1. avonkorff

    ProTools HD Native x Hackintosh Questions!

    Hey all! Am a first time poster here but over the last few months have been doing as deep a dive as I can (given schedule) on using a hackintosh to power a ProTools HD, specifically HD Native, rig. While I have had some limited success in following a few related threads, before I pull the...
  2. power911

    << Solved >> Catalina - USB 3 doesn't work Asus Rog XI

    Hello! After update to Catalina, front panel with USB3.0 doesn't work.. I checked but it doesn't work.. Any ideas?
  3. 919Hornet

    After a few months of HS, USB mouse and keyboard are acting up. Need a known good PCIE -> USB3 adapter.

    Just the other day, my mouse went dead, so I moved to a different mouse (both USB). Then the USB keyboard would go dead after about 1/2 hour use. I booted Windows 7 to see if the keyboard and mouse were good. They've been working fine for over a day. I cleaned up the mouse (G500) and it's...
  4. oldmacilli

    [No Sound/No USB3] ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F i9-9900K

    I have a quit succesfull build with a used Mainboard. But the built in Supreme FX Sound-Card seems to interfere massively (Injected ID7) It is somehow recognized but only works with plops and klicks. And even though I temporarily switched to my USB2 driven FIREFACE802 it seems to have influences...
  5. trueevol

    USB3 Issues - HP EliteDesk 800 G2 mini core i7

    Hi All, I am a bit of a newbie at this so I do apologise if this has been answered. I have a HP EliteDesk 800 G2 mini and have been able to get everything else up and running quite painlessly thank to the information shared on this forum (THANKS ALL) however my machine wont recognise USB3...
  6. mochemenagen

    (Solved) GA-170X G3 and Mojave NO USB3 Working

    Hi gars, move from 10.13.6 to 10.14.1, all went nice and clean. BUT Can't get my USB3 working. I past 2 days reading all solutions and patch, i try many many config, but no good result. My Config is : - Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 (Last Bios version) - AMD 7950 HD and Intel 530 Enable for...
  7. enigmasi

    External HDD not detected on USB 3 anymore (Mojave)

    Everything was perfect(almost) until I installed new RAM. I shut computer down, installed RAM and now it won't detect anymore. HDD works on other USB 2 ports but not on 3. Other devices(mouse etc.) work on this USB 3 ports. Mobo: H370 Gaming Plus CPU: i3-8350K
  8. hodgeman

    USB 3 - Only one of two front ports working

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered but I am having an odd issue with my Front USB3 ports. Mojave/Dell 9020USDT/i7/8GbRam/Intel4600Graphics Steps tried: I have ran Multi and selected the Remove XHCI and USB InjectALL One of the ports works perfectly as do the back ports...(Yes the port is fine...
  9. dto4music

    3rd Party USB3 issues ASUS Z87-Plus

    PLEASE HELP! After having a few issues, I have successfully installed 10.13.5 Hackintosh on ASUS Z87-Plus, Intel Core i7 4770K, Nvidea GTX 980. I installed all the drivers post install using Multibeast. Having a small issue with USB though. I installed the 7/8/9 Series USB support and my...
  10. psymbionic

    AppleUSBHostController - Kernel Panic after Installing PCIe Device

    Hey all, I have a pretty stable x99 build, but recently my Thunderboltex3 started ****ing up (more than usual). This started when I installed a new NVMe drive into a PCIe slot. After a bunch of trouble shooting, I bought an Alpine Ridge card which seems to work, but came with a new set issues...
  11. sanigo

    [Solved] USB 3.0 speed is the same as usb 2.0 on High Sierra

    I have patched dsdt following [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions. The usb ports were all worked. But the usb 3.0 speed is too poor, 20MB ~ 40MB, it should be around 200MB. While patching, I could not found SSxx ports, all ports are named HSxx, and the red usb port is not under XHC.
  12. FilmZero

    No USB 3.0, Can't read RAID 0 drives Gigabyte x58a

    Recently upgraded to El Capitan. I have everything working with a slight stability issue, system sometimes shuts down on its own. However, I still have not been able to enable my onboard USB 3.0 and every time I try to boot with and of two drives in my raid, I never makes it to Clover, the...
  13. jhonizzle

    USB 3.0 Port mapping GA-X99M-Gaming 5

    My usb 3.0 is working in High Sierra 10.13.2 on ports that aren't being treated as hubs. The HS03 port/hub is my four USB 3.0 rear ports, and all four ports are underneath device HS03 and in the factory DSDT are assigned HS15-18. I believe the SSP3 port/hub is the super speed corresponding to...
  14. LukeRossini

    Increase Max Port Limit and USB Inject all not Working! Sierra 10.12

    Hi Guys, So I'm running Sierra 10.12.6, after increased the port limit for my 100 Series MB in my config.plist and used the kext USBInjectAll; the IOReg still says that I have 14 HS + 1 USR ports. There is no SS in fact so far only USB2 works. I'd like to create a custom SSDT nut I'm still...
  15. lamacchiacosta

    USB3 hotplug. How to?

    Hello, I just did a fresh install of Sierra and almost all runs smoothly. My USB3 works nicely when devices are plugged in before system launch, but the hotplug doesn't work so I have to restart any time I want to plug a USB3 device. Is there any setup I should look into? Thanks. :-)
  16. Justi

    USB3 XHCI Problems

    Hey guys! I really hope that someone can help me! I always get that Output at boot: FakePCIID: [8086:8c31] XHCIMux::configWrite32 address space(0x0000a000, 0xd0) data: 0x00003fff -> 0x00000000 000154.827728 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBHostController::setPowerStateGated: going to state 2 failed...
  17. Vasiliovich

    [Solved] Constant USB I/O Errors

    My install seems to be working well except for this one glaring issue: my USB ports seem to be having constant I/O errors that reset power to things like my keyboard and mouse and have made USB audio devices completely unusable. I've implemented Fake_PCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext to get...
  18. LesChabis

    Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3 + GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GT

    Here is our working configuration on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 - setup with MultiBeast 9.2.0 This is a workstation config for web development using Vagrant, Virtualbox, NodeJS… 1 Noctua NH-U12S 1 Zalman R1 Noir 1 Corsair RM650x 80PLUS Gold (modular alimentation) 1 G.Skill Aegis 32 Go (2 x 16 Go)...
  19. konjow

    Z77X-UD5H USB3 10.12 Sierra

    I have this board since ML 10.9 so it is not discussed anymore. It still works for me however I noticed recently that my usb3 does not work properly in my 10.12.5 sierra. Can someone point in the current up to date solution to fix it?
  20. iskra

    Fresco Logic FL1100 USB3 card and max amperage?

    Hi guys just got my FL1100 based PCIex1 card few days ago. 4ports, SATA power connector onboard. Problem is I am not getting 1A on iPhone or iPad charging. At least that is how it looks in System Profiler: On MacBook Pro same iPhone reporting 1A: On my P5Q USB2 port it is reported as here...