WIFI and system?

Jan 28, 2017

I have been trying to install mackintosh for a while on my computer and I have installed all of them like the Captain, Yosemite and some others that I do not remember, everything is correct when installing the system, and configuring it for the first time does not let me connect to the WI- FI of my house (I think I do not have the kexts), and I start the multi beast to see if I can install some and install one that looks like the name of mine, restart the hackintosh and nothing ...

I have an adapter that is: Realtek RTL8192CE
I have the driver CD that clearly comes for Windows and Linux, and I thought that Linux is like the Mac, and if you could do a kext of this driver for Hackintosh as it would help many people, and if you could not I could Say if there is one already done or if it is available for a hackintosh?

I would also like you to advise me which system (hackintosh) I would like to install.


Intel Core I5-3470 3.20 GHZ
16 GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce gt 710

Thank you very much

(I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm using the Google translator)
Jan 28, 2017
Sometimes kexts for Linux will work on a Hackintosh but I don't think they are universally compatible by any means. I assume you are talking about a USB wifi adapter in your post. Since Apple computers only used built in wifi it can be a challenge to find a USB wifi adapter that works natively in a Hackintosh.

Look for adapters that are specifically advertised as being compatible with the Mac OS you want to use. I found one recently that works with High Sierra perfectly. It came with a driver disk that included drivers advertised as compatible for Mac OS up through Sierra but I found the Sierra driver (kext) works fine for High Sierra:

It did not work until I installed the Mac driver from the supplied disk and then it came to life.

my computer is desktop and the adapter is connected by PCI