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    Fermi Freezes with EVGA GeForce GTS 450 - Help!

    ATI RADEON XFX HD6870 double Dissipation 1gig/ddr5 Model no. HD-687a-zd/ Part no. HD-687a- zdfc
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    XFX 6870 flashed bios now I am have a white screen

    My 6870 XFX works OOB in 10.6.8 and 10.7.2........ no flash needed !
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    Fermi Freezes with EVGA GeForce GTS 450 - Help!

    Change your Video Card ! jaja I had that Card and it was a real Pain to work in 10.6.8 [ can't change resolution ] and in 10.7.2 it works ''Half OOB'' because in Cinebench , Gave me around 12 points or so that is too low ! compared to a 240gt[ 24 points] and a 6670[ 48 points] an another one...
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    USB Wireless that works natively?

    Hi , yes there are a lot of USB dongles that will work with Hackintosh , i have tried lots of them , but the one that worked really good for me is D-Link dwa 140 by far the best choice , i also have a DWA 110 [ works really good also ] a Tenda USB w311u , Air link 101 [ did'nt like that ] You...
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    Problem with HD6670

    Hi Cheetaa ! would you mind sharing your ''Extra'' folder and the Mod. ATI6000.kext ? Thnx !
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    Problems with ATI Sapphire 6870

    I have a XFX 6870 black 1 gig, and a Saphire 6670 , the XFX6870 works OOB no frame buffers, dual monitors and DVD, Geekbench works as it should, but the i think i will sell that card... don't know yet.. with one monitor DVI [ pithecia ] works excellent , or with [ Ipomoea] HDMI...
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    Best OOTB Nvidia w/ CUDA for Snow Leopard?

    Yeap, XFX 6870 1 gig ddr5, is working really good in 10.6.8 which is the one that i prefer by far, and also works in 10.7.2 OOB, as i said before No FrameBuffers , just GE=Yes !
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    Best OOTB Nvidia w/ CUDA for Snow Leopard?

    I have a 240 [ i know is not that powerfull ] but works OOB ! I had a 450 and can't change resolution No matter what [ only in 10.7.2] but i use 10.6.8 , the one i can recommend is XFX 6870 1 gig, i just got that card and worked OOB, no frame buffer needed !
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    Sapphire 6870 recognised as 6xxx - No DVD Player or Steam

    Hi i just got a ATI 6870 XFX 1gig, and worked OOB no FB needed , i had a nvidia 240 which worked OOB too , Dual Monitors DVD And Geekbench Working, excellent Cards for Hackintosh ! BUT........ i also had a 5670 saphire ,and right now i have in another Hack with a 6670 Saphire which i change...
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    [Success] GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 - Core i5-2500k - Gigabyte HD6670

    Do you have dual Monitors? Does GeekBench,DVD works without crashing? I have another Hack with a 6670 , and if use Framebuffer Pithecia , DVD, GeekBench and the most important Software for me ''Ableton Live'' works without crashing in my DVI monitor , but just on that monitor..... if i use...
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    Is a GTS 450 really that bad?

    You mean VLC running in background.... all the time?....... i try'd to install the drivers/kexts from 10.7.2 to 10.6.8 and it is getting there, but..... lots of weird artifacts and just one monitor [ i use 2 ] so it is not a solution... Right now i am in only one resolution [ with the...
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    Is a GTS 450 really that bad?

    Are you running it in 10.6.8? how? what kexts? , i know that in 10.7.2 works perfect, but i use 10.6.8, i just got one, i love my old 240gt ,but i just got the 450gt and i want it to work as it sholud, thnx!
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    A working P8P67 Dsdt, Please?

    Thnx , but i still need a Working DSDT for Asus p8p67 [ just for the sleep enabler.. ]
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    [SOLVED!!!] Dead Firewire problem after sleep/wake up.

    **** ! i just change my Z68x ud4 b3 for a Asus p8p67 because of this problem ! and now i have a new problem...... no sleep enabler, at all with this board !! ..... But i remember with the Z68 ud4 b3 , not only the firewire did'nt wake up ,also the USB did'nt wake up, had to un-connect and then...
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    PCI WLAN Adapter

    They don't work with i7 ! i had the 556 and now i have the tp link 851 sitting doing nothing... i use a USB wireless d link 110..