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    Where's Apple Inc. going?

    1) Sorry i've recently documented on the first one. Mac has lower Temp ratio in which the turbo boos kicks off, that's why i was not getting CPU at full freq in mac osx. 2) How can you tell the improvement of a system while being a Closed-Source system? You can tell "Oh hey UI seems faster...
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    Where's Apple Inc. going?

    I really don't like where apple is going. I started discovering the OSX system and i really liked for a while... but then i noticed a lot of things that doesn't really work, and some that **** me off. All product of apple are based on the "first look". iOs, Osx... everything. Also the Laptop...
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    Radeon 6470m / 6490m Project

    It's not a rebrand actually. Is the same identical card. Installing the ATI video driver on HP probook under windows shows the 7470m. (i've done that). Same device id.
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    Radeon 6470m / 6490m Project

    Guys i have a stunning news. Our card is the 7470m, not the 6490m. Checked on windows with Catalyst control center AMD, and the driver are correctly downloaded from HP site. (In amd site it says for me that "There was a problem on identifing your hardware). It's probably a rebrand, but maybe...
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    [GUIDE] 4530s Display Upgrade to 1080p (Update: 2012-06-30)

    Re: [Guide] 4530s Display Upgrade to 1080p (Update: 2012-06-03) if you wanna add information, my DSDT has the Dual link patch for 1080p. It's a custom made DSDT only for i5 2410m (i have none SSDT, all is in DSDT). I didn't changed that since it's good for me.
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    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Mine is 10.09 and 1.02. I pay 30e for this ****. Gonna go away from Italy as soon as i have the opportunity.
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    Upgrading Laptop screen to 1080p

    I see people having trouble with new probook... gonna update the first post. :?
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    [HELP] New dualboot installation (WIN7 & Lion)

    Windows 7 x64 with UEFI boots fine in GTP partition.
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    AppleSMC.kext-10.7.4 causes smcReadKeyAction error in consol

    No need to rollback the drivers... update fakesmc.kext to the latest version and no error. keep the 10.7.4 one.
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    Research on graphics

    A new version of FakeSmc.kext is here to fix an issue regarding the "Spamming" in the console of a message regarding the power management. You can try if you want... i installed it because of the Power Management spamming, all looks ok. ... topic=1643
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    i5 2410m performance/High CPU usage

    Same spec of your pc. I don't have any problem. Anyway, for youtube i don't use flash. I use this ... version-2/ It removes all the advertisement in video (sadly, also annotation and captions) and load video as HTML5. It works really good on mac, better...
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    Hunting down the HD3000 Artifacts Fix - new clue maybe

    can you post a nice disassembler for mac osx? :P
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    Two Tier OSX????

    Well, there's another thing to consider. Every user that has an hack has bought at least 5/10 apps on the appstore. Some people can't really afford a mac because of the cost, or simply because they are gamers and having a nice pc with dual boot OSX and Windows is a nice thing. If osx in a pc...
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    Youtube Videos not loading

    Disable all other plugin (click to plugin bug this) and use this ... be-videos/ It gets rid of flash player in youtube and skip the advertisement