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Thanks Hina. He already made one for me and I'll make sure to use it. So far I just had to uninstall Kensington's TrackballWorks v1.5.0 and install the new KensigntonWorks v2.2.10 for my Slimblade Trackball. Other than that, everything is working fine and actually started up even faster. Super grateful!
Hello @tucoboy I'm glad everything is fine, what you have to do is change the TSCAdjustreset as you have been informed by @djlild7hina

Thanks for the congratulations but I do not deserve them, the work is not really mine, I just compiled and some research, my EFI is a mix of @djlild7hina @Loloflatsix @kgp @mgregrs and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to push to continue enjoying these wonderful machines.
As long as it’s setup for your 7960x then it should be good :)
Hi Hina, I just downloaded the 16 and 18 core Kext files. Thank you for providing that info. I will use 18 core one for my 7980XE CPU setup and the 16 core one for my 7960X CPU setup. Thank you.
how to fix that?
who can help me ?
MSI X299 pro ,7920X

Im not sure that its actually a USB issue, I had MSI X299 Pro and there were many misleading pointers until I realised it was all related to broken NVRAM.
(Presuming you actually have a complete set of working SSDT's for it)

You'll need to install this following the method provided by @TheBloke in post #1,063 - it is quite straightforward and once you have done the initial install it all works very well. I was quite pleased with the MSI X299 Pro actually.

This is a much older EFI using OpenCore 6.3 - I don't have anything newer I'm afraid, I switched to ASUS.

Serials are stripped and resources folder is emptied so you'd need to adapt but it should get you going in the right direction - TSCAdjustreset is set for 14 cores, you need to change to 12 but All the SSDT's and most of the Config.plist and bootargs should still be valid, as are the Custom USB maps in line with my diagrams on the post below.

USB maps and layouts - #1,384


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