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    P9X79 Pro Install of Mavericks (this was just an upgrade from Lion) seems to work except the RealTek

    Forgive me but I'm not clear on what to do. I had audio for a while under Lion, then it randomly disappeared. Cut to me updating to Mavericks and still I have no audio. I did find something that seemed pretty dense in regards to how to enable audio but, for the life of me, I'm unable to...
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    Some total noob questions about system tweaking.

    Forgive me if these are stupid questions but I thought I'd ask you guys who are way smarter about this stuff before plowing headlong into modifying my system and get results I can't repair. NOTE: Lion 10.7.3 loaded is seems to run stably at the desktop level so far. However, applications...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    Hey duder1234 I have virtually the same system (videoguys DIY9 list?) I was able to get it up and running but I'm still working out the kinks. It's bootable and functioning (with LION 10.7.3) but it needs a little love with modified kext(s) and a custom DSDT. Use Unibeast to boot a USB...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    Even better I'll give you the direct link: viewtopic.php?f=168&t=51422&p=319743&hilit=p9x79#p319743
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    I found an awesome guy who's diligently working on solving hackintosh problems for this exact configuration. He's still in the process of working out all the kinks (specifically USB3 and Power stuff) but he's on the path to solving most of them soon. His handle is maleorderbride. Also, search...
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    Asus P8P67 all models -- Intel defective chip problem.

    Apparently there was a design flaw in the Intel Cougar Point Chipset for Asus's P8P67 series motherboards (including the WS board). If affected, you might check to find out how to get your MB serviced (from what I can tell, I think Asus is commiting to fixing the problem free of charge)...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    Thanks mickguz. This gives me hope and the courage to forge ahead. I get the processor in this coming mid-week and I plan to build as soon as I can. I'll keep you posted. If you have any tips or anything you learned worked or didn't work, let me know and I'll try and do it along those lines...
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    i7 3930K LGA 2011 Processor

    So I actually bought the 3930k LGA 2011 processor AND I also bought the ASUS P9X79 PRO with the Intel X79 chipset. My plan was to eventually dual boot it; one logical drive Win7-64bit, and hack a second drive under SnowLeopard. Do you really think SnowLeopard won't support the Sandy...