX budget build GA-Z87X-D3H vs GA-Z87-HD3 vs GA-H87-D3H or others that simply works the best? I am looking a simple Hackintosh build that works with no/little problems or issues...
  8. domaci

    Faulty audio Navericks ga-h87-d3h

    Faulty audio Mavericks ga-h87-d3h Hello, i have recently set up my first hackintosh and now i have ran into a post-instalation problem - my audio is not working as i would expect it to. I have ga-h87-d3h motherboard and decent 5,1 genius speakers and i would like to use all 3 audio outputs...
  9. coom

    i5 3570k and Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H?

    Hello, I'm planning to build a hackintosh, I'm going for a i5 3570k and I'm not sure if the Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H will work. Also I'm using: RAM: Corsair Vengeanze 8GB HD: OCZ Vertex 450 128GB Thanks