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    [SUCCESS] macOS Sierra 10.12.3 on MSI B85-G43 Gaming motherboard

    did you manage to sleep and wake successfully?
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    Asus a55v boot hdd not detected

    hello everyone,i manage to install mavericks on my laptop with boot flag IGPEnabler=Y IGPlatformID=01660003 GraphicsEnbaler=N -v dart 0. the problem that im facing now is i cannot boot directly to the hdd without the usb insert on the laptop, and when i open up my bios the hdd not listed in the...
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    [SUCCESS] MikeLanding Build - GA-Z77P-D3/i7-3770/HD6870/Belkin BT/Samsung SSD - ML

    did your audio problem solved?mine still not working for the audio:cry:
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    [SUCCESS] Pinoymac's Budget Build: GA-Z77P-D3, i5-3570K, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon 6850

    hello guys,I'm using the same motherboard here but mine got problem with the sound, can someone help me to got this sound work??
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    GA-Z77P-D3 no audio after mavericks install

    I already read the manual book for my motherboard and it say that the audio was alc887, i already try your method but still the problem not solved, can anyone help me with this??
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    GA-Z77P-D3 no audio after mavericks install

    hello everyone,this is my first time installing hackintosh. so I've success install mavericks but the only problem now is i cannot get my audio working. i already try in multibeast for ALC887/888b v 100202/302 with and without dsdt but still cannot make my audio working. can somebody help me on...
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    boot with cpus=1 on mavericks

    i only have radeon hd graphics only
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    boot with cpus=1 on mavericks

    already update my profile,I'm copy those detail from cpuz as you told
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    boot with cpus=1 on mavericks

    hello everyone,im new here and this is my first time using hackintosh. i already success going through the mavericks installation but the problem is my laptop need to boot with cpus=1 and my graphic card not listed down. can somebody help me with this thing. im running mavericks on toshiba...