[SUCCESS] Ventura on i9-10850K Z490M Gaming X

I can get venture up and running.
1. Multicore Performance on Geekbench is in the mid 3's and I would expect mid 6000
2. Inbuilt Intel Ethernet is a pain, Hackintool gives a id I use but no go
3. Inbult Intel Bluetooth has so many KExts I cannot get it up and running.
Fixes were here:
Gigabyte-Z490-Vision-G-Hackintosh-OpenCore/ at main · 5T33Z0/Gigabyte-Z490-Vision-G-Hackintosh-OpenCore · GitHub

The 225-V(2) had an EPPROM with some settings not recognised by Apples Drivers.
Flashed the fix and now the system looks stock comet lake and so most guides work.
CPUFriend takes multicore for i9 10850 from 3600->8900

Aorus Master 1
Ethernet (built in)
Wifi (Built In)
Bluetooth (Built In)

Now all working on Ventura 13.5
All peripherals
Good performance

Waiting Work:


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CPUFriend takes multicore for i9 10850 from 3600->8900
Interesting. Did you need to take any steps to configure the CPUFriend kext or did you just add it?
Now we will use our favourite hexadecimal editor to extract the updated PowerPlay definition by opening the updated bios.rom file.

Next we navigate to the cc8c hexadecimal offset and select the data for a length of 068a as indicated in the hexadecimal editor. We copy and past this string as our PowerPlay table definition to be used in the next section. My definition which only includes disabling the Zero RPM Enable fan setting is shown below.
Hi! Can you detail this step? English is not my native language, i load the MPTT file on new bios file then uploaded on but cant find my
hexadecimal offset... its only shows
lane. What do you mean by our favorite hex editor?