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    Announcement: AMD Ryzen Based Systems and tonymacx86

    Nice. This will broaden the community and everyone will benefit. My first "hackintosh" was an ECS C51GM-M with some single core AMD cpu and, while I got it running Tiger (this was ages ago!) I vowed never again AMD or ECS. Thanks to this site I later bought a P55 Gigabyte board and a 4 core...
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    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    There are lots of users with iphone, or ipad, but Windows computers. Some of them might jump to Mac if it integrates even better with their mobile devices. MacOS offers software for music, editing movies, photos, calendar, mail, imessage, maps, lots of stuff right out of the box. Just like...
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    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    Considering I find my Z77 board with 2600K i7, slightly OCed, enough for my needs in general (I want faster x264 encodes though, I'd love more cores but just a day or two a month) I'm sure I'll be satisfied with the performance from high end i7s and i9s in the years to come. I'm totally...
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    Upgrade to Mojave or Catalina?

    I run Mojave on one system, Catalina on another, I'd recommend Mojave for the simple reason of stability and possible 32 bit apps.
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    [Success...or not]...sort of. GA-P55-USB3, Mojave & Radeon 7750

    I've retired my P55 system, but had to use Clover 4920, lilu 1.2.8 + whatevergreen 1.2.4 (I guess newer could be used, but I had some problems with one thing or another), and boot my Radeon 7750 with radpg=15 as boot argument to avoid black screen. I also had to use -v once or twice when booting...
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    [Success...or not]...sort of. GA-P55-USB3, Mojave & Radeon 7750

    Ok, I guess I made some mistakes, booted Clover off wrong HD. Seems like ASUS Radeon HD 7750 is working in Mojave, at least so far so good. Displayport and HDMI. Great, this was a cheap, and silent, card and I don't need a better (more expensive) card. Cheapest card I could find that handled 4K...
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    [Success...or not]...sort of. GA-P55-USB3, Mojave & Radeon 7750

    Final update: I managed to get Mojave running quite stable on a Seagate SSHD (still kept Sierra as main system on SSD). One crash a month, maybe. But once I tried it on SSD (clone, new install, one Intel SSD and one Samsung, didn't matter) it crashed every other day. Either user interface or...
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    Full Freezes on High Sierra when launching Youtube video.

    Just for the record, I have another MB but I had crashes when trying to watch youtube. Turned out my sound was disabled after an update. After I enabled sound (I have Realtek ALC892), using some script (probably...
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    Sleep and fans

    I use to control fan speed for my CPU. (I have no liquid cooling or GPU fan though)
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    Help with generating proper SSDT/DSDT for GA-P55-UD2

    I don't have the same MB (but similar generation), and use Mac Pro 5,1 definitions and DSDT from and my CPU seems to work fine. No special SSDT. For whatever reason the cpu fan is more aggressive and louder in High Sierra than Sierra though. (at exactly...
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    High Sierra AMD HD7xxx black screen

    @zeroxw Have you tried dvi, hdmi or displayport? Have you tried booting with argument -radvesa , it might work (but give really poor graphics) to get into the system. Or -rad24 to force 24 bit color depth. (for some reason, my 7750 shows up with 24 bit depth in High Sierra (and works) but 32 bit...
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    High Sierra AMD HD7xxx black screen

    Some people got 7770 working, I had issues with my 7750 - DVI doesn't work anymore, but HDMI works with lilu, whatevergreen and radpg=15 as boot argument. I have only FakeSMC, lilu and whatevergreen, in efi/clover/kexts/10.13 , no inject for gpu, but I guess my motherboard and system is quite...
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    Radeon 7750 not working with high sierra

    I had my ASUS Radeon 7750 Silent running with Sierra, using verde.kext and DVI port. Couldn't get it to run in High Sierra, tried older versions of whatevergreen and lilu, and verde, during 10.13 beta. (I reverted to my 6670 which works in High Sierra) Tonight I got my 7750 and High Sierra...
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    Apple Releases macOS High Sierra 'Golden Master' GM Candidate to Beta Testers

    No luck using Radeon HD 7750. Went back to my Radeon HD 6670 for now. Installed to my Intel 320 SSD. Had issues using APFS, after install I had kernel crash. Backtrace crash similar to some others mentioned. Safe booted, deleted all old kexts from system, rebooted using Rehabman's Clover fork...
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    Poor man's hackintosh

    Just a quick note, the main issue with Sierra on a Mac Mini 2009 seems to be lack of WiFi. A cheap USB-Wifi card should fix that. Using Sierra Patcher Tool the Mac Mini will install Sierra. Mac Mini 2009 will support 8GB RAM according to online reports (Apple didn't sell it with 8 apparently)...