1. MohamedEssam

    Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15ISK ShutDown Problem

    Hi all i just did a setup with mac and i'm kinda new at this it's mac Mojave 10.14.1 every time i shut it down it give me this screen with code and freeze on it... and i upload it my config as well any help plz? Thank you
  2. themarwik

    Lenovo ideapad Y700-17lsk

    i have a Lenovo ideapad Y700 that won't boot to Mac OSX. its a Intel Core i7-6700HQ cpu @ 2.60GHz. 16 GB Ram with intel hd 530 Graphics and Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M. i got: uptime in nanoseconds error. its like on the picture. i have send the clover folder to. the uptime i got on my machine is...
  3. tnjens

    Ideapad Y700-15ISK DSDT patching

    Hi all, Get an compiler error for TPD0, line: I2cSerialBusV2 ( Error message is unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '(' Files attached. Thanks for your help! Screen Shot by tnjens posted Nov 3, 2017 at 1:41 AM
  4. Artemiris

    [solved] Weird issue with headphone jack (ALC 235)

    Hi there, Right now, I'm having an issue with the sound on my Lenovo Y700. Everything initially works fine if I have my headphone jack plugged in. The microphone works fine too, it picks up my voice correctly. When I take out my headphones, my speakers start up correctly, which is also good...
  5. Homer Simpson

    DSDT/SSDT Patching

    I currently have a Lenovo y700 laptop with a 6th gen i7 processor. I have been solving different post-installation problems and apparently I'm only left with the ones that require the DSDT/SSDT patching process. I'll soon post more info and more in-depth questions, but I just want to start...
  6. SilverCyberX2

    Issues Installing MacOS Sierra on Lenovo Ideapad Y700

    So basically when I boot from my Unibeast created drive with MacOS Sierra 10.12 Clover comes up and when I select the USB, Apple logo in black background shows up and behind it a kernel panic with all these text saying System uptime is nanoseconds with the value and then laptop restarts itself...
  7. Homer Simpson

    DVMT Error: Can't set variable using efi

    I have a Lenovo y700 i7-6700 with 16gb RAM and a 4k display. I was following the guide from Kinutsk (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-broadwell-hd5500-setting-dvmt-in-insydeh20-bios-laptops.165104) with the purpose of increasing graphics performance & 4k display support (128mb)...
  8. Homer Simpson

    Keyboard and Touchpad Compatibility

    I have a Lenovo y700 laptop. I installed the VoodooPS2Controller provided by RehabMan. Detection of keyboard was fully successful. Detection of touchpad was somewhat successful. One finger works, I can move the mouse. Two fingers does not work, so I can't even scroll websites. The touchpad is...
  9. Homer Simpson

    Audio: AppleHDA vs VoodooHDA

    I have a Lenovo y700 laptop. In my audio research I found these two options. VoodooHDA is easier to install than AppleHDA, but also has less compatibility. With VoodooHDA I've read the mic doesn't work and after installation, the sound quality and volume is less than expected. AppleHDA requires...
  10. EvulMastah

    Lenovo y700 - Sierra

    Hello, I am very fresh to the Hackintosh world and am currently dual booting Arch Linux with Windows 10 by Clover, this works smooth. Anyhow, I wanted to triple boot with macOS Sierra, that's why I moved to Clover, but I am getting a Kernel Panic when booting the installer (have tried with -f...
  11. JackTan

    Lenovo Ideapad Y700 + Sierra 10.12.1(16B2657)

    Sierra is successfully installed on my Lenovo Y700 It is pretty easy to install Sierra on Y700 with just few changes on bios (clover+gpt). Almost perfect except shut down problem, still finding solution for it. CPU: i7-6700HQ Motherboard: Allsparks 5A Graphic: Intel HD530 + GTX960m Battery...
  12. iamstevenchu

    Lenovo Y700 hackintoshable?

    Hi guys, I am using a Lenovo Y700 Laptop. I am here to ask if my laptop is hackintoshable. Please help since I need to use some software with OSX system at school. The spec is below: Lenovo Y700 15ISK i7 6700HQ (which is a skylake:cry:) GTX 960m 16 GB ram Please help since I need that soon...
  13. fredkun99

    LENOVO Y700

    Hello!! i want to buy a laptop, and I found the lenovo y700 a very good option. i was searching in a lot of pages, but i dont find a complete answer, my question is. Is lenovo y700 compatible with El Capitan? what version do i need to buy? is there any problem? if lenovo laptop, dont support el...
  14. mhelmi

    Lenovo Y700

    now that apple officially supports intel skylake processors can i install mac os x on my Lenovo y700? and please can you provide a step by step instruction
  15. tyjacobsen37

    Lenovo Y700 14" without the bells and whistles compatability

    Hello again community. My desktop build has been running beautifully for the last year or so with the new GPU installed and I couldn't be happier. However, my 2010 Macbook white is on its way out so it's back to the workshop. I have been looking at several laptops for dual-boot hackintosh...
  16. mattmtu

    Lenovo Y700-17ISK El Capitan installation

    Hi to all! I’m not new in hackintosh world but i’m new in El Capitan installation and I bought some pretty new laptop. Is there any chances to run ElCapitan 10.11.3 on Lenovo Y700-17ISK (i7-6700HQ Skylake, Intel 530+GTX960M). I was trying to run installer with standard Unibeast-created USB...