Extremely slow 6-7 minute boot time with Monterey 12.0.1

Apr 10, 2020
i7-8700k Coffee Lake
Went from super quick boot times with Big Sur, to 6.5 minute boot times after updating to Monterey 12.0.1
Any insight into what might be causing this?

Relevant Specs:
i7-8700k Coffee Lake
OC 0.7.4 with updated Kexts
970 Evo NVMe with latest firmware
Latest BIOS for Z370-E
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Many users are reporting longer boot times in Monterey which appear to be related to the make/model of SSD.
Same SSD as you, and also long boot times

We have to wait until opencore devs (hopefully) finds a fix
I have a system running MacOS 12.0.1 (dual boot) with both a Samsung 970 EVI NVMe and a WD SN750 NVMe and the problem only exhibits when I boot the OS from the Samsung drive.
There is some lore about this but exact details are not known.

The Acidanthera developers encountered this situation last April and a bug report was at their github page.

The diagnosis was in two parts;

1) Samsung and maybe others do Trim in a way that's bad for MacOS. Depending on the state of your drive when Trim is requested and based on how much work there is to do (Trim is I/O, a special form of write) it can take a while to complete. Some people may recall fussiness back in the day that Apple wouldn't even enable Trim on non-Apple drives, there were 3rd party extensions, and eventually Apple added the "trimforce" command. (Also, Trim is a microsoft invention and a stupid idea like Winmodem but I won't go into it) So there are basic reasons to wonder if Trim support for non-Apple drive has always had a problematic aspect.

2) It was noted that MacOS can produce drive workloads that are problematic for some SSD controllers, where Phison is mentioned and problematic means the drive is killed. I have seen this myself when building 10900 hack. I lost two new Sabrent Rocket 4 drives to Big Sur, within a few weeks where they would overheat and die. The situation was connected to Spotlight indexing a large amount of personal and data after a clone. And possibly to Trim kicked off at boot but idk for sure. I engaged Sabrent support for both failures and eventually took a refund and got a WD SN750 which works fine.

I have a 970 EVO for build experiments which works fine, but it's too small to hold my data and I've never used it for daily driving, so I may not trigger the stalls that others are now reporting. Also Monterey may be more problematic.

The asked for users to help with a study and included a config.plist parameter to limit a Trim timeout that can't exactly solve the problem. Others can read up and see what they think. I learned about this parameter from another forum post here... But I can't find it.

I also wrote up all the details I had and submitted as a stand-alone thread in Monterey Desktop, then a mod moved it to Mojave Desktop for unknown reasons and now it's down the memory hole.

It looks to me like while back a mod hid my account posts from appearing Recent Activity, possibly due to some tough words I had for how they were treating a tyro, so afaik my writeups never get seen in the stream of activity.

A mess all around.
Yes it was the evo drive. Changed to a SN750, now I get a 16 sec boot time
now I get a 16 sec boot time
From when to when? My computer at left, from cold boot, takes about 42 seconds from pressing power switch to display of desktop. Restart takes longer... about 50 secs. My storage devices are Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB. Running OpenCore 0.7.5.
i just noticed the slow boot today, i know everything was working perfectly yesterday. before i went to bed i installed adobe premiere, photoshop, illustrator, after effects.

i booted this afternoon, it's taking maybe 2 minutes vs 30 seconds yesterday.