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    What do I need to add thunderbolt to my CustoMac?

    reselling boards is easier said than done - i don't have the box for my board (since tossed it) and reselling motherboards is always hella annoying. and that'd be $200ish less than i'd be able to spend on a shiny new ssd for the camera... and yes, I love my case's integrated sata dock (it's...
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    What do I need to add thunderbolt to my CustoMac?

    This is not at all the news that I wanted to hear :( - however, there's a bit of silver lining - the camera that I want (black magic cinema) that happens to use thunderbolt for transfer does all of it's recording to off the shelf SSD's in HFS+j format! - sadly i'd be missing out on the...
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    What do I need to add thunderbolt to my CustoMac?

    I currently have a CustoMac built on an asus p8p67 pro motherboard (and matching lga1155 i7-2600k, 16gb ram, nvidia gtx 470 gpu, 6x1tb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd's and an ocz vertex 3 ssd for a boot volume). it has so far made an excellent video editing workstation using FCP X and adobe...
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    Enabling Bluetooth for P8P67 * boards and BT-211

    Thank you very much, ajg0r for the easy to use package with the updated firmware. wireless mouse and keyboard support was the last thing i needed for the mac pro experience on my p8p67 pro based hackintosh. Having the additional gestural support via the magic mouse, and the work freedom of the...
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    gtx470 lost accleration after 10.7.2 update

    Re: gtx470 lost accleration after 10.6.2 update is anyone experiencing anything remotely like this?
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    gtx470 lost accleration after 10.7.2 update

    I installed the 10.7.2 update on my hackintosh desktop and after the reboot, I found that gpu acceleration was disabled and applications that require it were broken... aperture for example gave me an inappropriate video card error. I believed it to be a problem with the video driver, so I did...
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    Anybody else lost their OC edge on OS X 10.7 Lion?

    i'm using an i7-2600k (same silicon with the hyper-threading support cut) and I found that 4.8 causes instability on my machine over the long term (it'll run fine for a few days and then randomly lock up). i'm sitting pretty at 4.5 without any problems. are you using the stock cooler? I'm...
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    overclocking on my asus p8p67 pro under lion help/tutorial?

    I've done some preliminary poking around but I can't seem to find a good concrete method of overclocking my i7-2600k on my Asus p8p67 pro. What tool can I use to see what the current frequency and voltage settings are being used? is speedstep enabled by default in my setup? (followed the...
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    Tony Wake Up!!

    <3 tony
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    Asus p8p67 pro DSDT

    I'm rather surprised that I am unable to find a DSDT for my Asus p8p67 pro motherboard. Can someone please tell me why this forum seems to have an affinity for gigabyte boards (often to the point of discouraging those who use equally good competitor's boards?). I've been attempting to get the...
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    Asus P8P67 Pro red cpu_led, no post

    this is probably WAAAAY too late, but for documentation purposes, the cpu light is for (quite obviously) cpu problems. I would start with physically removing the cpu, checking the pins on the cpu for burn marks, improper thermal compound "dripage", and proper cpu alignment in the cpu slot and...
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    lower than expected geekbench scores - cpu frequency?

    Hi, I'm running an i7-2600k on 10.6.7 with bridgehelper2 installed (2011 mbp kernel). overclocked in the bios (turboboost) to 4.5ghz. I added my clock frequency to smbios.plist and it shows up correctly in about this mac as well as in system profiler, however, when i run geekbench it tells me...
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    video problems

    I solved my issue... It turned out that I had to remove the PciRoot directive from the boot plist (leaving graphicsenabler set to yes). I'm currently using no kernel flags and everything works great!
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    Which Chameleon to use?

    sandy bridge - the reason behind this choice is that the new ati drivers that are part of 10.6.7 have nothing to do with the chameleon implementation (they work regardless), but you need the sandy bridge version of chameleon as it's the only version with appropriate system definitions for the...
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    video problems

    These are not at all the symptoms that I have experienced. I get the same result whether GraphicsEnabler is set to YES or NO. I don't receive any crashes or anything, it boots fine and fully to the desktop but it's stuck at a lower resolution (1280x800) than my display is capable of...