Help! GA-Z97X-UD5H | 4790K | IGFX | DVI+HDMI | Yosemite Build

Apr 17, 2011
Hey guys,

I recentled upgraded my mobo and cpu from a 3770k (and i forget the exact motherboard) to the config mentioned in the title. I know it’s a minor upgrade, but i needed to shuffle some things around and it is what it is. Prior to the upgrade the build was rock solid, but now i’m having some issues.

<b>The Major issue:</b> Computer totally locks up, seemingly at random. I’ve tried any Bios / Multibeast solution i can find with no luck.

<b>The Minor Issues:<b>

- When i boot the computer both displays work, but once yosemite loads up the HDMI display goes to snow for about 30 seconds to a minute before fixing itself

-Shutting down the computer is insanely slow - maybe 2-3 minutes of idle without display before the computer turns off.

I’ll attach some info / videos below. Thank you so much in advance for the help. I’ve been running a professionally studio with 3 rooms running hack workstations for the last 4 years with the support of this forum. I owe you all!

Here's a video showing the boot up so you can see that i'm describing.


Apr 17, 2011
Just a quick update. I'm now getting freezes every 1-2 minutes. System is unusable. I'll drop a 120gb SSD in the mail to whoever can help me work this one out.
Apr 1, 2012
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As you are likely aware random freezes suggest a hardware problem, particularly common to new home built machines with parts from multiple sources. These are problems for experienced and less experienced builders.
As far as being a minor upgrade: there is a difference in what computer tests measure and what users actually experience.
You can run a live linux distro: if that freezes its clearly not the software.
I presume you know the drill: In new builds it is easy to overlook proper seating of components and cables. It is essential that you make sure the CPU is not only properly seated but the cooling whatever is also properly installed and working. Occasionally as the box heats up something moves and rubs up against something else and poof. Memory module and big video card installation can easily be slightly off. UEFI settings may be off as well but usually that will prevent booting entirely.
Many are quick to blame the mobo, and there are duds that make it to the retailers, but power supplies, memory and failing drives (mechanical and SSD) are more likely to cause random freezes. If you are running four RAM sticks try running two and alternate the channels and the modules themselves, if running two try one etc: if that solves the problem you have to be sure whether it is the RAM stick itself or the mobo. Large mechanical CPU coolers can impinge on the adjacent RAM slot which will instantly shut down a machine.
Unless you know how to use a voltage meter it is difficult to evaluate the power supply if you do not have another to swap. There are software tests for memory and drives but more and better on the Windows side.
Almost every day I run my 2013 retina MBP with a 24inch 1080p monitor as the only display. It will randomly snow out at least once a day and then resume normal operation. I think this is inherent to OSX multi monitor software drivers and not hardware related, could be wrong. There are issues inherent to running multiple displays in OSX, check the Apple forums, regardless of who makes the hardware.
Your shut down times, if accurate, are a bit longer but Yosemite in my experience takes longer to shut down on Apple and non-Apple hardware. As long as it completes the shut down what's the difference?
Apr 17, 2011
Thanks for the help. Turns out it was software related. Did a fresh re-install and i'm good. Must have accidentally installed a rogue Kext the first time around.