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  1. Power Mac G5 (Mid 2004)

    Power Mac G5 (Mid 2004)

    Before being touched.
  2. TheJonaZ

    Powermag G5 HDD Tray

    Hello, i board a Powermac G5 an they removed the HDD Tray, now my question, how i can put the Tray back because nobody on Youtube have removed the Tray without destroy the Platte
  3. jackieboy8

    G5 Chameleon Color, Sweet Dreams mod

    Dear readers, I didn't know if it really matters but I did another G5 build this year and thought you guys might like some pics and vids. Today Ill just post some video's and if you guys like I will also post the build pics. Sorry for the bad quality, will make a new HQ video soon. Reason for...
  4. ReverseSide

    Hackintosh G5 vs Mac Pro 1.1 NO CUT CASE MOD

    Hello everyone, I have recently buy a Mac G5 and I plan to use the case for build an hackintosh. But now I wonder myself if it's more easy to use a Mac Pro 1.1 case, cause the power supply seems more standar form factor. (and Mac Pro 1.1 have already more slot for connector on the back and...
  5. BuzDiz

    Fitting up-to-date hardware in a Mac Pro G5 case

    Hi all i've just got an "old" Mac Pro G5 and i was wondering if i could fit brand new parts (i want to change every component) in its case, without cutting or soldering it. Has anyone here tried yet? p.s.: This will be my first hackintosh so i'd prefer to use a motherboard fully compatible, if...
  6. BlasphemyTJ

    Web Development and Media server G5 build

    Hey guys, I’m going to be doing a G5 case build in the next month or so and would like some feedback. Currently using my late 2011 MBP - i5 2.4GHz 16GB ram and SSD but it stays pinned when I’m using multiple Adobe CC programs and VMware. CPU sits around 68C hits 90C all too often… trying...
  7. roto31

    Possible craigslist find

    Hello folks, I have found a possible craigslist find for a G5 build. It has already had "most" most of the modifications done needed for a proper G5 build. In the ad link to original ad: <http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/sys/4276859699.html> he asks to make an offer. I'm not sure what a...
  8. DanRegueira

    Hackintosh Newbie First Build G5 case

    Hello there! After a summer of messing with my Macbook late 2008, adding RAM, SSD, and setting up a fusion drive on it I've decided that I wanted to make a hackintosh that I can customize and update on my own as opposed to paying apple for it! Yay! Haha, all silliness aside I'd like to get a...
  9. teenspirit7

    Intial ideas, and introduction

    Hello, I've just joined the site, after a while of looking around on it. Looks like you guys have a great community, and look forward to joining it! I live in the UK. I am an avid composer, and use Logic Pro as my main weapon. So anything that well allow me to run more instruments, is a...
  10. roto31

    Source for G5 cases

    I wasn't sure where to post this but, I know there are quite a few of us out there looking for a reliable source for a G5 case. There is an online store out of TN, USA called "Operator Headgap" who has complete G5s listed as parts only machines. The asking price on them right now is 50 bucks...