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    [SOLVED] High Sierra: HWsensors iStats Menu don't display CPU Temps

    Copied kexts to EFI/Clover/kexts/10.13 Copied HWMonitor app to Applications folder In Clover Configurator in the System Parameters tab, I have set the Inject Kexts to Yes. All sensors are showing up now in HWMonitor. Confused. I installed the FakeSMC also, is this bad?
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    iTunes crashing...

    I think this fixed it for me:
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    iTunes crashing...

    I have this to. Before the 10.13.4 update I was on 10.13.3 and it worked without any problems. Now on 10.13.4 it crashes the whole time :cry:
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    Name the Next macOS (10.14)

    Stoned Sierra
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    Intel 8 Series/C220 audio

    I have a Intel 8 Series/C220 Series in my HP ProDesk 400 G1. I got it to work today by installing the VoodooHDA kexts via multibeast :cool:
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    Backup Solutions For Your Mac or CustoMac

    Trying the following with Disk Utility as part of my new backup plan but I have question about it. I booted from the Unibeast USB stick to the installer. Then with Disk Utility I created an .dmg image from the whole SSD to another drive. Now I wonder, does this .dmg file contain the boot...
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    Fix/solution for "Selected Mac OS X Installer is incomplete"

    A real solution for those who get stuck at STEP 1. Seeing no real solutions offered here on the forums, other then seeing users getting pushed to look at the troubleshooting guide for UniBeast 8 and then coming back empty handed because they are stuck at: The troubleshooting guide won't...
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    Any fix for no audio after sleep Realtek ALC887

    Any fix for no audio after sleep Realtek ALC887 RESOLVED I got it fixed by installing the audio drivers for ALC887 from Multibeast Mavericks Edition 6.1.0. Now audio after sleep is still working. If I notice any problem later on I will post it here.
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    Any fix for no audio after sleep Realtek ALC887

    RESOLVED Any fix for no audio after sleep Realtek ALC887 RESOLVED Hi there, I was looking around the forums for a solution for my problem I have with ALC887 with no sound after sleep. I am not seeing any real solutions on the boards. I have a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V with Yosemite (best install...
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    10.9.4 sleep problem after update

    10.9.4 sleep problem after update (RESOLVED) -- Problem resolved by applying "AppleRTC Patch for CMOS Reset". Am I the only one having sleep problems after the 10.9.4 update? The system goes into sleep mode without problems but it doesn't come back out of it. If I wake the system by...
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    10.8.4 Intel PRO 1000GT not working.

    Driver is working, but; System crash after wake from sleep. Also in the control panel I see no power management options of the device. Probably because the driver was for Snow Lion? Coming from a realtek card that wasn't working any more after sleep (until reboot) to using an Intel card that...
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    10.8.4 Intel PRO 1000GT not working.

    10.8.4 Intel PRO 1000GT not working. RESOLVED I finally resolved this issue. There a various versions of Hnak's drivers. Blunt me thought there was only one. I got it to work with AppleIntelE1000.kext, the version intended for Snow Lion...
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    Normal SSD speeds?

    Thanks for enlightening me. You have more then double speeds of what I got. Is it hugely noticeable speed differences between sata II and III?
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    10.8.4 Intel PRO 1000GT not working.

    Today I bought a Intel PCI PRO/1000GT 1Gbit nic, thinking this nic would be supported right out of the box. Boy was I wrong in thinking that :banghead: I had problems with my onboard card of my motherboard. It caused freezes so I installed a Realtek pci one. Great, no more crashes/freezes...