clover boot menu

  1. madmaxpower

    Clover boot menu cannot use mouse/keyboard from USB boot.

    Hi All, I have made a mess of my config.plist and I cannot boot into my installed Os or backup. I am trying to use a USB boot but when I boot from the usb and get to the clover boot screen I cannot use my keyboard or mouse. Even though I used my keyboard to select my USB to boot from. What...
  2. anotherdust

    << Solved >> 10.15.5 Clover does not detect the installation volume.

    Unable to update to 10.15.5. At first reboot: No installation boot volume is detected by CloverBootloader. There is no "macOS install Prebooter from Preboot" or "macOS install from macHardDriveName" when the system reboots to start the update. Only my usual volumes. If you have an idea or a...
  3. joostiphone

    << Solved >> Clean up Clover boot screen

    Hi, I've been looking and trying for a while now to figure out how I can hide volume entries on my Clover boot screen, but it doesn't seem to work for me (I must be doing something wrong :think: ). I'm dual-booting Windows 10 and Catalina. My drives are as follows: - Windows 10 SSD - Catalina...
  4. Jancey

    Accidentally removed my windows drive from clover boot menu via terminal command

    I used this command: diskutil info disk0s2 | grep -i "Partition UUID" | rev | cut -d' ' -f 1 | rev But I accidentally removed the wrong disk and now the only option on the boot menu is Catalina. How can I get it back?
  5. gabrycosta04

    (PROBLEM) AMD GPU not work in clover boot

    hi, my AMD GPU not work (blackscreen) in clover selector The card when is in pcie slot 1 not work in clover, but when is in pcie slot 2 (in slot 1 is my 1660 nvidia card) the card work in clover! (my card is identified!) My hardware is Sapphire R7 250x 2GB in windows 10 the card work perfecly
  6. dada2

    Remove invalid entry in boot menu

    Hi all :) Having a weird issue which I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out. I built a computer according to this guide, and it's working perfectly fine, running OSX 10.13. However, a while back during an update that required a restart, my computer crashed. When I restarted, there was...
  7. RandomNumber

    How to get proper screen resolution on Clover menu and Apple boot logo

    I have an older hackintosh. It's a legacy machine (no uefi). My Clover menu used to be a well defined clear 1920 x 1080 and the Apple boot logo use to appear in it's proper 'unstretched' size immediately upon boot. Somewhere between Sierra & High Sierra that changed and now the Clover menu is...
  8. joan

    Hackintosh Asus Beginner

    Hello Guys, So, basically, I’m running into a problem. I am new in the hackintosh community and I’m right now trying to install High Sierra on my desktop (Win10). Here’s my configuration ; Asus Z87-A Motherboard (BIOS Version 04/19/2013) Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz nVidia 650GTX EVGA SLI...
  9. wowoowowo

    Is it normal for Clover to take 5-10 minutes to load?

    Hello, I used UniBeast to put a macos installer on a flash drive and it takes 5-10 minutes for the clover boot picker screen to come up, is this normal? if not how can I fix it?
  10. EmanuelTheDude

    [Solved] Cannot boot without stick

    Hi, I build the CustoMac mATX with the following configuration: My problem is that the Hackintosh cannot boot without the USB Stick. If I boot without the USB Stick then the Clover Boot Manager starts. It shows the correct...
  11. macleod92

    [SOLVED] Clover menu not showing?

    Hi, So I'm currently working on my first Hackintosh build and am having an issue. I'm booting from the USB installer I created with UniBeast but the Clover menu is not coming up. It just goes straight to an Apple logo with a progress bar and then eventually to an Apple screen with Restore...
  12. brimcan

    [Solved] Startup with clover not recognizing any drives

    I am having a problem with my otherwise long time stable Sierra build. I recently updated my windows installation, and when I attempted to restart the computer, Clover will not recognize any drives as being present. It opens to the clover screen, with nothing. I formatted another drive with...
  13. Jibooom88

    Problem to hide Windows boot entry from clover menù

    Hi, everyone Hackintosher!!! In my clover boot menu I wish I could hide the each boot entries; "Boot Windows from Recovery" and "Boot Windows from EFI". I try several tips to hide this two entries, but nothing. I have also disable Legacy option on Clover Configurator, but nothing. I have macOS...
  14. partha007

    Clover Bootloader Direct Enter Exit Option

    Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.3 USB Installer Boot Into USB DIrectly Enter Exit Option Menu. My System Specification : CPU : Core i5 6400 MB : Asus H110M-CS RAM : 8GB DDR 4 HDD : WD 1TB For Windows And WD 500 GB For Hackintosh Bootloader : Clover
  15. DavidSmith

    Clover Boot Menu Help

    I am new at this. I have just got to the clover boot menu where I can press Install macOS. But which hard drive will it install it on because I don’t want to overwrite my Windows drives. Can I choose where I install it? Thanks David
  16. Marcoosio

    clover autoboot windows issues

    I am trying to have my windows 10 partition be the defaultbootvolume to auto boot in clover, In the Plist I have tried entering the name of the hard disk, I have tried the uuid, I’ve tried the boot path, I have even tried LastBootedVolume, and none will autoboot windows, I have only ever been...
  17. elfcake

    "Recovery" partition missing in Clover Boot menu

    After the problems with the NVIDIA .125 update for 10.13.3, I chose a quick exit in favor of 10.13.2, using Recovery+Snapshot. It worked perfectly. All is running smoothly as we await the imminent arrival of a fix for 10.13.3 from NVIDIA. Here's the problem: the Restore Partition icon in the...
  18. Thegameman01

    No external icons in clover boot

    Hello to all. I have a problem with my first hackintosh: In the first screen of clover i haven’t the image with the external or other. It shows me only the small icons below and the quatrefoil. I use unibeast 8.1.0 (High Sierra) and a PC with GigaByte H81M-D2V, Intel Core i5 4460 and GigaByte...
  19. Gregmackin

    [SOLVED] Unhide Partitions in Clover Boot Menu (High Sierra AFPS)

    While hiding the Preboot partitions after installing High Sierra, I have hidden all partitions in the Clover Boot Menu. I only have the 4 squares of the 2nd row (Options...) and no partitions on the top row. F3 doesn't work. I can still boot into Windows by changing the boot sequence, but I...
  20. DapperDuck

    [Solved] How can I fix my messed-up Clover boot menu?

    Hi all, I've just did the direct upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra and now my Clover boot menu is messed up. The icons for my MacOS HDD's are invisible and they both have this "internal_hfs" text above them. Someone help me out please. I've never encountered this issue before.