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    BCM94352Z work wifi, not work bluetooth Big Sur

    Did you take a snapshot of you config.plist using propertree app?
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    Clover Configurator Error

    Quit System Preferences, Open Terminal and type sudo spctl --master-disable then your password. You will then see the : Allow apps downloaded from " Anywhere " option. Now it should open.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    I believe I can not upgrade My GA x58 UD7 to Mojave because of my ATI 6870 Graphics card. Should I try?
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    (SOLVED) Nvidia Webdriver not loading (GTX 970 / High Sierra)

    In "System Parameters" is Nvidiaweb checked?
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    (SOLVED) Nvidia Webdriver not loading (GTX 970 / High Sierra)

    Does nvda_drv=1 make any difference?
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    MINI PowerMac G5 HACKINTOSH (3D Printable)

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    Name the Next macOS (10.14)

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    Success: X58A-UD7 + High Sierra

    Mine is a GA X58A UD7 REV 2.0. My sata drives would not mount unless the Sunki Patch that I found in was applied in my config.plist. Here is the patch: <dict>...
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    Graphic Card Video

    Do not know if it it ok to post this link here but found it fun to watch : Feel free to delete.
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    Guide: Installing Sierra on GA-X58A

    After lots of trials I finally gave up and finished the install on another hackintosh and moved the disk back into the GA X58A. Booted with no problem! Still wish I could figure out why Unibeast USB does not see the installation disk to finish the Multibeast Install.
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    Sierra clean install ud3r-x58a does not see SSD on bootloader

    I just ran into the exact same problem with my GA X58A UD7 Rev 2.0. After trying all sorts of things had to resort to finish the install on another hack and then move the disk to the X58A. It booted with no problems! Still would like to know what is going on...
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    Guide: Installing Sierra on GA-X58A

    Just tried a clean install and can not install Sierra because after installing and booting with Unibeast USB the install disk is not showing...
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    Guide: Installing Sierra on GA-X58A

    Great guide. I upgraded mine from el Capitán to Sierra. Next time will try with good old Unibeast install. Thanks.
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Finally got HDMI sound with AMD HD 6570 and this guide. Had to use Muskgrass personality using clover configurator with AtiPorts=4.
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    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    It worked on GA X58A UD7 I7 ATI6870.