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Established users of macOS Mojave who wish to update directly to macOS Catalina can do so just like a regular Mac would. This fully native method requires no USB creation or preparation and allows you to keep all of your files and settings.

Before you begin, we strongly recommend performing a full backup of your existing system using Carbon Copy Cloner. By doing this, you can always go back to your working macOS Mojave installation.

Guide: Update Directly to macOS Catalina

1. Update your existing Clover install to version r4910 or higher using MultiBeast or official Clover package.

2. Open Clover configuration folder on the root of your system drive or EFI Partition using EFI Mounter v3. Copy FakeSMC.kext and any other extra necessary kexts to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/. If you need essential kexts, download them here.

3. Download Install macOS Catalina Application from the Mac App Store. When complete, the app will open. Please note, the Application will disappear after use.

4. Choose system drive for install (Example: Macintosh HD). When complete, the computer will automatically reboot.

5. At Clover boot screen, choose Boot macOS Install option (Example: Boot macOS Install from Macintosh HD). Choosing your system drive will go back to your previous installation without updating.

6. Complete the installation process- the computer will automatically reboot a few times.

7. At Clover boot screen, choose Boot macOS option (Example: Boot macOS from Macintosh HD). The computer will then complete the update.

Let us know how this guide works for you! Please post all help requests in Catalina Desktop Support and Catalina Laptop Support forum sections. Thanks and good luck!

This thread is not a Help thread! Post your question(s) as a standalone thread in the Big Sur Desktop Support forum section.


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A suggestion for everyone if it has not been noted on forum before
Make a backup copy of the Install macOS Catalina app before running so you have a spare copy in case you need it in the future.

Another note 8GB USB is not big enough for Catalina release
I tried twice with two different 8GB USB flash drives both failed, 16GB worked


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Foster I downloaded Catalina from the AppStore final version 10/7 8.09gb but I can’t find the install macOS Catalina app to be able to copy as backup before updating where it is located on the hackintosh, I can’t find it in applications? Thanks
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Anyone else getting this "You must be running macOS Catalina 10.15 or later..." ? Trying to update from Mojave 10.14.5 to Catalina. Clover is ver. 5070, restarted but still can't update.


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Many thanks, the update takes very long time, but was successful.
Intel NUC i5-5250U/HD6000 (iMac16.1), just update clover to 4961 and wait some time. In Clover config was fastboot, so no selections or other interaction, like genuine Mac )
P.S. Sound does not work, do not use it, will fix later.