display issue

  1. kikap

    One monitor works as a primary only (RX 580)

    I actually don't even know what to google. I have two monitors, NEC PA272 and Apple LED Display. The NEC is primary (center) and Apple is secondary (on the side). Both plugged into the DP outputs of the XFX RX 580 4GB (reflashed as Sapphire with the same config and timings). Apple uses DP to...
  2. NoxXex

    << Solved >> Blinking Screen after wake Intel HD 520

    Hi, i have a display issue with my hackbook running catalina 10.15.7 Build (19H2) with OpenCore 0.6.3 im sure that my hack has several things work like: - TouchPad - Sleep - Restart - ShutDown - Bluetooth - Wifi using airportitlwm (https://github.com/OpenIntelWireless/itlwm) - Battery...
  3. deeveedee

    UHD 630: Displays swapped after wake from extended sleep

    After extended sleep for more than 24 hours, my HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini (UHD 630, dual DP->DVI displays) woke to switched display positions. The left and right displays were swapped. Proper display position was restored after a reboot. My display properties and system configuration are...
  4. konige

    Downgrade from Catalina to Mojave - Macbook Pro 16 inch.

    Hi guys I know this post is not for here but I need help. I was and I am still hackinoths user from 9 years but I got this brand new MacBook Pro 16 inch. My laptop came with Installed Catalina 10.15.3 and I will say this is the most worst mashine that I ever seen from Apple. I have so many...
  5. vbaksys

    Mojave RX580 to LG 5K2K missing scaling option

    I am getting full resolution 5120x2160 60Hz thru Display Port but all I want is Larger Text, the monitor is 34WK95U Currently, I am eligible to choose only options from the resolutions This is what i see
  6. daniel_iversen

    How to get ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5570 graphics working on High Sierra 10.13.6?

    Hi there, TL;DR; Any idea on how I can get an ATI Radeon HD5570 graphics card working on High Sierra? I just installed High Sierra, and I read it was supposed to be “Out of the Box” to get these AMD/ATI cards working, but it’s been very hard and I’ve read like 100 articles and done a million...
  7. Dogstalotl

    [NEW ISSUE] Display Output Breaks Part Way Through OS X Boot

    Ever since the new MultiBeast release, I've been unable to load OS X properly. When I boot in to OS X, the loading bar will get to a little over 2/3rds or 3/4ths the way loaded then the screen will turn black and my primary monitor will say that no HDMI input was detected (both monitors are...
  8. Fullmoon

    Flickering display backlight ASUS K501UQ

    Since installation I have some sort of flickering. It's not broken icons or lines or other graphical artifacts. It looks like backlight itself is flickering, or like AC frequency banding lines on photo. Minor and noticeable only on dark backgrounds on medium-low brightness, but still mildly...
  9. Joydeep

    Screen flickers/blinks after wake

    I installed High Sierra by following RehabMan's guide (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-booting-the-os-x-installer-on-laptops-with-clover.148093/) and fixing things one by one. The problem I now face is that after turning off the screen (by closing the lid or going into sleep mode) and...
  10. chc950136gm

    High Sierra 10.13.2 Screen tears weirdly

    Hey, I just install 10.13.2 to other PC and it works fine. However, when I install same version on this PC, it also works but sometimes the screen would be very strange. I've never meet this before, I face this both with NVIDIA Web Driver or OSX Default Graphics Drivers. Is this problem about...
  11. Denea

    Intel HD 530 Dual Monitor - High Sierra or Sierra

    Hey guys. Can anyone help me find out if there is a way to have a dual-monitor setup in High Sierra or Sierra using ONLY THE MoBo (GPU just died) - CPU is Intel 6600K, without hot-plugging and all that fetish. I've found this...
  12. toxicthroat

    Gtx 1070 Output issue

    Seems like I can’t get any answers on my current issue , I’ll explain once again and in full detail. I have a fully working High Sierra hackintosh on the following specs Z170A MSi krait gaming x3 I7 6700k Crucial ballistix 16gb ram 3200 EVGA Gtx 1070 sc hybrid in sli After attempting all...
  13. bravermanc

    10.12.6 Internal monitor not recognized Intel HD 630

    After successful Sierra 10.12.6 install, the internal display is not recognized post boot. However, external display through HDMI works fine. Trying to use Intel 630HD graphics. The internal display works when booting with 0x123456789 as Fake ID but not when using ig-platform-id of 0x59120000...
  14. LuisYu5f

    Black Screen on Intel HD 620/Geforce 940MX HDMI Works

    Hello. I have been having problems getting Sierra to work on my HP Spectre x360 Laptop (Kaby Lake), it installs fine the display works but without graphics acceleration and after i install the "Intel HD 6**" option from multibeast the display stops working but now i have graphics acceleration...
  15. Berdri100

    Resolution Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the screen resolution, my screen can take 1920*1080 but MacOS detect my screen at 800*600 So, I have changed the resolution to 1920*1080 with ALT on the resolution section but I get black border on the screen You can see on all my uploaded pics Thank you all I...
  16. cramletram

    GTX 980 Ti no signal AT ALL... most of the time

    So, before I go out and buy a new graphics card, I was wondering if anyone can help. I can't find a single thread about this issue, which tells me it might be my Craigslist GTX 980 Ti 6GB card failing. Or perhaps a PSU or RAM issue? BIOS needs updating? Here's the scoop: When I boot up, 80%...
  17. joris410

    Display Driver doesn't work on Sierra 10.12

    I am using nVidia GeForce GT 630 graphic card for my hackintosh. The display driver worked perfectly for El Capitan or Yosemite before without any problem but it doesn't work on Sierra. It currently supports 1024 * 768 resolution and the screen is blurry. Please help me on this. Thanks
  18. MrFSXguyHD

    Dual Monitor with GT710

    Hey, I am building a hackintosh for my friend after building my own and running fine. However, I have always had a problem with dual monitors. We are planning on using a GT710 (Check the hyperlink) and a Gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3 (Check the hyperlink). What would I have to do to get dual...
  19. Casm101

    Sierra low VRAM only using 3mb display is 1080 x 720

    Hi, I'm not very good at writing titles so heres whats going on... My new Sierra build: Mobo: ASUS P8H77-M CPU: Intel core i7 3770k GPU: Integrated Intel HD 4000 (set to 1024mb in bios) OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Monitor: AOC 1920x180 RAM: 12gb I have got everything working except for audio...
  20. Keagan-k17

    Cannot enable separate displays on OS X El Capitan

    I am running El Capitan on a GA-Z170X and I am unable to run separate displays on my monitors. I have a dual monitor setup, (Asus 22" and an LG 21.5") the Asus is running to the hdmi port on the motherboard and the LG is running to the DV-I port on the motherboard. The displays are mirrored and...