AMD Fury X public beta 3

Aug 8, 2016
If you have found the AMDRadeonX4100.kext and the AMD9000Controller.kext, you are in the right place. You might consider removing the 7870 and try booting from the integrated graphics. Make sure you have your BIOS set to make the integrated graphics primary and set Clover to inject ATI and Intel. Once you have booted with the integrated graphics, see what system report tells you about the Pro Duo.
Sadly, my brother did some more research, he told me because it is doing cross fire in the card, it works differently (even on windows which testing was interesting) and may never work properly. It is similar to 295x where we have not found a single one to work on hackintosh. He returned it and got me some other parts and dual 380x but I do appreciate all the help you have been. Thank you.
Oct 22, 2016
Gigabyte x99 Designare-EX
Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E
Radeon 7970, R9 Fury X
Just built my Hackintosh and got Sierra 10.12.2 up and running. However, I'm now running into a Fury X problem. Upon booting into Sierra for the first time, I got no acceleration so there was massive input lag from the mouse and keyboard. I noticed that the AMD9000controller.kext already had the 0x73001002 string in it, so left that alone and added 0x73001002 to AMDRadeonX4100.kext. However, upon reboot, it hangs at the loading screen when it tries loading the graphics card. I hear the pump start, and then the load screen glitches a bit and hangs.

I'm on an x99 system. I know that the boot to black screen is a common problem with the Fury X, but the fact that I was able to boot it initially before patching the AMDRadeonX4100.kext gave me hope. I replaced the AMDRadeonX4100.kext with the original and it booted back up again, albeit with the input lag so it seems it all revolves around that kext. Only other thing I tried in Clover Configurator was to inject ATI. That didn't work. Provided my EFI>Clover>config.plist.