1. clivebixby

    Recommended high DPI display

    Hello, I wonder if there is a good enough display which is, let's say 27 inches ultrawide (like that ones from LG) and has a high DPI. What would you recommend? Please, be specific about a model. I know about Dell Ultrasharp, but they vary about the PPI (or pixel pitch, as they use most of times).
  2. Aghnaya

    Any advice before I start with this config?

    Hello every1 ! I'm going to buy a new Hardware to build windows/hackintosh computer. Want to build something powerfull ( but don't need an NASA computer ) may be small and minimalistic design as apple does. Don't really would like to see rainbows of colours arround my case. :lol: My only...
  3. flach0

    Hardware compatibility

    Hello guys, I have: i7-8700k ram-Corsair vengeance pro ddr4 3600 -32gb cooler-nzxt kraken x62 samsung ssd 970pro M.2 1tb gygabyte z390 aorus master gpu-MSI armo 580-8gb(for Hackintosh ) and RTX 2080ti(for windows) PSU-corsair RM 1WK Do you think this will be compatible for Hackintosh or should...
  4. flynnwinch

    Audio suddenly stopped working

    So I’ve been running a pretty clean build of my hackintosh for a while now. Everything (including audio) has always worked pretty much perfectly. I first started about two years ago, and used voodooHDA for the audio. I did a clean install a few months back and found that I did not need any...
  5. MarijZ

    Is my hardware compatible?

    Hey, I have the following hardware, and I'm wondering if I can install macOS on it: CPU: i5-3740 Motherboard: H61M-P20 (g3) RAM: 16GB DDR3 Graphics card: Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Thanks for all the answers -Marij
  6. 808Jordan

    Seagate Barracuda SSD works well! Great price on Woot/Amazon!

    Don't know the best place to post this but I wanted to make sure the Seagate Barracuda SSD (500gb) was added to the hardware compatibility list. I recently purchased it for my Hackintosh and works perfectly without problem (as a third SSD... haven't tried booting off it, but I'd imagine it...
  7. eslammoemen

    bcm943142 alternatives ?

    I really got tired from Lenovo's z5070 laptop it's wifi card not supported in macOS and I can't find Any alternative for it so can anyone help or I will stuck with wifi dangle for good ??
  8. Franci01

    Continuity and AirDrop

    hi, I've got an internal working wi-fi card and a Bluetooth dongle. Is it possible to activate continuity without buying other components?
  9. gladgura

    Monthly Buyers Guide?

    Every month throughout the years I would check out Tonymacx86 Monthly Buyers Guide. Has Tonymacx86 stopped publishing updated Buyers Guides? According to the home page the last time it was updated was 09-05-18 11:51:07 AM
  10. WahlyWorld93

    What Makes Some Components Compatible and Some Not?

    Hello Everyone, I've searched and searched on this site and am amazed I can't find anything. Everyone asks if their 'specific' hardware is compatible, but no one has explained what the 'root problem' is. Can someone enlighten me? I understand that for some things (i.e. Adobe Premiere) the...
  11. scottperezfox

    Advice on fanless power supply and hardware config

    Hi folks, The time has come to build a new main desktop Hackintosh — still rocking my August 2012 machine! I'm basing my hardware configuration on @pastrychef's configuration, as described here, and as introduced to me through the Snazzy Labs video with a similar build. My aim is to build a...
  12. SpirosG

    Older hardware compatibility

    Hi everyone, I have an older PC with the following specs: Motherboard: ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 Chipset: Intel Eaglelake G41 System Memory: 8192 MB CPU: QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400, 2666 MHz Graphics: GeForce GT 730 (2GB) SSD Drive: KINGSTON SHFS37A240G ATA Device Is this compatible to run...
  13. BigBird

    Trying to figure out if my rig is compatible and where to go from there

    Hey guys im new to the whole hackintosh thing just trying to figure out if i need nivida injection i have the the bootloader setup other for the injection as well if i need to be doing this in uefi or legacy. MY RIG 1) GeForce GTX 970 2) Intel core i5-4670k cpu @ 3.40ghz 3) msi gaming 5 z97...
  14. Eriks

    Hackintosh Nvidia RTX 2080ti compatibility

    I'm going to build my first hackintosh and have never build even a PC before, so excuse me for this question but: I really want the 2080ti for gaming on windows, but does any one know when there will be drivers out for that gpu? My CPU would be the i9 9900k. Would you guys recommend a Nvidia...
  15. Agrarfotograf

    Used Part-List

    I have found this used parts at ebay, mostly used Parts. Work this List togehter with Mojave? I7 7700 AsRock H270M-ITX/AC Crucial DDR4, 2400MT/s, PC4-19200, DR x8, DIMM, 288Pin Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe M.2 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 IXOC 6GB Corsair CX 650M Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120...
  16. whosnoah353

    Using a original Macbook HDD with mac os already installed for a hackintosh

    i have this big question and i cant seem to find any info about it!! i have a macbook pro late 2012 with a 500gb SSD(high sierra) ..but im gonna build a hackintosh and i dont wanna have to install everything from scratch on the hackintosh. would it be possible to just clone my macbooks 500gb...
  17. pommerrrr

    I can’t finish installing

    hey guys, I can’t finish installing of sierra, once i get 8 or 7 minutes remaining, the error in the image appears. I can finish installing when i put just 1x 4GB DDR3 memory card, but after to finish i tryed to put 2x 4GB and i got kernel panic , something about suballocation panic. So I...
  18. vaper97

    Just a newbie question about my build before everything

    So as you can see my build on my profile I have an Intel based PC. Could I install OS X on my hardwares without any major bugs or problems? I know there are a tons of guides but before I start reading those I wanted to know if it is worth to spend time on it. I hope my post is in the right spot.
  19. afhwu0329

    Please help me check whether the following HW is compatible

    Hello, everyone, I got the following hardware. CPU i5 - 7500 RAM Kingston DDR4 2400 8G * 4 MB ASUS PRIME H270M PLUS SSD INTEL 760P 256G for OS X(Hasn't bought yet, if not compatible, please tell me which one to buy) HD Seagate barracuda 1tb for Data Drive GPU ASUS STRIX 1060 O6G Is it...
  20. kkf

    What Hardware require for run Mac Os ?

    Hello Friends, What Hardware require for run mac OS with fully compatible hardware like sound, graphics etc. Just like a clone MAC OS. Thanks.. Deal On Gaming Laptops Free Stuff