External Drive - Cross Platform Solution???

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Mar 30, 2014
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Intel HD 4000
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Hello guys,

I need to buy another external drive, I need suggestions for hardware (for sure I need USB3 connectivity).

And also I have to decide what filesystem to use???

Basically I need it for backup of my 256GB laptop's internal SSD to bye used with Time Machine. That's quite clear. I'll make partition Apple_HFS on that drive and assign it to Time Machine, done.

Then I need another partition but have to decide carefully filesystem to be used.

Right now I have bunch of external drives already from my previous Windows times containing thousands of photos (which are very important for me), all of them NTFS formatted.

As we know, Apple supports only NTFS Read and No Write access. Also Windows don't have support for Aplle_HFS. So I would like to transfer them to filesystem with full Apple native support for read/write operation and if possible also accessible from windows. I know there's exFAT FS, but it's for Flash drives, right? Not for real Hard Drive solutions, it's lightweight, not the same features like NTFS or Apple_HFS and also not safe that much as the robust solutions like NTFS or Apple_HFS. Am I right?

So I think to be on safe side I can read files from NTFS and best way would be to transfer them on MAC OS Extend (Journaled) drive, right?

So just need to find right hardware for this? As I said, need USB3 connectivity, and need mobility. No big heavy, redundant alternatives... this would be later for home installation. I just need to let it work smooth with USB3 connections for Time Machine Backups and mainly for transfer of photos.

I were also thinking about something like AirPort Time Capsule, but... can I connect this capsule to my laptop over USB3, not over WiFi only??? And if I work over WiFi, would it work with USB WiFi Dongle which doesn't use the AirPort, but Realtek's Wireless Utility???

Thanx for the answers and advice guys... have good day, bye...
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