1. Jakoozie

    AMD 7870 don't output video on Catalina

    Hello community! I installed Catalina using UniBeast. At first, it didn't load to the installation screen. I made a research and I found the SSDT-EC.aml fix. After I put that file on the ACPI (Clover) it went to the installation screen. I installed and when I try to boot it loads and...
  2. roquem18

    Problem MultiScreen with Mojave (AMD-ATi 7870)

    Hi guys ,i have a problem with my graphics card ati 7870, i only use 1 monitor with mini displaypor(mDPI to VGA) but the other two monitors ,in hdmi and dvi to vga ,not working.Mojave detect this monitors but in black screen. i dont configured the clover configurator because a dont have idea. My...
  3. TheSynthax

    HDMI audio 7870

    I'm having trouble getting headphones and HDMI audio working on my hackintosh. I'm using am Intel Core i5 750, GA-P55M-UD2 motherboard, and this graphics card. I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5 with Mac Pro (3,1) system profile. My card is showing up as AMD Radeon HD 7xxx 2048 MB and graphics are...
  4. seby-the-drummer

    radeon 7870 + hd4000 mavericks i am confused

    hello everyone, first of all thanks to tonymacx86 and all u guys working and testing on this site:clap:! i have build a working customac by always booting from usb flash. the only thing is i can't boot with chimera from the harddrive. its the already mentioned boot0 thing: boot0: GPT boot0...
  5. Zer0d3gree

    Time to make the switch

    Hey everyone: Sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot, havent been on this site in a while. Simply put, I am looking to install Mavericks/Yosemite on my custom desktop I built a couple of years ago. However, I am new to this and I can use all the help I can get. Quick background: - I...
  6. bennipper

    Will this work??

    Hi there, I'm quite new with all of this Hackintosh business so you'll have to forgive my inexperience. I bought a custom made PC after owning and selling a Macbook Pro and I'm now finding myself wanting to use iOS again for work (Graphic design and video editing). So the simple question is...
  7. tonymacx86

    10.8.3: AMD Radeon HD 7xxx Graphics Testing Thread

    Thought I'd get a post together here in the graphics section to collect 7xxx testing in the new 10.8.3. Here are some hints/tricks- I'll be publishing an article sometime next week. I have the MSI Radeon HD 7870, booting via UniBeast MBR formatted disk- GraphicsEnabler=No. You then have to...
  8. mmmka

    Boot HD7870 in Win8 and HD4000 on Macos 10.8?

    Hi Guys! i have a fully working Hackintosh with my HD4870 (i5 3570k, Asus Gene V z77). I am thinking to buy AMD 7870 (because 660 is too expensive here in Germany) Is it possible to boot Macos with hd4000 and Windows 8 with HD7870?